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Subject: [PAFAY] Descendants of Elizabeth (Snyder) Ridnour Gallentine
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 22:37:43 EDT

I wanted to post on the Ridnour website, but it seems the space
is not available.

Elizabeth Snyder Ridnour Gallentine was in Frederick County Maryland abt
1772. If anyone knows anything about her siblings and parents or
others....please contact me. Kimberly Williams

Jacob Snider/Snyder/Schneider born June 1, 1725 in Grunwetterspach, duchy of
Wuerttemberg Germany. He came to America in 1751. In 1757 he married Maria
Magdalena Bissinger who was born March 15, 1731 in Ensweingen Wuertemberg
Germany, daughter of Michael and Anna Maria Bissinger . ( could be Michel
Beisinger who married Anna Maria Mayer May 9, 1725 in Evangelisch
Enzweihingen Neckarkreis Wuerttemberg Germany and had a daughter named Maria
Magdalena Bissinger who was christened March 26, 1731 at the same place her
parents married.

Jacob Snider's wife Maria Magdalena Bissinger came to America when she was 21
years old. ( abt 1750 ) Migrated to Frederick County, Maryland before 1773.
Jacob Snider died September 27, 1778 in Frederick County, Maryland . He was
buried September 29, 1778 at Graceham churchyard . Maria Magdalena
(Bissinger) Snider died February 13, 1810, and was buried February 15, 1810.

Jacob Snider died without a will. Michael Snider was administrator of the
probate records dated March 14, 1780 in Frederick County, Maryland. Michael
may be a brother of Jacob. If Maria Magdelina Snider did not remarry, she
may be listed in the 1790- 1800 census. It is also possible that she lived
with one of her children in the 1790 - 1800 census. Maria's widowed daughter
Christiana Collendine had a woman born prior to 1755 living in Emmitsburg
with her and her two young children. Christiana most likely was pregnant with
her son Samuel Gallatin when the 1800 census was taken.

Jacob and Maria Magdalena (Bissinger) Snider had the following 12 children.

1.John Snider born between 1757 and 1764
2 Jacob Snider born between 1757 and 1764
3.Christian Snider born April 1764, died October 5, 1772 buried in Graceham
churchyard Oct 7th
4 Abraham Snider born May 1765. He was bound out to Peter Burkets/Burkhart as
a miller apprentice. On April 19, 1786 Peter Burkhart had an ad in the
Maryland newspaper MCM; Peter Burkhart, Hagerstown, offers reward for
apprentice lad named Abraham Snyder, he ran away last spring and was in
Virginia till I removed from Owing's Creek, to this town.
5 Elizabeth Snider born between 1757-1760 married Georg Ridnour
5a. Adam Ridenour born 1776 in Maryland. He was a minor when his
father died. Adam became a cooper by trade. He married 1st wife Peggy
Unknown (possibly Margaret Grim, daughter of Peter Grim and Christina Whetzel
of Washington County Maryland and Saltlick twp. Fayette County, Pa )

Adam married 2nd wife Hannah Sleasman, daughter of George Sleasman Sr. and
Demaris Unknown, abt 1814 in Saltlick township, Fayette County, Pa
5b. John George Reitenauer ? born 17 Aug 1780, bpt 15 Oct 1780 Evang.
Reformed Church of Frederick (German Reformed). George Reitenauer may be
the same George Ritenour married Catherine Sechman daughter of John and Maria
Seighman. Lived in Bullskin township, Fayette County, Pa in 1803 to 1805.
5c. Johannes Reitenauer ? b. 8/6/[1782?] baptized Apples United
Church, Frederick County, Maryland ( Emmittsburg, Maryland is within 4 to 5
miles of both the Old Monocacy church and Apples church. Graceham Moravian
Church is 2 miles east of Thurmont, which is about a mile from Apples
Lutheran Church )

Elizabeth Snider/Snyder's husband George Ridnour dies abt 1782 . Elizabeth
remarried to John Jacob Gallentine in 1783 in Frederick County, Maryland.
John Jacob Galatin born June 22, 1757 baptized June 24, 1757 in Lancaster
County, Pa, a cooper by trade, son of Jacob Galatin and Eleanor Maquinet.

