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From: "Lynn Vondran AT&T" <>
Subject: Re: [PD-LIFE] What can I do with a case of paper?
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 23:49:12 -0500
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Any preschool would love the supply of nice paper!!!!

Vee asked:
> Dear Folks,
> In the process of converting my Copier Room into my Laundry Room I came
across a case of paper that I had forgotten that I still had. I had
purchased it back in the olden computer days when I had an extra wide dot
matrix printer that used continuously fed paper with sprocket holes in it.
It was called tractor-fed. No the paper isn't the green bar type that was
generally used for spreadsheets, printouts and such at the time but is plain
white paper with the sprocket holes in it. And now I don't know what to do
with the almost unused case of paper. The paper size is 11 x 14-3/4 inches
including the sprocket holes and there are no perforations along the sides
so that you can tear off the strip of sprocket holes. My guess is that I
still have close to 1,500 sheets of it left.
> Frankly I've found the sheets useful in lining bureau drawers and such
over the years but other than that, I can't envision my having any other use
for it. The case of paper is now comfortably stored in my Laundry Room but
my question is why? And that's why I turn to you folks for suggestions as
to who might chearfully haul it off my hands and make good use of it. It's
still in pristine white condition and I just KNOW that there's a good home
for it. But where?

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