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From: "Daniel Reinhold" <>
Subject: Re: [PD-LIFE] I'll never understand mice
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 17:35:00 -0400
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Vee et al, There is only 1 method for the average home to keep free of mice.
You must use a rodenticide as 'Just One Bite' pellets or equivalent that
contains 0.005% Bromadiolone. Put pellets in a clean can (Tuna fish can) and
place out of the way on the floor and check every day. Refill as needed
until there is no more feeding. The mice will probably not be found (seen)
as the will go outside in search of water and die there.
Two years ago in the spring mice tore apart my car's glove compartment to
make nesting material. I baited the car and it took 36 bags of rodenticide
to clean all the mice out!
This year I also have mice in the summertime. I never before had them except
in Fall and Spring.

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Subject: [PD-LIFE] I'll never understand mice

> Dear Folks,
> As a number of you know I've been plagued with mice in my house for years.
> I can't keep them out and therefore I have to put up with them. Well,
> this year is a bit different. OK, so in the winter time they enjoy the
> warmth in my house but when summer time came around I expected a bit of a
> respite from them.
> But nooo that didn't happen. At least one of them decided that my air
> conditioned house was more comfortable than the hot summer heat outside.
> Actually it got quite pathetic when he found that the only food available
> to him in my kitchen was a bar of soap. Apparently he needed the fat that
> it contained.
> But then came the time that he discovered that I started to throw out food
> scraps into my kitchen garbage container. Especially corn cobs, chicken
> bones and cucumber peelings. OK, I didn't mind that as long as he didn't
> leave any droppings on my counter top. But he did anyway.
> Last night he about pushed me to my limit. I was seated in my wheelchair
> counting out my medications when I spotted a scurrying on my floor right
> in front of me. I looked down and saw that it was a brazen mouse who
> would dare come out in my kitchen when all my lights were on. I stamped
> my feet on my wheelchair foot rest and he scurried back behind my stove.
> Note: that was a real owchie inasmuch as I banged my heals in the process!
> So here I'm left with the same mouse problem. On a daily basis I have to
> inspect the counter top, sweep off the droppings and then sanitize the
> counter. No doubt it will never end.
> Oh why, oh why can't mice just live out their lives in my fields where
> they're supposed to be. In the winter they can burrow down into the dead
> grass and build their tunnels into my barn that will protect them just
> like they used to do. And in the spring and summer they can procreate to
> their hearts content.
> Just don't do that in my house!
> vee
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