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Subject: RE: [PAF-TEMPLES-L] new Temple codes
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 14:05:11 -0600
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Please tell me how to get the4.18.
I've tried and I still have 4.16
Thank you

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> where can a person find the PAF temple codes for new temples the Oklahoma
> City, OK Temple is now open what code is used for that temple and how do
> you get PAF 4.18 to accept it? can the list be changed, if so how? 73s
> Bill.
Codes for the new temples are already in PAF 4.04.18. The Code for Oklahoma
City Temple is OKLAH.
The general rule is to use the first letter of the name and the next four
letters. If the name is two words, it is to use the first letter of the
first name, the first letter of the second name and the next 3 letters of
second name.
This doesn't work for all the new temples because some names would have
the same codes, such as Monterrey Mexico (MONTE) and Montevideo, Uruguay

Mary Lou

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