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From: "Brian C. Bassler" <>
Subject: [PALANCAS-L] Dillersville's first schoolhouse
Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 12:37:45 -0500

Hi again,

Anyone know anything about the first one-room Dillersville schoolhouse?

In the Lancaster County Historical Society Vol. 53, No. 3, p.87 I find a
list of teachers at the school as follows:

About 1895, Harry R. Bassler
about 1900, Miss Anna Eby
1903, Miss Ada Burkholder (Shuman)
1904, Mr. Evans
1905, Dr. J.G. Hess
1906, C. H. Martin (Treasurer of the historical society) with fifty-five
pupils in eight grades
1907, John Matter

Later, and for twenty years, it was occupied as a dwelling by Frank

In 1851-52 James Benson was teaching a group of 44 including the names
Ruth Hall, McGrann, Schreiner, Huber, Smith, McGlaughlan, Blizzard,
hackman, Swails, Graft and Getz. The school was referred to as No. 5
and was located "on the west side of Dillersville Lane opposite the lane
that led to the Brennan Farm".

I'd like to find out more about Harry R. Bassler as I'm sure he falls
into my line. I'm just not sure where the relation is right now.

Brian C. Bassler
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