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From: "Lynn E. Mower" <>
Subject: Re: [PAF-5] Source Citations on Family Group Sheet
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 08:49:05 -0500

I wonder if you ever received an answer to the question you posed below? I too find this annoying. I wonder if someone at LDS Church Headquarters could address this "problem"?

> I asked this question before but don't recall getting an answer:
> On the Family Group Sheet, is there a way to suppress the sources for the
> husband's father from printing? (obviously, likewise for husband's mother,
> wife's father, wife's father)
> I'd like to only have the sources & citations for the family group showing
> (mom, pop, & kids).
> Is this possible?
> What appears to be happening, for instance, if I print a family group sheet for
> my father, mother and siblings, the sources that appear on the report are not
> only ours, but include sources for my GRANDPARENTS! I've identified the
> sources as those that are added as individual sources but not attached to
> one of the "events" such as birth, christening, death, or burial. So on my
> immediate family report, I'm seeing citations for deeds and census records
> that should be on my grandfather's family group, but not on any of his
> children's. How can this be suppressed? Is it a bug? Will it be fixed?
> If someone already responded to me, please forgive my forgetfulness but I
> just don't recall it.
> Sandy

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