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Subject: [PACUMBER] Burkholder burials
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The following are from Vol. I of "Records in Stone" which, unfortunately,
doesn't list relationships as other volumes do. (Records in Stone series
compiled by Shippensburg Historical Society, Shippensburg, PA 17257.)

BURKHOLDERS buried Shoemaker Cem, off Rt 641, four miles west of Newburg:

Adam (1815-1890)
Barbara (1814-1899)
Christian (1774-1816)
David (1808-1893)
Elizabeth (no dates)
Jacob (1787-1865)
Mary (1794-1871)

BURKHOLDERS buried Ridge Ch of Brethren, Rt 696, four mi north of

Abram C. Burkholder (1835-1912)
Daniel Burkholder (1795-1852)
Daniel C. Burkholder (1846-1917)
Elizabeth Burkholder (1810-1873)
Fannie Burkholder (no dates)
Jacob Burkholder (no dates)
Mary A. Burkholder (1840-1897)
Samuel M. Burkholder (1879-1879)
Sarah C. (Wagner) Burkholder (1855-1929)
Wealthy A. Burkholder (1849-1933)

BURKHOLDERS buried Ref Ch, Orange & Prince Sts, Shippensburg (moved to
Spring Hill):
Ann Catharine Burkholder (1766-1842)
Christian Burkholder (no dates)
Eliz. Adaline Burkholder (1805-1821)
Sarah Burkholder (1805-1829)

The following two BURKHOLDERS are from Vol II of "Records in Stone":
Lydia Ann (Hoover) Burkholder Wenger (1853-1914) - neither of her husbands'
nor her parents' first names are given. She is buried at Mt. Rock Brethren
in Christ Ch, 3.4 miles south of Shippensburg on Mt. Rock Rd.
Nancy J. Burkholder (1868-1886) - no further info. She's buried at
Springfield, 9 miles north of Shippensburg, off Rt 11.

The following are from Vol. III of "Records in Stone"

BURKHOLDERS buried Otterbein Cem, Franklin Co, PA, on the right side of Rt
641, between Newburg & Roxbury:

Infant s/o James C & Annie Burkholder (1869-1869)
Infant s/o James C. & Annie Burkholder (1876-1876)
Infant s/o D. W. & E. Burkholder (1882-1882)
Infant d/o Naomi Burkholder (1897-1897)
Adam W. Burkholder (1855-1942)
Alfred M. Burkholder (1844-1921)
Andrew W. Burkholder (1836-1917)
Annie E. Burkholder (1847-1918)
Arthur K. Burkholder (1912-1980)
Belle C. Burkholder (1860-1943), w/o Adam W.
Carrie (Burkholder) Shoop (1885-1969), w/o Mathias Ambrose Shoop (1877-1959)
Charles Elmer Burkholder (1865-1915)
Daniel S. Burkholder (1802-1878)
David S. Burkholder (1819-1898), h/o Margaret
Harry Benton Burkholder (1875-1885), s/o D. W. & E.
Ira A. Burkholder (1873-1913)
Laemma J. Burkholder (1868-1941), w/o Willis
Mae (Rolar) Burkholder (1884-1961), w/o Scott W.
Margaret Burkholder (1822-1881), w/o David S.
Martha Burkholder (1823-1904), w/o Daniel S.
Mary E. (Mower) Burkholder (1848-1916), w/o Alfred M.
Mary Idella Burkholder (1874-1879), d/o D. W. & E.
Minerva Ellen (Davis) Burkholder Foltz (1885-1963) - neither her Burkholder
nor her Foltz husbands' first names are given.
Nancy J. Burkholder (1844-1917), w/o Andrew W.
Russell O. Burkholder (1908-1908), s/o Scott W. & Mae
Scott W. Burkholder (1883-1971)
Susan Alice (Burkhart) Burkholder (1886-1959), w/o John E. Burkholder, d/o
George G. & Annie M. (Creamer) Burkhart
Willis Kohr Burkholder (1874-1928)
(NOTE: D.W. & E. Burkholder evidently are not buried at Otterbein, nor is
John E. Burkholder.)

BURKHOLDERS buried Myers Cem, south of Orrstown on Rt 533, Southampton Twp,
Franklin Co, PA:
Annie (Hawbaker) Burkholder (1886-1959), w/o Levi R.
Levi R. Burkholder (1884-1959)

BURKHOLDERS buried Rowe Cem, 3-3.5 miles from Shippensburg, right side of
Bedford Rd, Southampton Twp, Franklin Co, PA:
Annie C. (Burkholder) Horst (1857-1920) - husband's name not given
Catherine (Burkholder) Witmer (1904-1942), w/o Barton Witmer (no dates or
burial record)

BURKHOLDERS buried Mongul United Meth Ch Cem, 4.1 miles west of Shippensburg
on left side of Roxbury Rd:
Chester F. Burkholder (1914-____)
Effie I. Burkholder (1915-1968), w/o Paul G.
Emma A. (Garman) Burkholder (1881-1937), w/o Rankin J.
Mary E. Burkholder (1919-____), w/o Chester F.
Paul G. Burkholder (1911-____)
Pearl D. Burkholder (1910-1910), d/o Rankin J. & Emma A.
Rankin J. Burkholder (1885-1915)

The following are from Vol. IV of "Records in Stone".