Jacob Gallentine migrated from Manheim, Rapho township, Lancaster County, Pa
to Frederick County, Maryland after the Revolutionary War. He was Moravian

1791, May 16, Jacob Gallentine bought property in Emmit Frederick County,
Maryland. The 1790 census taken April 20th, 1791, a month before they bought
property. 1793 to 1801 lived in Lower Antietam Hundred, Washington County,
Maryland. 1802 - moved to Salt Lick township, Fayette County, Pa. Elizabeth
Snyder Ridnour Gallentine died October 1, 1836 Salt Lick township, Fayette
County, Pa

5d. Jacob Gallentine born 1784 in Frederick County, Maryland
5e. Elizabeth Gallentine born 1786 in Frederick County, Maryland
married David Bruner
5f. Joseph Gallentine born 1790 in Frederick County, Maryland
married Sophia Warrick.
5g. Abraham Gallentine born Dec 24, 1794 in Washington County,
Maryland married Elizabeth Lamb
5h. Daniel Gallentine born 1797 in Washington County, Maryland
married daughter of Christian Seniff

6. Magdalen Snider born between 1757 and 1766
7. Daniel Snider born September 1766 bound out to J--? Hauber for weaver
8. Christiana Snider born between 1757 and 1768 married Unknown Gallentine
Christena Collendine was living in Emmitsburg Maryland in 1800. ( Some
researchers have Christina as the spouse of Abraham Gallatin born 1762 that
served in the war of 1812 and died in South America. The problem I have with
that is that Christina was listed as head of household from 1800- 1810
census. Would Abraham have left in 1800 for the War? )

Abraham Gallentine must have died abt 1800. ( He may have been the son of the
above Jacob Gallentine's uncle Frederich Abraham Gallatin and wife Maria
Philpoena. That Abraham Gallatin was born October 23, 1762 in Lancaster Pa )
Christina Gallentine is a neighbor of her brother Ludwick Snider in 1810
census for Bullskin township, Fayette County, Pa. She moved to Tyrone
township, Fayette County, Pa with her son Daniel Gollentine, when her brother
Ludwick moved to Tyrone township near Dawson, sometime after 1810.
8a. Daniel Gallatin born December 4, 1794 , died march 6, 1857 in
East Huntingdon Twp. Westmoreland Co. Pa He married Unknown Wade
8b. Samuel Gallatin born 1800 Uniontown, Fayette County, Pa died
August 3, 1874 Lower Tyrone twp. Fayette County, Pa buried in Bethel Pres.
cemetery Fayette Co. Pa married Harriet Strickler ( May have been the same
Samuel Gallatin that was listed as an elder of the church that Ludwig Snider
help to form in Fayette County, Pa )
8c. Nellie Gallatin born between 1790 and 1800 married David Bruner

9. Lodewick Snider born September 1768 married Elizabeth Garver in 1794 near
Leitersburg, Maryland. She was the daughter of Christain Garver of
Lietersburg, Washington County, Maryland. Ludwick and Elizabeth moved from
Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland to Fayette County, Pa abt 1799 with
other family members; Martin and Fannie (Garver) Stockman.; Christiana
Gallentine; and others came a couple years later. Ludwick was a minor when
his father died. He was bound out to Peter Hauber for shoemaker
apprenticeship. Ludwick became a cooper by trade. Ludwick/Ludwig/Lewis
Schneider died abt 1849 in Fayette County, Pa.

children 9a. Jacob Snider
born abt 1795 in Hagerstown, Maryland
9b. John Snider born abt 1797 in Hagerstown, Maryland
9c. Mary "Polly" Snider born abt 1799 Bullskin township, Fayette
County, Pa
9d. Lewis Snider born Bullskin abt 1802 township, Fayette County, Pa
( LDS has Nov 4, 1803 Fayette County, Pa )
9e. David Snider born Bullskin abt 1804 township, Fayette County, Pa
9f. Elizabeth Snider born abt 1806 Bullskin township, Fayette County,
9g. Eleanor Snider born abt 1808 Bullskin township, Fayette County,

10. Ann Mary Snider born November 1, 1772 at 6 pm. baptized November 8, 1772
11. Anna Rosina Snider born August 24, 1774 at 8 am baptized August 18, 1774
died September 12, 1774 buried in the Graceham churchyard in Maryland on
September 13, 1774
12. Barbara Snider born May 25, 1777 baptized June 7, 1777 ( May have been
the same Barbara Snyder who married Jacob Fleck in 1800 Frederick county,
Maryland and moved to Fayette County, Pa shortly after.

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