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From: <>
Subject: Re: [PAF-5] Individual List missing
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 12:41:25 -0400

I may be remembering this wrong, but as I recall the way to fix this (if the database is ok) is to go to the list screen and then click on the sort above the names, it may take twice. As I recall it basically sorted all the blanks before the names. Anyway give it a try and let me know how senile I am getting.


> From: "Jim" <>
> Date: 2004/06/14 Mon PM 10:22:03 EDT
> To:
> Subject: [PAF-5] Individual List missing
> I have a PAF data base that will not populate or display the individual
> list when you click on the tab.
> I know this has been answered before and of course I just skipped over it, I
> could always look it up in the archives if I needed it. Well I can find it
> in the archives.
> I have run the check data, I have closed and opened the file, I have closed
> and opened PAF and still I can't get any name to show when I look under the
> tab. The family tab and the pedigree tab both work properly and it is just
> on this one data base.
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