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As I remember , Betty Knox lived on a farm with her family in the mountains in the area of
Kentuck Knob, between Dunbar and Falls City (Ohiopyle)
I'm not sure if it was Revolutionary or Civil War. Her mother & father had passed away, and
shortly after a wounded soldier showed up near Betty's farm and she took care of him for
about a year. The man died ( I think or anyway he was not there )and Betty was alone again.
She continued to farm and took produce to Dunbar markets with her oxen.I'm not sure how
long this went on, but on one trip she was to return to Dunbar in a day or so, to get flour
she was to have made from the wheat she had brought to grist mill,and did not return .
After a week or so some men decided to go to her farm to see if there was a problem There
was no sign of her at farm and no evidence that she had been there, since her trip to
Dunbar, as her animals had not been taken care of, and Betty loved her animals. In the
Spring her oxen were found in a valley not fat from Dunbar tied to a tree. The oxen had
starved and apparently had been there since the Fall when Betty had been to town. No sign
of Betty was found, and no one had any idea what happened to her. It is said that the oxen
can be heard mooing on quiet nights, and some have said Betty can also be heard calling
for help. Betty Knox Park is now State Game Land, located off Dunbar -Ohiopyle road about 3
miles from Dunbar. You will see a Game Commission building on right at a sharp curve. The
dirt road to right at building will take along Dunbar Creek to area where Betty's oxen were
found. The William Bryner Stone that I posted to List is found at head of valley on top of
hill., and there is a unnamed cemetery across the creek at end of road, that I have also
I don't remember where I read this, Would like for some one who might know where this is
This is the story as I remember it.
Take care

Robert wrote

Hello my name is Robert Gratson I am from connellsville pa.I am looking
any information on The town of Betty Knox or The ghost of betty knox.
existed in or around the mid 1700s in dunbar pa. along what is now the
dunbar creek. I have read some stories about the ghost and how she
to being a ghost. But it has been awhile since i have seen anything. Can
anybody help me?

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