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Subject: Re: [PAGENWEB] Census pre 1800?
Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 20:15:45 -0400
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When I contacted the local historical society looking for such church
records, they told me that clergymen usually "took the records with them".
That really confused me! Why would a clergyman take the records with him?
They don't belong to him. They belong to the church! Opinions?

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Obits? Marriage announcements? In what? Where?
People in the 18th Century did not have obits nor marriage annoucements.
The Historical Society of Pennsylvania has church records from that period.
Clergymen often kept marriage records.
Gene Stackhouse

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ROFLOL, DUH, oops. We'll then I'm looking for obits maybe? Or marriage
announcment that may list the parents of the groom? For Thomas Barnes and
Elizabeth Palmer!

Laura Light
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