BURKHOLDERS buried St. John's Luth Ch Cem, Greenvillage Rd, Greene Twp,
Franklin Co, PA:
Catherine M. Burkholder (1828-1856), w/o William
John H. Burkholder (1848-1850), s/o William & Catharine M.
Mary E. Burkholder (1855-1856), d/o William & Catharine M.
(NOTE: William isn't listed as being buried with them at St. John's)

BURKHOLDERS buried Mt. Pleasant Cem, Rt. 997, East of Scotland, Franklin Co,
Barbara (Burkholder) Mowers (1880-1937), w/o Leigh R. Mowers (1874-1948)
Charlie E. Burkholder (1890-1948)
Clara B. (Burkholder) Small (1881-1944), w/o William P. Small (1875-1924
Fanny L. (Burkholder) Ryder (1876-1804), (husband's name not given), d/o
Samuel W.
& Mary L. Burkholder
Fred K. L. Burkholder (1874-1898)
H. Irene Burkholder (1882-1972)
Ida B. (Frey) Burkholder (1885-1942), w/o Samuel
Ira H. Burkholder (1887-1956)
Jacob H. Burkholder (1878-1939)
John W. Burkholder (1907-1974)
Lula (Burkholder) Gift (1911-1943) (husband's name not given, probably John
Mary Burkholder (1882-1947)
Mary L. Burkholder (1850-1915), w/of Samuel W.
Noah L. Burkholder (1876-1959)
Pearl E. (Mackey) Burkholder (1918-1939) (husband's name not given)
Phoebe E. Burkholder (1883-1937)
Richard Lee Burkholder (1939-1939)
Samuel Burkholder (1886-1951)
Samuel W. Burkholder (1851-1901)
Verna R. (Hoover) Burkholder (1910-____), w/o John W. Burkholder

BURKHOLDERS buried Pleasant Hall Cem, Salem Luth Ch, Lurgan Twp, Franklin
Co, PA:
Caroline (Burkholder) Foust (1840-1907) (husband's name not given)
Jeannette Burkholder (1849-1852), d/o Joseph & Mary A.
Joseph Burkholder (1812-1874)
Laura M. Burkholder, d/o Jacob & Eliza (1871-1873)
Mary A. Burkholder (1819-1885), w/o Joseph
Susan Emma Burkholder (1851-1858), d/o Joseph & Mary A.

BURKHOLDERS buried Hayes Grove UB Ch, Penn Twp, Cumberland Co:
Rev. David R. Burkholder (1837-1902)
Ellen R. Burkholder (1867-1945), w/o Joshua
Gail E. Burkholder (1895-1953), d/o Joshua & Ellen R.
Joshua Burkholder (1866-1940)
Karl M. Burkholder (1897-1984)
Susan Burkholder (1832-1900), w/o David R.

