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Subject: [INDIANA] Uncapher Family
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 20:25:48 EDT

As there is much on the Uncapher line, I thought I'd contribute this msg I
received in 1995..

Subj: Uncapher Date: 95-10-30 21:39:40 EST From: Jminn25542 To:

UNGERFEHR, UNCAPHER, UNKEFER Genalogica et Biographica....
by: Russell Harris Butler. about 1920.

Martin UNGERFEHR, born/ca 1688, probably the Kingdom of Saxony, near Dresden
our earliest emigrant ancestor, Martin Ungerfehr came to America. He first
settled in Heidelberg Township (York) PA in 1735. As early as 1735 many
German immigrants were pouring into the Provinces of Pennsylvania and
Maryland from the Lower Rhine provinces, Bavaria & Saxony, and no doubt this
family was numbered among them. Concerning the family of Martin Ungerfehr
little is known, only that they lived on a farm in Heidelberg
Township(York)PA. They were among the earliest German emigrants to land in
America and suffered all the privations & hardships to which these earliest
colonists were subjected in a wilderness filled with hostile Indians.

Known children of Martin Ungerfehr:

1 Frederick Ungerfehr born/ca 1718. Fred Ungefehr of Baltimore gets an
assignment of land on Pratt St. in 1786.

2 George Ungerfehr born/ca 1720, Germany or America? m/1,
c1742............., she was a member of the German Reformed Church in
Heidelberg Twp, where her name & that of her husband & one of their children
is recorded on the records of the church, but the writing is so faded that
her christian name is not legible;

m/2, Margaretha.........; The descendants of John being known by the name
UNCAPHER. [Next page].

3 John Ungerfehr born/ca 1734; m/........................................
The decendants of John being known by the name UNKERFER.

4 Michael Ungerfehr born/ca 1740; m/Margaret...............From the
Archives of Maryland, Vol 28, p 558 was found a list of taxables dated at
York PA, in the proceedings of the Council of Maryland 1752 in which the name
of Martin Ungerfehr, who was taxed oL-5s-op, appears. This tax was either
on leased land or acreage purchased from John Diggs.

Children of Michael & Margaret UNGERFEHR:

(1) Amanda Ungerfehr b/
(2) Sarah Ungerfehr b/

2 George UNGERFEHR/UNCAPHER, born/8 Jan 1720; The first traces of George
Ungerfehr were found in the Province of Maryland. In 1754 he was taxed on
Digges lot, 150 acres, and again in 1755 & 1757. George was a planter & a
blacksmith, thrifty, saving & industrious; he knew the value of education &
desired that his 3 sons should be educated & brought up in the German
Reformed Church of which he was a communicant.
He married/1,................ about/1744, she was dead before/June 1748;
married/2, 1 June 1748, Margaretha Norris. Margaretha,
born/2 June 1724, died/4 April 1772. George was a typical German, spoke the
pure language & could neither read nor write anything but German. The last
resident of George was in Heidelberg(York)PA, where his death occurred in
February 1764. He left a last will & testament which was probated at York,
PA 29 February 1764. This will, with codicil, was written in German and had
to be translated before it could be probated. This translation was done by
John Meem who was paid 7 shillings & 6 pence for his service.

Children of George & (1)..............UNGERFEHR:

(1) Marie Elizabeth Ungerfehr b/9 March 1745, York co PA [St Matthews
Lutheran Church, Hanover PA].

(2) Magdelena Ungerfehr b/c 1746, York co PA.

Children of George & (2) Margaretha(Norris)UNGERFEHR:

(1) Philip Ungerfehr b/c 1749; m/c1771, Mary Mowery
In 1772 Philip disposed of the real estate bequeathed to him by the
terms of his fathers will.
Philip d/c 1810; Mary d/1851.

(2) John Leonard Ungerfehr b/c 1751; m/Juliana.......... John was a
yoeman & lived in Heidelberg Twp(York)PA, he appeared on the
assessment rolls

Children of John L & Juliana UNGERFEHR:

i Elizabeth Ungerfehr b/25 Nov 1786.
ii George Ungerfehr b/21 Feb 1789
iii John Ungerfehr b/26 Dec 1790
iv David Ungerfehr b/12 Sept 1795
v Samuel Ungerfehr b/11 Jan Samuel

(3) Frederick Ungerfehr b/c 1753, York co PA.

(4) Anna Margaret Ungerfehr b/ 1764, York co PA, after the death of
her father & was baptized 1 May 1864, in the German Reformed Church,
in Heidelberg Twp(York)PA.

