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From: "Janice A. Frank" <>
Subject: Re: [PD-LIFE] Re: living dangerously
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 21:29:44 -0500
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I was thinking I don't have anything to contribute to these, perhaps
because I don't have many farmers, but then I thought of 3rd
greatgrandfather Jonathan Crouch 1771-1826, who was killed felling a tree,
which apparently fell on him. I don't have many details on him but the
story brings out the problems this kind of thing created for the survivors.

He left 5 children of whom the oldest was 10 and the youngest was 5
days. The family story is that the neighbors told his wife she would have
to 'give away' (whatever that may have meant in the time and place -
Crawford Co PA in 1826) some of them because she couldn't support
them. His wife Elizabeth is said to have replied "I will NOT give away any
of my children!" and she became a "tailoress" to support them. In which
capacity she is said to have once mended the trousers of the the famous
abolitionist John Brown (who had a Crawford Co PA period before he became a
famous abolitionist).

I don't know what the moral is, except that she had to be resourceful;
there wasn't too much a woman could do in that time and place, but she
found something. All the children grew up and produced descendants, of
whom I am one, so she must have done reasonably OK.


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