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From: "Lynn Vondran AT&T" <>
Subject: Re: [PD-LIFE] How's this for starters?
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 20:43:42 -0500
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Dear Ruth!
I was just remembering your mom, the other day_can't remember why, but there
WAS a reason...maybe a recipe I was using, with her name attached to it, or
something trigger her in my memory. I was just thinking of my mom, who is
gone from us for 17 years, almost 18, on President's Day 1987. I was going
through OLD decorations!!!! And I mean old. I already told Georgia about
this in a prior email :O) Sorry you have to read it again, Georgia :o)
Anyway, the one decoration was from a dear Great Aunt of mine Aunt Mary C.
(Kremer) Grove_yes, Rick, she is my GGgrandfather and GGgrandmother David
and Catherine (Bressler) Kremer's granddaughter!!! Anyway, I just noticed,
today_12 years after it was given to me by Aunt Mary's daughter, Esther,
that GAunt Mary got the decoration in 1930, handed it down to Esther in
1992, and Esther (who I call Aunt Esther because of her being much older
than a second cousin would normally be), handed it down to me when they
visited in October of 1992. Each bell, in this antique, is dated with the
next person to receive it. I'll have to date the back of it, when I hand it
down to Lindsey someday. I had it in a box with a decoration Mom had from
the year she was married, in 1948. All that is left of that decoration are
the two OLD styro-foam snowmen.
Well, better get to some dough out there in the kitchen!!!! It's REALLY
getting big, now!!!! It was big when I emailed Georgia!!!!
Bye for now!!

Ruth wrote:
The last snowfall we had in my area was the day Mom left us, just prior to
the first day of Spring.

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