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From: "Sandy Rozhon" <>
Subject: [PAF-5] Source Citations on Family Group Sheet
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 11:52:27 -0400

I asked this question before but don't recall getting an answer:

On the Family Group Sheet, is there a way to suppress the sources for the
husband's father from printing? (obviously, likewise for husband's mother,
wife's father, wife's father)

I'd like to only have the sources & citations for the family group showing
(mom, pop, & kids).

Is this possible?

What appears to be happening, for instance, if I print a family group sheet for
my father, mother and siblings, the sources that appear on the report are not
only ours, but include sources for my GRANDPARENTS! I've identified the
sources as those that are added as individual sources but not attached to
one of the "events" such as birth, christening, death, or burial. So on my
immediate family report, I'm seeing citations for deeds and census records
that should be on my grandfather's family group, but not on any of his
children's. How can this be suppressed? Is it a bug? Will it be fixed?

If someone already responded to me, please forgive my forgetfulness but I
just don't recall it.


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