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Subject: Re: [PAJEFFER] BROSIUS obits, articles
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 13:53:08 EDT

Thank you so much for your letter !! I had pretty much gave up on the idea
of getting any information on this line.
I am Very much interested in the family & would like to hear anything you
may have to offer about them. As you can see from my previous letter
(below), I have very little info... and so many questions !
Are you Frank's daughter that I have in the outline? If you are, then it
shows that we are 3rd cousin 1 X removed. Who was Hilda married to? Who
were the children married to? Do you have dates for any of them? Places? Do
you live in Pa?

My Mother was Laura Lavina Kiehl & was put up for adoption when she was
around 4 years old due to her Mother dying in the Flu epicemic in 1918 in
Kansas. The only thing she could remember was a town named "Ringo" or something
like it.. I found out later that it was Ringgold, Pa. & started my search
there with very little to go on. She died in 2000 without knowing anything
about her ancestors. That's the reason I started genealogy, promising myself I
would find out what I could about them, for her.

Sorry I got so carried away - just so excited to hear from someone thats
actually related !
Reta in Nevada

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Reta, in addition to Hilda and Mary being daughters of Henry and Alice,
there's also Minnie. I think her actual name was Minerva. I only met her a
couple of times but I know she existed. Did you know Hilda and Mary? They
were wonderful women -- very different from each other, but each amazing in
her own way.

Here are the children for Hilda:
Louise, married James Wayland. Children are Susie, Jimmy, and one other I
can't remember. I'll ask my sisters and get back to you if you're

Here are the children for Mary:
Frank Christ, Robert Christ, and Mary Ann Christ Chitester. Bob and Mary Ann
are dead. Frank is still alive. They had three children each. I know this
line much better, being one of the children. I can give you details if you'd

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Hi Nancy,
We talked some time ago about Henry Brosious & Martha Alice Kiehl - Kiehl

is my line & I have more info on the Kiehl line if anyone is interested -
happy to share.

Reta Young

This is all I have on Henry & Martha Alice's line - if anyone could fill in

some blanks I would be most grateful..

Descendants of Henry Brocious

1 [1] Henry Brocious b: 1859 d: 1932 Burial: St. James Lutheran
Cemetery Records. Ringgold, Pa.
.. +Martha Alice Kiehl b: December 30, 1868 in Pa. d: 1955 Burial:
James Lutheran Cemetery Records. Ringgold, Pa. Father: Jacob Kiehl

Mother: Catherine Maurer
.... 2 Infant Brocious d: September 23, 1899 Burial: St. James
Lutheran Cemetery Records. Ringgold, Pa.
.... 2 Hilda Catherina Brocious b: September 27, 1901 in Ringgold Twp.,
Jefferson Co., Pa.
.... 2 Mary Isabel Brocious b: May 23, 1905 in Ringgold, Twp., Jefferson
........ +Irvin Sebastian Christ
.......... 3 Child Christ
................. 4 June Christ
*2nd Wife of [1] Henry Brocious:
.. +Mary Stahlman m: April 10, 1884 in Ringgold, Pa.

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It was strange to find this e-mail in my box, since I was the author (over
two years ago) of the original message regarding CHRIST and BROCIOUS. I
somehow got dropped off the list for awhile and never received the
that were apparently sent to me. Anyway, the Christs for which I am looking
are just Jefferson County residents, so far as I know. My family lives in
Brookville and the surrounding areas. My BROCIOUS family is from the
Ringgold area. My grandmother's parents were Henry and Alice Brocious. If
anyone has any information on any of these people, I'd love to have it!

Nancy Zawadzki
Erie, PA

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It's been awhile since I received the following in my inbox, but I am
currently cleaning out all my old mail and came across this. I am wondering

if you could look in your Berks County church records for the surname of
SOWERS. I can't seem to find where my SOWERS line came to Jefferson county.

I just have my great great grandfather's, Benjamin SOWERS birth year-1803
and that he came from another county from the east. Could you check this
surname for me and let me know what SOWERS names you can find? I have a
Benjamin and Jonas and a Henry but can't seem to connect them. Thanks so
Nancy Alexander

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>I have some books on 18th century Berks County church records and found
>many Christ names. Are you interested?
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>> Hi,
>> My direct descendant, Ludwig Long, married Susannah Christ in Berks
>> County
>> in 1794 and located to Jefferson County sometime after 1805. Is
>> part of your Christ line?
>> Thanks,
>> John Long
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>>> My grandmother's name was Mary Isabelle Brocious Christ (m. Irvin
>> Sebastian
>>> Christ - pronounced KRIST). Her parents were Henry and Alice Brocious.
>>> don't know Alice's maiden name. Not a lot to go on, unfortunately! I do
>> have
>>> lots of information on the Christ side of the family, going back to the
>>> early 1800s, if anyone is interested.
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>>> --- Junie Moon <> wrote:
>>> > I have just started researching my grandmother's family. Her maiden
>>> > name
>>> was
>>> > Brocious, which I'm assuming is an alternate spelling of Brosius. Her
>>> family
>>> > was from Ringgold, in Jefferson County. Does anyone have any
>>> > information
>>> on
>>> > the Brocious family? I don't even know the country of origin. Any
>>> > information or search hints anyone could give me would be much
>>> appreciated!
>>> >
>>> Junie,
>>> There are a few ways that the name has been spelled over the years.
>> is
>>> your Grandmother, and do you know her parents? That is a good place
>>> those
>>> of us who have info to start.
>>> Mark Thomas


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