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From: "Lynn Vondran" <>
Subject: [PD-LIFE] Games and Activities from the Past
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 16:49:07 -0500
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Hi! I was originally from Reading, Berks County, PA, and am 53:
All of the same games as Sally, and we also played, did and had these (hope
I don't repeat any):
Tiny Tears
I had a Debbie Doll (one of the first with movable joints)
Hop Scotch
Flash Light Tag
Hide 'n' Seek
500 Rummy for weeks on end...not just to 500
Gin Rummy for weeks on end
Monopoly for weeks on end...oops, sorry, just saw that you had this one.
Soldiers (Blue Coats and the Gray Coats...miniature army set)
House (with baby carriages, using our kiddie dish sets with the little seeds
you take off pig ears as food)
Wall Ball
Roof Ball
Walked, walked, walked (probably 10 miles a day around Glenside)
Ice Skated for 2 miles on the Tully (Tulpehoken Creek) in the winter
Swam in the same creek in the summer, though there were signs posted to swim
at your own risk
Cars (all the little boys on the block would get out their cars and we would
imagine a city, and drive always included a car wash)
Made up talent shows, and put them on for the neighbors.
Magic...there were really neat magic games out back then.
Roller Rink Roller Skating
Regular Roller Skating for miles at times
Another board game: Concentration
King of the Hill
Kick the Can
Watched Happy the Clown, and Kaptain Kangaroo (was on both of these TV
Watched Dark Shaddows (had to rush home from school for this one, as it
started at 3PM, and you didn't want to be left out of the conversation on it
at school the next day)
Watched Paton Place (sp?) (I know, these two shows weren't the best shows
for kids to watch, but we did)
Watched General Hospital (when it was newer)(I haven't watched a soap opera
since my teen years)
I had a Patti Doll, but all my friends had Chatty Cathy, or the one that
could walk...can't think of her name at the moment
We played Black takes Red a lot
Read a lot of comic books, and collected them, too
Flew those wooden airplanes with the propeller turned by a rubber band
Built and flew kites
Raced Marbles down the cracks in the kitchen table
Colored in coloring books just about every day, and had neat ways of making
textured pictures just by using our crayons
Had bubble blowing contests, if we all wound up with a piece of bubble gum
Colleted Elephant Dritzles, then had our friends try to collect them.
Sat on a railing, next to the railroad tracks and watched the trains go by,
counting the cars, and states where the cars were from
Hung out at the playgrounds, and always had playground leaders to help you
throughout the day.
Went to Good News Club once a week.
I'm sure I missed I said, you could add these to the list below of
Sally's...we did it all, and were never bored.
Gotta go now, but will be watching for even more that I forgot :o)
Brings back so many memories!!!!

Sally wrote:
> Hi I am from New Jersey with lots of roots in Berks Co. Pa from the 1700"s
> on. I will be 59 in March. As a child we played with Jill, Janette, and
> Ginny dolls. Played house with our Betsy Wetsy Dalls and smaller doll
> furniture, Watched Howdy Doody, Sky King and Penny, and the Micky Mouse
> Club
> on TV, and went outside to play as often as we could. Rode Bikes, Yo Yo's
> Hula Hoops, Hop Scotch,Jumping rope by yourself or with a whole group of
> girls. Rode a skooter, rollar skate, Hot Potoato= where you passed a
> ball
> around everyone in a big circle and the one in the middle was blindfolded
> he yelled stop and the one holding the ball had to change places with the
> one in the circle. Stop light. One person hid his eyes and everybody
> else
> started at a line. It person would count to 10 and everybody else tried
> to
> run and tag the it person until he stopped counting. When he stopped
> counting you had to stand perfectly still. If you moved you were caught
> and
> had to go back to the line and the rest would continue running up to it
> while he counted again. The person that made it up to "it" and tagged
> him
> was the new it. The name Red light comes from what the it person called
> out
> when he finished counting and you had to stop re: RED LIGHT! We played
> jacks. Simon Says, Kick ball=two teams one out in the field like baseball
> with 3 bases and home. The ball was rolled to you and you kicked as far
> as
> you could and ran around the bases. 3 outs but no strikes or fouls, then
> the
> sides reverse. Paddle ball= little ball attached to a paddle and see how
> many times you could hit the ball without missing, Horseshoes, Tiddly
> Winks!
> Card games like old maid played with the Queen of spades being the
> old
> maid and the rest of the queens removed. War= two piles of cards the
> highest card wins as you each put a card down, if they match then there is
> a
> war of three cards face down one turned up from each player. The player
> with the highest car wins all the cards on the table. Go Fish wsa another
> card game.,One other outside game called Red Rover come over but I can't
> think how to play it, Senior Moment???Lots of Board games like parchesi,
> monopoly, candy land. Chutes and Ladders, Mr. Wiggly, . and there was
> always
> a big puzzle left to be completed. Everyone coming into the house would
> grab a piece to two and when all completed another one was opened. If you
> need further clairification let me know. Sally email

Connie wrote:
>> In a message dated 1/31/2007 9:39:56 AM Eastern Standard Time,
>> I can remember playing what we called a running game of Michigan Poker.
>> A
>> card game we would play for days with no break in the scoring. Only
>> people who
>> would need to go home or went swimming or some other activity to get away
>> from
>> sitting for so long. Badminton, croquet, swimming in the creek, rowing
>> our
>> boat, etc.

Jean wrote:
>> writes:
>> I'd love to hear from you-all, re games, toys, activities you did as
>> children, mostly ones that aren't popular today... I have some, but for
>> my
>> newspaper
>> column, I'd like to have suggestions of others.. From back when childhood
>> really was childhood!! Thanks, Jean

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