(1) Philip UNGERFEHR, born/c 1749, the birthplace is not positively known,
but probably in the Province of Pennsylvania, Heidelberg Twp, York county, in
what is now known as Lancaster county. m/c 1771, Mary Mowery. Mary, d/o
Uriah & Uranda (Bowing)Mowing, granddaughter of Dr Joseph Bowing, was
born/30 Oct 1745, Provindence, R. I. & died/26 December 1851.He was
bequeathed a small plantation of 64 1/2 acres on the condition that he pay to
the other heirs the sum of L100 when he was 23 years of age. He sold the
land 24 March 1772. Philip moved to Lovettsville(Loudoun)VA. On 15 Jan
1786, Philip entered into a contract with George William Fairfax, who held a
large land grant which was a part of 17,196 acres, called Peidmont in the
Parish of Shelburn(Loudoun)VA, on the waters of Beaver Dam, at a yearly
rental of 2 lbs, 16 shillings & 6 pence, & keep up the taxes.
During the close of 1799 there was a general exodus from Virginia of Philip
Ungerfehr & his children and their families to Westmoreland Counnty, PA. In
the 1800 U. S. Census Philip & son, George were listed as the head of
family in Derry Township. At this time Philips family consisted of 6
children while there were 4 in Georges family. The date of Philips death
is not known but it occurred soon after his arrival in their new Pennsylvania
home, between 1901-1810. His wife survived him for more than 25 years,
making her home with son George until his death when she was cared for by her
son Peter. She was living 2 Feb 1842.

Children of Philip & Mary(Mowery))UNGERFEHR:

i Elizabeth Ungerfehr b/c 1771, Loudoun co VA; m/c1794 Solomon
ii George Ungerfehr b/..Oct 1772; m/Catherine Eddleman. George cared
for his widowed mother until his death.
iii Mary Ungerfehr b/1774; m/Jacob Miller.
iv Peter Ungerfehr b/1775; m/Elizabeth Ringer. Peter cared for his
widowed mother after brother Georges death.
v Margaret Ungerfehr b/c1777; m/Christian Miller
vi John Ungerfehr b/30 Aug 1780; m/Mary Miller. They emigrated to
Marion county Ohio.
vii Andrew Ungerfehr b/1782; m/Barbara Millen. Andrew followed
farming in Young Twp(Indiana)PA

Children of Andrew & Barbara(Millen)UNCAPHER:

A John Uncapher b/...........; Went to Marion OH.
B Peggy Uncapher b/............; m/Isaac Stahl.
C Philip Uncapher b/28 Oct 1800, Blacklick Twp(Indiana)PA;
m/Mary Wilson(1807-1864); Philip d/14 March 1889; bu/
Washington Cemetery.
D Joseph Uncapher b/............; m/..... Neal.

viii Priscilla Ungerfehr b/c1785; Unmarried; died/1835. Priscilla was
the only child of Philip that did not marry. She helped
support herself & mother by spinning & weaving and many forms of
needlework at which she was talented. Her property which consisted
of household effects, was sold 5 June 1835, the only
relative who purchased any of the articles auctioned was her
brother Peter who bought the following articles: Saddle, $7.00; 2 dishes,
45c; 2 sheets, $1.50; 2 sheets, $1.52; callico quilt, $4.00;
bureau, $7.00; 1 bucket, 40c.
The executors of her estate were Peter Uncapher, John
Daugherty & Simon Drum.

xv Philip Ungerfehr Jr b/1790; m/1,......1814; m/2, Susannah Artman.
v Adam Ungerfehr b/17 Nov 1796; m/Susannah Ludwig.

iv Philip UNGERFEHR Jr, just at the close of the American Revolution,
Philip Jr was born in Loudoun County, Province of Virginia, in 24 Dec 1790.
He left Virginia in 1799 and with his fathers family settled in Westmoreland
co PA.
He married/1, 1814 his bride only lived 1 month after their marriage.
Married/2, Susannah Artmen, September 1815; Susannah, daughter of Abraham &
Margaret Sevilla (Gongaware) Artman, Susannah was b/4 August 1798,
Allegheny Twp(Westmoreland)PA. and they established their home, first in
Apollo PA, but later Cookport(Indiana)PA. Philip Jr was a stone mason by
trade but owing to failing health he was compelled to make a retreat to the
pine forests, about 20 miles from Indiana PA, where he purchased a tract of
land in the dense forests. All kinds of native game abounded in the woods &
furnished an ample supply of meat for the table. During the winter months he
& his sons were employed in hunting & trapping & lumbering, while in the
spring & summer months they cleared & tilled the soil.
Philip died/March 1838 of that dreaded disease-tuberculosis.

