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Subject: [INDIANA] (Fwd) parents of William Joseph Kelley
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Subject: parents of William Joseph Kelley

My dad, William Joseph Kelley, was Chief of Police in Indiana, PA,
sometime during the 1930s, I believe.
My mother was Pearl Hazelet Kelley. I think they married in Indiana, PA.
I'm born there in 1929 and have one brother, George, 2 years older. I
enlisted in the Navy @ 17 & have only been back once, for my mother's
funeral. I think my dad may have died & been buried in Indiana, possibly
in the 1970s. His people were from Wilkes Barre & I know very
little of their history. I did find an article re: my father from the PA
State Police archives dated 1918. He was with the Butler troop. I would
be interested in family history as well as Indiana history related to
Hazelet/Kelley. I saw there is a Hazelet Cemetery in Indiana. I remember
summers @ my mother's parent's farm.
I know there was a Kelley family home @ 96 Lee Park Ave., Wilkes Barre,
PA during the 1920's. One of my father's sisters, Rebecca, was a school
teacher & resided @ the address. She taught school across the street
from this address in the 1930's & 1940's. My father's father was married
to Mary Carr (sp) and I know Mary died in 1929, a year after their
youngest son, George, was killed in an auto accident.
I believe my grandfather's first name was John. He came from County
Cork, Ireland. He worked in the coal mines. My father, William Joseph,
was one of his 15 children. If anyone has any info, please e-mail
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