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Subject: Re: [PAJEFFER] Reitz /Rebuck Northumberland County
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Okay with all this talk about Reitz, I was just skimming over and found nothing that seemed to fit into place for me, but then you all bring the Knapp name into the picture and you have my immediate full attention. I am a descendant of the Knapp Family in Brookville, Pa and we had a Reitz (Leonard Raybuck) marry into the Knapp family (Lottie). If these names are clicking within names you have please contact me.
Jean (Ford) Ross

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Subject: Re: [PAJEFFER] Reitz /Rebuck Northumberland County

Yes I have corresponded with Paul. I am always interested in proofing more
names. I at times early on took trees off ancestry which can be a disaster.
Then I would work the names with Census and add or remove as to the census
or an obit or story.
There are so many types of research that one has to look at each group and
work it through. I like that variety.

My Swarts line was never done as none of us born after 1940 really knew
about who they were. There was an occassional story some of my cousins were
aware of but my parents said nothing beyond my grandparents and their
siblings and cousins. SO to find William Swarts Jr and sr and see photos of
Daniel Lemmon Swarts was a real treat. I am now building the lines of
Williams kids = 9 of them. There are only five generations from me to
William Swarts birth 1752 which is very unusual. It makes for a bit fewer
names to deal with. All the other lines like Hetrick, Plyler, Reitz Rebuck
DInger, Fox and Moore migrated across the state together so they are all
intermarried. Swarts joined them in Jefferson Co as Daniel came after the
Civil War.
That's a tad of how this line came to be.

YOu can probably find yourself on my tree as I think I did the Osmans.


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Sent: Wednesday, February 03, 2010 6:36 PM
Subject: Re: [PAJEFFER] Reitz /Rebuck Northumberland County

> Hi Connie,
> Thanks for the nice greeting. My family website is down right now for
> maintenance, so I can't check or add anything. I think my line to Michael
> REITZ and Elizabeth SCHNOCK goes back 8 generations. If so, I think
> they're
> my 6th greats. I work on so many lines that I don't want to say for sure.
> On my website, my name is Beverly Osman. If you go back through the OSMANs
> and then to REITZ, you can see.
> I love photos and was trying to look for the one you mention, but couldn't
> find it. Although, I can't help you with identifying it, I may have some
> ideas of how to find out. I didn't know about being a REITZ descendant
> until I got into genealogy in 1990; almost 20 years ago now. Never dreamed
> it would be the way it is today. I did everything by writing lots of
> letters.
> I'm so glad we found each other. There are about 5 of us that email back
> &
> forth regarding anything REITZ. Would you like to be a part of it? If so,
> I'll introduce you to them. Paul REITZ may be able to fill you in on some
> of your branch, if you don't have it all.
> Do you ever look at findagrave? The link is . It's
> my
> newest research aide.
> 'Cuz, Bev
> native of Pittsburgh, PA, area
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> Subject: Re: [PAJEFFER] Reitz /Rebuck Northumberland County
>> Hi Beverly,
>> Nice to meet you. Michael and Elizabeth are my 5th great grandparents
>> on
>> Reitz side.
>> Michael and Elizabeth Schnock
>> John 1798 married Magdalena Schmidt
>> Peter R married Catherine Brosius
>> Elizabeth Ellen married Franklin Plyler
>> Lita Louise Plyler married Franklin Barber Swarts
>> Ruth Helen Swarts married Leroy K Sholes Jr,
>> ME Connie
>> I have a photo on of the Elizabeth Ellen and Franklin
>> Plyler 50th along with all their kids and grands. They were on of three
>> couples married on the Hetrick farm on the same day == wedding among the
>> siblings and cousins; Parker Chittester married Ida Alice Hetrick and
>> Albert Franklin Reitz married Mary Elizabeth Plyler. (Albert Franklin
>> and
>> Elizabeth Ellen were siblings.) As to the Plylers being cousins as
>> Charles Plyler is father of Franklin James Plyler and Daniel Pliler is
>> father to Mary Elizabeth. ( Charles and Daniel are brothers)
>> I have a photo of an older woman with daughters around her who are all
>> over
>> 35-40 and it looks like it is taken in 192-30. It could be Catherine
>> Brosius
>> but need someone to confirm it.
>> Only one other of the six and my great grandparents are living. I think
>> it
>> is Parker Chittester.
>> Any help in identifying the many persons on the photo is appreciated. I
>> have
>> identified ALL of Elizabeth and Franklin Plylers = grandmother Lita and
>> her
>> three sisters and their families. The rest I never knew.
>> I had begun doing our tree about four years ago and am addicted. I am
>> always
>> in need of improvement on the older generations if you also have Plyler
>> names to help me with.
>> I am in S Cent PA.
>> Sholes Swarts Oberholser and Wenger Family Tree and
>> Rootsweb id is shoober1 for quick find in World Connect in
>> Rootseweb.
>> Connie
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>> Subject: Re: [PAJEFFER] Reitz /Rebuck Northumberland County
>>> Hi Connie,
>>> I don't think that Elizabeth REBUCK was a 2nd wife. Michael REITZ' son
>>> George REITZ was married to Maria Margaret REBUCK.
>>> The source for Michael being married to Elizabeth REBUCK came from an
>>> old
>>> Reitz book by Rev. J.J. Reitz. A have said book around here someplace,
>>> so
>>> if
>>> you need the exact title, let me know.
>>> I'm a REITZ descendant and have done extensive research on this line.
>>> Please
>>> feel free to check my website at
>>> One person doesn't ususally have it all, though, so if you have any
>>> additions or corrections, would you let me know. I'd also love to know
>>> about
>>> your line to George REITZ and Elizabeth SCHNOCK.
>>> Also, I belong to DAR. George and Michael REITZ are both established
>>> patriots in public service.
>>> ~Bev in Calif.
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>>> From: "Connie" <>
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>>> Sent: Wednesday, February 03, 2010 7:12 AM
>>> Subject: [PAJEFFER] Reitz /Rebuck Northumberland County
>>>> Since the descendants who would have this information are in Jefferson
>>>> Co,
>>>> I am bringing my query to this list.
>>>> I have the wife of Michael as Marie Elizabeth Schnock b 1758 d 1783. Is
>>>> Elizabeth
>>>> Rebuck a first or second wife or his only wife?
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Connie
>>>> Family Data Collection - Individual Records
>>>> about Michael Reitz
>>>> Name: Michael Reitz
>>>> Spouse: Elizabeth Rebuck
>>>> Parents: Johan George Henry Reitz, Anna Martha
>>>> Birth Place: Northumberland, Swabian Creek, PA
>>>> Birth Date: 1757
>>>> Marriage Place: Washington Twp, Northumberland, PA
>>>> Marriage Date: 1785
>>>> Death Place: Washington Twp, Northumberland, PA
>>>> Death Date: 17 Dec 1825
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