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Subject: Re: [PD-LIFE] Birch Beer
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 13:39:12 -0500

I think that I've heard of birch
beer, but never have had it! I always was more familiar with Iron City
Beer in Pittsburgh area, because that's closer to my home! Just over the
PA border in OH! All these are all examples are approproate, saying" you
are what you eat or drinki!" And helps people TRY new things no matter how
old or young you are! Cathy

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Subject: Re: [PD-LIFE] Birch Beer

Yup, Tobias Spped Shop is still there by the unused RR tracks!

I think it's A-Treat makes the red Birch Beer - they're either out of

Harrisburg or Reading.

At Old Annville Day, Laudermilch Meats has their wagon in town to serve up

their smoked ham sandwiches and always has a keg of Sarsparilla on


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We are soooooooooooo blessed here in PA...I feel so badly for
everyone out

there who doesn't have Lebanon Bologna and birch beer in their's

soooooooooo common here and we take it for granted!!!!! If you
ever get to

Lebanon, PA...I don't know if Tobias's Speed Shop is still around,

that's where I believe I had my first RED Birch is absolutely

best ever made!!!! I've never had it after that day that I had
it there and

I wish they had the RED birch in our stores in the Columbia, York

There is another great soda out there...Sarsaparilla (sp?) is

great!!!!! I know that when it's soar throat season, I stock up

it...makes the throat feel sooooooooooo good...puts a good coat on
it. It

almost taste like birch beer.


--- Cathy Raber


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