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Subject: Re: [PD-LIFE] PUTZ
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Got to get my two cents worth in. In Yiddish (sp?) PUTZ (sp?) Yes it
does mean something derogatory. Betty

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Subject: Re: [PD-LIFE] PUTZ
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Hello, Helen.
Go to this site:
and scroll down to The "Putz"

Mary in her Aerie
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Subject: [PD-LIFE] PUTZ

Another question ??
How is "PUTZ" pronounced?

U sound as in "He puts the book down" or "He putts the golf ball"

As a side note: When I was researching this word on the internet every
reference gave me a meaning that indicated a derogatory notation.
Nothing on Christmas. That is why I thought I had the wrong spelling.

Thanks for all the help.


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