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From: Roger Kennedy <>
Subject: PA German Pioneer Church Records
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 13:13:13 -0800 (PST)

Hi everyone,

This week I've added 6 new databases to my site, Awesome Genealogy.

The new databases can be found here:

They include:

Quitophilla (Hills) Church Marriages in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania 1733-1745
Quickel's Lutheran and Reformed Church Baptisms in York County, Pennsylvania 1765-1842
St Paul's Church Baptisms in Berks County, Pennsylvania 1754-1802
St Paul's Church Marriages in Berks County, Pennsylvania 1754-1802

Emigrants from the Canton of Schaffhausen 1734-1741
--Most of these Emigrants settled in Carolina, however some also settled in Pennsylvania and Nova Scotia.

Old Newspaper Records from the Germantown, Pennsylvania Area in 1783
--These continuing series of extracts from various Newspapers now cover from 1747-1751, 1756-1757, 1767-1770 and from 1781-1783. Details in these vary, with one-line descriptions of possible ancestors to entire paragraphs detailing family lines and when they immigrated to the United States, most often from Germany.


Awesome Genealogy

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