BURKHOLDERS buried Spring Hill Cem, Shippensburg (Vol V. of "Records in
Albert A. Burkholder (1874-1966)
Alice M. Burkholder (1882-1963)
Alvin Andrew Burkholder (1870-1952), s/o A. A. & Mary (not at Spring Hill)
Anna M. Burkholder (1882-1956), 2nd w/o George M.
Arthur S. Burkholder (1917-____)
Bertha C. (Rolar) Burkholder (1887-1970), w/o Willis C.
Blanche E. (Burkholder) Hockenberry (1917-1985), w/o Paul Eugene Hockenberry
(1914-1983), s/o Solomon D. & Molly Hockenberry (no dates, not at Spring
Charles L. Burkholder (1876-1912)
Charlotte Mae (Burkholder) Mouer (1879-1956), w/o Charles D. Mouer
Clara Roberta Burkholder (1875-1954)
Coyle R. Burkholder* (1914-1991)
Dale S. Burkholder* (1922-1987)
David A. Burkholder (1849-1930)
Donald E. Burkholder (1935-1992)
Donald W. Burkholder (1916-1917), s/o Willis C. & Bertha C.
E. Burkholder (____-1907)
Effie M. (Piper) Burkholder (1883-1954), w/o Samuel J.
Elaine Louise Burkholder (1953-1953), d/o Paul S. & Mary
Eleanora (Wagner) Burkholder (1875-1945), w/o Alvin A.
Elizabeth Burkholder (____-1902)
Elizabeth (Burkholder) Jacoby (1803-1859), w/o Jacob Jacoby (1806-1893)
Elizabeth C. Burkholder (1882-1942), w/o Albert A.
Elizabeth E. (Stewart) Burkholder (1842-1927) - husband's name not given,
but is
probably John D. Burkholder
Elvia E. Burkholder (1892-1893), d/o George M. & Emma
Emanuel Burkholder (1838-1907)
Emma V. Burkholder (1911-1991), w/o Lester K.
Emma (Diehl) Burkholder (1864-1903), 1st w/o George M.
Estella C. Burkholder (1883-1968)
Esther R. Burkholder (1894-1894), d/o George M. & Emma
Ettie Beryl Burkholder (1914-1974)
Evelyn H. Burkholder (1914-1987), w/o Glenn L.
F. W. Burkholder* (1894-1926)
Ferdinand S. Burkholder (1869-1942)
Fleta M. (Franklin) Burkholder Burkett Jumper (1917-1986) - w/o W. Lee
(her other two husbands' first names are not given, nor are those of her
Genevieve (Kent) Burkholder (1913-____), w/o Arthur S.
George McKinley Burkholder (1863-1927)
George W. Burkholder (1896-1954), s/o George M. & Emma
George Wallace Burkholder (1867-1912)
Gertrude (Elswick) Burkholder (1915-____), w/o Coyle R.
Glenn L. Burkholder (1904-1982)
Grace (Burkholder) Biescher (1899-1969), w/o George Risser Biecher
(1899-1965) -
names are spelled differently in the record, just as I'm showing them.
Harold W. Burkholder (1914-1979)
Hattie C. (Burkholder) Ruth (1873-1944), w/o John W. Ruth (1866-1936)
Hazel N. (Flohr) Burkholder (1908-____), w/o Samuel R.
Helen M. Burkholder (1919-____), w/o Harold W.
Henry C. Burkholder (1870-1935)
Herbert C. Burkholder (1884-1910), s/o Emanuel & Lydia E.
J. E. Burkholder (1857-1942)
John Burkholder (____-1876)
John D. Burkholder* (1834-1907)
John Edward Burkholder (1839-1898), s/o John & Savina/Sabina
John Leroy Burkholder (1919-1944), s/o Samuel J. & Effie M.
Katherine E. Burkholder (1901-1972), 2nd w/o Robert L.
Laura M. Burkholder (1914-____)
Lester K. Burkholder (1910-____)
Lisa Sue Burkholder (1970-1970), d/o H. Eugene & Betty L.
Lula P. Burkholder (1922-____), w/o Dale S.
Lydia E. (Wallace) Burkholder (1839-1914), w/o Emanuel
Lydia Martha Burkholder (1871-1954)
Magdalena Burkholder (1793-1880), w/o Peter
Maria A. Burkholder (1881-1970), d/o David A. & Mary Ann
Marilyn (Naugle) Burkholder (1930-1968), 1st w/o Roy L. Burkholder, d/o Carl
Naugle Sr (1896-1966) and Nellie I. (Campbell) Naugle (1898-1992)
Martha J. (Swanger) Burkholder (1857-1912), w/o J.E.
Mary Angelina (Springer) Burkholder Reese (1833-1909), w/o John Burkholder
Reese husband's first name is not given)
Mary Ann Burkholder (1850-1924), w/o David A.
Mary E. (Price) Burkholder (1933-____), 2nd w/o Roy L.
Mary Elizabeth (Burkholder) Linn (1894-1969), w/o Marvel Franklin Linn
Mary Isabelle (Shade) Burkholder (1881-1954), w/o Charles L. Burkholder, d/o
William (1854-1926) & Sarah Ann (1857-1945) Shade
Matilda Frances (Burkholder) Hollar (1834-1917), d/o John & Savina/Sabina
Burkholder, w/o Henry C. Hollar (1823-1901)
Peter Burkholder (1784-1862)
Rhoda E. Burkholder (1896-1926), 1st w/o Robert L.
Robert E. Burkholder (1882-1890), s/o J. E. & Martha J.
Robert L. Burkholder (1897-1982)
Roy L. Burkholder (1930-1984), s/o Samuel R. & Hazel N. (Flohr) Burkholder
Sabina/Savina Burkholder (1811-1890), w/o John - her name appears with both
spellings in different locations
Sadie May Burkholder (1877-1877), d/o Emanuel & Lydia E.
Samuel Jacob Burkholder (1882-1953), s/o Alfred & Emeline (no burial record
Samuel R. Burkholder (1906-1991), s/o Albert A. & Elizabeth C.
Susan (Churchman) Burkholder (1831-1900), w/o William
Susie L. Burkholder (1899-____), w/o George W.
W. Lee Burkholder (1912-1936), h/o Fleta M.
Wilbur C. Burkholder* (1922-1944)
Wilbur K. Burkholder (1912-1967)
William Price Burkholder (1869-1950)
Willis C. Burkholder (1880-1942)

An asterisk (*) indicates veteran; w/o = wife of, h/o = husband of; s/o =
son of; d/o = daughter of.

(NOTE: I've discovered that the year of birth indicated in these records is
just as often wrong as year either way. Year of death is more
usually accurate.)

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