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From: First Families <>
Subject: The 1600s Ancestors Data Base Update
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 13:26:45 -0800

Hello Everyone:

Those of you who are working on your lines back to your 1600s American
Ancestors will find the 1600s Ancestors Data Base to be of great help.

I have recently posted several hundred new Ancestors to the Data Base
bringing the total to over 29,000 entries both men and women.

Also listed are several National Societies who have proven many of the
Ancestors you will find here. There are also a few new Reference Works
that contain many more lines.

The entries are coded to indicate to which Society or Reference Work has
at least one of their proven lines. Several of the National Societies have over
20 different lines from a single Ancestor.

WHEN YOU ENTER THE 1600s ANCESTORS DATA BASE be sure to look at the
top of each data page for the link that takes you to the "Data Base
Information Page".
There you will find the list of codes and how to use them. This is MUST
reading if
you are to understand the Data Base and how to use it.

We are constantly updating the Data Base with Additional Ancestors and
as time permits. More work has been devoted to updating listings of the
female Ancestors
by going back and including marriage dates. This takes much time and we
still have a lot of
work to do there.

You will find the 1600s Ancestor Data Base at;

For those of you who are AOL members you may have trouble connecting to
many pages
that may come up with a message such as "Page Does Not Exist" and you
should cure that by
using your browser feature of Copy and Paste the URL to your browser and
pressing your enter

Everyone has free access to the Data Base and to all our posted pages.

Enjoy and Happy Hunting

Ryan Jackson
Data Base Manager
America's First Families

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