Children of Philip & Susannah(Artman)UNCAPTHER:

A Margaret Uncapher b/1816; m/John Baker; Marg d/1890.
B John Uncapher b/8 Oct 1817; m/Susannah Bash.
C George Uncapher b/25 July 1819; m/Elizabeth Gardner....;
Elizabeth b/28 Feb 1816 - d/27 Nov 1889. George d/30 Jan 1896;
They are buried/East Mahoning Cemetery.
D Elizabeth Uncapher b/1821; m/John Laney. Elizabeth d/1885.
E Catherine Uncapher b/1823; m/John Myers. Catherine d/1893.
F William Uncapher b/1828; m/Sarah Black
G Andrew Uncapher b/c1830; m/Mary J. Beaty
H Susan Uncapher b/1833; m/George Patrick
I Baby son Uncapher b/c1834, died in infancy
J Baby son Uncapher b/c1835, died in infancy
K Winfield Uncapher b/1836; m/Rachel Waugaman
Children of Winfield & Rachel(Waugaman) UNCAPHER:

a Harry A. Uncapher b/27 Dec 1874; m/Mattie Reed.
Harry died/1942, Indiana Hospital. Funeral services were
held at his residence, 437 Chestnut St, where he had lived
for 28 years. Bu/Oakland Cemetery, Indiana PA

Johannes ERDMAN

Andres ARTMAN Anna Catherine.......
b 5 August 1721 b
p Germany p
m d
p Germany p
Abraham ARTMAN
b 27 January 1762 ..............FREDERICK
p Germany
m Anna Margaret FREDERICK
p b
d 1814 p
p d ----------------------
b 4 Aug 1798 b 1677
p Allegheny Twp(Westmorland)PA p Germany
m September 1815, Indiana Co PA m
Philip UNCAPHER Jr (1790-1838) p PA ?
d 1779
p PA
Came to America 27 Sept 1727, Clockmaker.

b 11 September 1730
p Northampton county PA
d 26 October 1826
p Highfield Twp(Armstrong)PA
Margaret Sevilla GONGAWARE
b 1786
d 1824
Catherine Margaret........
d 22 March 1828

B John UNCAPHER, b/8 October 1817, Cookport(Indiana)PA; Married/1841,
Susannah Bash, Indiana co PA. John & Susannah spent their lives on the
farm. John died/2 January 1895; Susannah died/15 December 1903. They are
buried/ Cookport Methodist Cemetery, Cookport PA.

Children of John & Susannah(Bash)UNCAPHER, All born in Indiana county PA:

a Rachel Jane UNCAPHER b/10 May 1842; m/July 1891, George
Waugaman; Rachel died/19 Dec 1909.
b Harrison Craig UNCAPHER b/10 March 1844; died/8 Jan 1847.
c Jacob William UNCAPHER b/12 Sept 1847; died/13 Nov 1913.
d Keziah UNCAPHER b/24 Jan 1850, Cookport(Indiana)PA;
m/12 Dec 1871, Frank Douds Thompson; died/30 May 1931,
e Aaron UNCAPHER b/2 May 1852; m/24 Feb 1876, Mary Catherine
Rummel at the Lutheran parsonage in Cookport, by Rev L.
Wisehaupt.[Indiana Weekly Messenger, 3/8/1917, Files
of Many Years Ago 3/8/1876].
f Amanda UNCAPHER b/8 Oct 1855; died/Commodore, PA.
g Angeline UNCAPHER b/30 Sept 1857; m/15 Dec 1890, W. J.
Makin;died/12 Dec 1918, Johnstown,PA.
h Cordelia UNCAPHER b/20 Jan 1864; m/24 Apr 1888,
Henry Hoover; died/23 Sept 1893,Comodore,PA.

d Keziah UNCAPHER b/24 Jan 1850, Cookport(Indiana)PA; m/12 December 1871,
Frank Douds Thompson by Rev S. F. Crowiher, at Union Hs., Cookport; Frank was
born/2 August 1848, Pittsburg PA-he died/22 March 1900. Keziah died/30 May
1931, Johnsonburg(Elk)PA. They are buried/Laurel Hill Cemetery, Johnsonburg
(Elk)PA. [Ref THOMPSON family].

Children of Frank D & Keziah(Uncapher)THOMPSON:

Hugh Howard Thompson b/4 June 1873; m/April 1896, Edith Shearer.
Living in Erie, PA in 1924.
Suzanne Watson Thompson b/14 Mar 1875; m/Frederick Otto Schreiner. Fred.
was born/12 Dec 1868. Living in Johnsonburg PA in 1924.
Mary Rebecca Thompson b/6 Aug 1880, Lutherburg PA; m/1 Feb 1904,
Charles Kenneth Brust. They were living at 1724 So Hobart
Blvd, L. A. CA.
Jay Everett Thompson b/27 Jan 1884, DuBois(Clearfield)PA; m/18
July 1911, Orrel Nettie Rhines, Ridway(Elk)PA. Jay
died/24 Jan 1966; Orrel died/ 9 March 1966, both in Los Angeles;
buried/Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA. [Jay & Orrel are John T.
Minnick's maternal Grandparents].

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