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Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 19:12:47 EDT

This is my contribution. I am a direct descendant of Robert Lappin/Lapine
(1769-1862) who was married to Elizabeth Kirk (1770-1834). They were
probably married around 1791 based on Quaker records when she was disowned)
Elizabeth is the daughter of Judith Knight(daughter of William Knight and
Elizabeth ?) and Joseph Kirk(son of William Kirk and Mary Robinson). The
Kirk's and the Knights came from Chester Co., PA or equivalent at the time of
their birth as the state lines moved around. They were from the Nottingham
PA meeting house. Elizabeth Kirk was born in East Nottingham township,
Chester Co. PA. Robert Lappin was born in PA according to census records,
but one of his granddaughters thot he was born at sea. This is a real big
brick wall in our research.

Their children by 1800 had 5 children. We think they are Ruth Wadsworth (no
further info found yet), Mary (Ogden)Gray, Alice (Daniel)Montgomery, Ann
(John) Starbuck, and Knight. After 1800 they had Robinson, Rachel (William)
Todd, Samuel, and Judith (Joseph) Fisher. In 1800 and 1810 they are living
in Franklin Township, Fayette Co., PA.

The family moved to Belmont Co., Ohio between 1813 and 1818, where Elizabeth
died. Mary was probably married in Fayette Co., PA as no record in Belmont
Co. We find marriages for all but Judith in that county. Ann Lappin Starbuck
lived and died in Belmont Co., Ohio. Mary Lappin Gray, we believe went to
Northern Illinois or Wisconsin. Have made no connection at this time. Alice
Lappin Montgomery, Robinson Lappin and Knight Lappin went on to Wayne Co.,
Illinois. The last I find Judith Lappin Fisher was in Morgan Co. Ohio in
1850. In adjacent houses were the family of Ruth Kirby, where Robert Lappin
was living, and Rachel Lappin Todd family. The Todd's remained in Morgan
Co., Ohio and Robert Lappin died and is buried in a Friends cemetery there.
At this time I have lost Samuel.

In 1800 there was another Lappin in Fayette County in Bullskin township. We
have often thot he was a brother as they used a lot of the same names for
their children. We have been unable to prove this. I wonder if my Robert
and a Samuel born in 1776 were not sons of a first marriage of an older
Samuel Lappin (1745-1832). This Samuel had at least 3 children supposedly
when he was in late 50's and early 60's. It is a puzzle.

I hope this helps someone, but also perhaps someone can help me. Mary and
Ruth were married before 1810 or else working for someone else. There are
two marriages in Belmont Co., Ohio for a Mary Lappin. I wonder if our
researchers have the right one. Did Ruth's Wadsworth husband die and she
remarry a Kirby?

Any help would be appreciated.


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