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Subject: Re: [PD-LIFE] My Grandmother's Early Life Part I
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2003 22:40:43 -0400
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Oh David, this is wonderful - i want to hear more!
Norma TOO

David Patterson wrote:

> I have written a short piece about my grandmother's early life as I received it from my grandmother and from the facts I have gotten in my research. It is written as if I took certain important days from her diary instead of all the events from every day. This is the first part. The second part will come later. I have not decided if there will be more as this would involve those who are still living. I hope you enjoy it.
> Excerpts from the Diary of Iva Harkins Chambers
> September 1910. School recently started and I am so glad to be able to go back and to get away from some of the work on the farm. School is only about a mile walk down the road. There is always a lot of work on the farm since my father, Daniel, has sores on his legs that will not heal and the doctor says the only cure is to sit with his legs up.. My mother, Hannah, has to do most of the work--farming and household--and she is wearing out and not very happy anymore. So there is always a lot of work for me and my sisters. At least at school I am away from the problems of home for a while. The one-room Mt. Airy School never looked so good. It is also different being at school and speaking English instead of the Pennsylvania Dutch we speak at home. Being Mennonite, we are descended from European ancestors that came from Switzerland and Germany. My grandmother, Mary Herr Foreman, is descended from Hans Herr, the first Mennonite Bishop in Lancaster County.
> January 11. We went to the Lancaster Farmers Market today with things from our farm to sell. We loaded up the wagon and left at 4 AM. It was very cold, so in addition to the usual blanket, we also had a lighted kerosene lantern under the blanket to provide some additional warmth. We arrived at the market about 5:30 AM. It is wonderful to see the big city of Lancaster after being out in the far reaches of the county. We unloaded and had everything set up by 6 AM for our first customers. This big building is very drafty and not at all warm. We sold most everything and headed on home.
> June 1912. My mother's sister, Susanna Foreman Moyer has died. She now has only her sister, Annie, left of all her siblings.
> July 1913. Today being Sunday, we rode over to the New Providence Mennonite Church for the service. It is wonderful singing all the hymns a cappella. Being Mennonite, we do not believe in having worldly instruments in our meeting house. At the end of the morning service, we had our picnic lunch and then the afternoon service. After that we all went home for our usual Sunday afternoon nap.
> November 1914. Grandfather Foreman had a stroke and is not doing well at all. It is good that he recently gave in and joined the New Providence Mennonite Church. He lives nearby in Camargo with his wife and my Aunt Annie.
> March 1915. Grandfather Foreman has died from his stroke and is now buried in the church graveyard. May we meet again in Heaven.
> November 1916. I am now 19 years old. Only a few more years until I can move away. I wonder who my husband will be. What is my task in life going to be when I move away from home?
> David Patterson

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