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Subject: Re: [PADUTCHgenONLY-L] Looking for Jeremiah BEAR(BAER)
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 17:37:45 EDT

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> Do you have ship passenger lists for the Edinburgh, qualified at
> Philadelphia
> on August 13, 1750? I read that you have info on this ship for 1749. I am
> researching Johan Jacob Brang, who ,with his wife, mother-in-law, and
> brother-
> in-law, were supposed to have emigrated on that ship.

Wanda, yes--I have the Strassburger and Hinke Pennsylvania German Pioneers
books--all three volumes. Santa brought them to me last Christmas. It was a
very nice present.

I did find your ancestor Johann Jacob Brang on the list for the Edinburgh in
1750 and he signed his own name to the list. If you have his signature from
some later source you would be able to make a comparison to prove he is the
same person. He is the only Brang on the ship lists. Also of note, while not
ALL ships with the same name that arrived at different times were actually the
SAME ship--in this case I think they were as the captain of the Edinburgh in
1749 is the same man as in 1750--James Russel. Therefore, it might make me
wonder if there was some connection prior to coming to America between your
ancestors who arrived on this same ship.


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