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Subject: Lykens Standard September 1, 1905
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News items from the September 1, 1905 Lykens Standard:


Mrs. Fannie HIGGINS

Mrs. Fannie HIGGINS, widow of the late James HIGGINS, died at her home in Wiconisco on Tuesday morning at 6:30 o'clock, of cancer of the breast, aged 59 years. Although a sufferer for years from this disease she was only bedfast one week. She was the mother of twelve children, two whom preceded her to the grave. Her husband was killed in the Lykens Valley drift about two years ago by a fall of slate. The funeral of Mrs.HIGGINS was held yesterday morning at 9 o'clock from St. Mary's church.


Ruth, the one-year-old daughter of Charles CULTON and wife of Williamstown, died Saturday laat of cholera infantum after an illness of one week. The funeral was held at 2:30 p.m. Monday, Rev. WOLFE of the Evangelical church officiating. Interment was made in the Williamstown M.E. cemetery.


Mrs. Margaret GRAVER, a former resident of this place, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Chas. MORROW, in Pittston, on Aug. 11. She was aged about 53 years, Her husband died about 16 years ago. The family left here about 18 years ago.


The funeral of Maude KEISER, whose death was announced in these columns last week, was held Sunday afternoon and was largely attended. Her pastor, Rev. SEEGER of St. Johns Lutheran church, officiated. His sermon was a masterly effort and made a deep impression upon all present.

The popularity of deceased was manifested by the numerous beautiful floral tributes, among which were a broken wheel from the officers and members of the Sundayschool ; five wax lilies from her Sundayschool class ; pillow, from Camp 141, P. 0. of A. ; 19 roses, from Misses Cora MEINHART and Carrie HOOVER ; 19 wax roses, Miss Ruth OWENS ; bunch of wax roses, Miss Ruth HEBERLING; 19 wax lilies, Mrs. Susan and Miss Gertrude WILLIAMS ; bunch of wax lilies, Miss Katie SNYDER ; bunch of wax lilies, Miss Katie ZIGNER; bunch of wax lilies, Mrs. John WILLIAMS ; bunch of flowers, Mrs. Chas. SEESHOLTZ, and many other flowers too numerous to mention.

Those present from a distance were Mrs. L. C. JACKSON, son and daughter of West Virginia; Morris L. KEISER and daughter, Mt. Carmel ; Sam'l 0. KEISER, wife and daughter, Sunbury; Daniel G. LUBOLD and wife, Pottsville; Charles SCHMINKY and wife, Wilson and Oscar SCHMINKY, Elmer LENTZ, Shamokin; Daniel MAURER, wife and son, Mahantango; Harry UMHOLTZ and wife, Klingerstown; Jacob BUFFINGTON and wife, Mr. KISSINGER and wife, Mrs.Samuel BUFFINGTON, Mrs. Harry HESS, Mrs. Chas. BLYLER, Miss Annie BUFFINGTON, Gratz; Jonas KEISER, Loyalton; John BIRD and wife, Mrs. Wm. KEEN and daughter, Dayton; Mrs. Daniel KEISER, son and daughter, Albert KEISER son and daughter, Howard. KINSEY and wife, Walter and Cleveland KINSEY, Cora WALTERS and son, Emanuel ZERBY and wife, Clark HOFF, wife and daughters Grace and Jennie, Mrs.John HOFF, Williamstown.



On Aug. 24, 1905, at the home of Jos. ERDMAN in Wiconisco. Franklin MATTER of Lykens, and Miss Ursula LEBO of Berrysburg, were united in marriage by Rev. M. HENSEL of Wiconisco.


A Family Reunion.

The home .of Jacob B. MATTER, one mile east of Elizabethville, was the scene of a happy family reunion Sunday, the first since the death of their mother, Mrs. David MATTER, 16 years ago. A sumptuous dinner was served such as Mrs. Matter is famed for, consisting of dainties and substantial dishes of all kinds.

The following guests were present: Mrs. Mary SHADLE, Lykens; Mrs.Clara HOKE, Newport; Mrs. Aug. BAUDER, Middletown; Mrs. Jonas ROW, Elizabethville, sisters of Mr. MATTER; Mrs. Sophia MATTER, Miss Margaret FEAR, Lykens; Mrs. Adaline SPAYD, Philadelphia; Mrs. Katie MEETCH, David MATTER and wife. Jonas ROW, Miss Fannie ROMBERGER, Albert RAISER, Miss Miriam BAUDER, W. A. BAUDER and wife, all of Elizabethville.


Harvey KOHR and David HAERTTER of Orwin are down with the small pox. The Schuylkill county court on Monday appointed Isaac BROWN sanitary agent to establish and maintain proper quarantine measures until the disease is wiped out. It is.said the disease was carried there from the Elizabethville campmeeting, and a general outbreak of the scourge is feared.


For Sale: The double two story frame house on North street belonging to the Geo. Breit estate. Inquire of Mrs. Geo. Breit.


There was quite a large gathering of young ladies and gentlemen at the party given by Mrs. Joshua EVANS at her home, on Wednesday evening, in honor of Miss Edna ARMSTRONG who, accompanied by her mother, has been the guest of Mrs. EVANS during the month of August. The hostess proved herself very clever in the way she provided for the entertainment of her guests. At a reasonable hour the diningroom doors were thrown open, displaying a beautifully decorated and abundantly filled table. Among those present were :

The Misses Mae CHESTER, Flossie PRITCHARD, Cora HUGHES, Elsie HOLLER and Ella ROWLAND of Williamstown ; Miss Flossie CHAPEL of Philadelphia, Miss Margaret EDWARDS of Harrisburg, Miss Pearl SIMMONS of Tower City, Misses Carrie, Della and Alice GRATZ, and Mrs. Albert WILLIAMS of Lykens, Mrs. Eliza and Margaret EVANS, Miriam SAMUELS, Mary and Estelle HOWELLS, Beaula (?) STEEVER, Elizabeth HUNTER, Margaret and Flossie BEADLE, Elizabeth KNILEY, Emily PINKERTON, Retta POWEL, Sara WILLIAMS, Bessie ROW and Ella and Elizabeth JONES of Wiconisco, Messrs. Edgar RANK, Ivor JONES, Leonidas DURBIN, Harry MATTER, Wm. JOHNSON, Harry Saussaman and Claude ROLAND of Williamstown, Edward REESE of Wilkesbarre, and Messrs. Thomas MESSNER, Wm. SAMUELS, Peter, Fred and John KNILEY, Samuel MILLER, John E. JONES, Chas. REITZ, Harry METZ and Roy EVANS of Wiconisco.



Wm. H. RETTINGER had his leg squeezed below the knee Friday last by being caught between the cars while on his way to his work. He is improving.

Arthur BLACKWAY had his left shoulder blade broken on Tuesday of last week.

Jacob SHILEY of Wiconisco, employed as miner in new slope, Short Mountain colliery, had his leg broken just below the hip and was badly scratched and bruised about the body on Monday by a fall of slate. He was taken to the Pottsville hospital that evening.


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