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From: "Clive W Carpenter \(NZPAFUG\)" <>
Subject: RE: [PAF-5] Questions
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 16:09:39 +1300
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I Would put in the extra comma's in, as this makes it easier when you are
using the advanced focu/filter and it also makes the data integrity right
correct for exporting using Gedcom, for use with other software.

PAF Liasion Officer.

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Subject: Re: [PAF-5] Questions


I think I would enter it as "St. Louis, Missouri", i.e., St. Louis,
Missouri rather than
"St. Louis, , Missouri." What I am trying to say is I would not put in the
comma which is for the county. Then I would put a note in the notes screen
about St. Louis not being in any county.


At 09:06 PM 10/19/2002 -0500, FRED MCCORMACK wrote:
>I was asked today in our PAF meeting how
>you would site the following.
>1. If you have an individual who was born in
>St. Louis, Missouri. How would you enter that
>into PAF? Please keep in mind that the City of
>St. Louis in not in any County. Please Help.
>2. When you want to edit your notes, is there a
>way to edit them in Microsoft Word, or do you
>have to do it in PAF.
>Thanks for your help. You may email me direct
>if you like at
>Fred E. McCormack
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