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I am not directly connected to the Douts/Dout Families but have a little
information for you. If I cross any more I will make sure to pass it along.
I hope the following is useful.


Melaney Jones, CA

1860 DOUTS JOHN Allegheny County PA 1069 3 W.Allegheny City
1840 DOUTS DANIEL Lancaster County PA 154 Manor Township
1870 DOUTS GEORE Lancaster County PA 319 St.Rasburg Twp
1850 DOUTS GEORGE Lancaster County PA 129 Martic Township
1850 DOUTS GEORGE Lancaster County PA 294 Paradise Township
1850 DOUTS WILLIAM Lancaster County PA 133 Martic Township


William Douts
Enlist Date Enlist Place Enlist Rank Enlist Age
13 November 1864 Priv
Served Pennsylvania Substitute E Co. 99th Inf Reg. PA Mustered Out at
Washington, DC on 01 July 1865
Source: History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865
Abbreviation: PARoster
Published by on 1870

Surname Given Name Middle Initial Company Unit Rank - Induction Rank -
Discharge Notes Box # Extraction # Record #
Douts William E 99 Pennsylvania Inf. Sergeant Sergeant 000554 0030


History of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with Biographical Sketches of
Many of its Pioneers and Prominent Men
Chapter LXVI. Martic Township.<1<[1 By S. C. Stevenson.]

Among the oldest families in this section are the Simpsons. They purchased a
property in Martic, about two miles south of Rawlinsville, in 1821, and have
resided upon it from that date up to the present time (1883). The father of
the family, John Simpson, was married to a daughter of Roger Douts. From
this union resulted eight children,--James, Mary, Sarah, Robert (deceased),
William (deceased), Jane, and Bartholomew, and one who died in childhood.
The family, especially the male members, are men of note in the community in
which they live. James, the oldest, has held several offices of trust and
profit in the township. He was auditor of the township for many years, and
held the office of assessor from 1840 up to 1858. Bartholomew was a member
of the school board for a period of not less than twelve years, and during
all that time labored solely for the good of the schools of the township.
All the members of this family are noted for their hospitality,
public-spiritedness, devotion to the cause of the right, sober, industrious,
and pious men. They labored earnestly for the good of the community.


Surname Given Name Middle Name Birth Date Volume Page Line
Dout Edith A. 1895 1 101 25

Given Name Surname Year Source
Edith Dout 1895 City of Reading, Pennsylvania Marriage

Given Name Surname Year Source

Edna Dout 25 July 1913 Berks County, Pennsylvania Marriage Records
Lizzie M. Dout 10 November 1911 Berks County, Pennsylvania Marriage Records
Samuel R. Dout 1910 Berks County, Pennsylvania Marriage Records
Wm. Charles Dout 1906 Berks County, Pennsylvania Marriage Records


1850 DOUT AARON Beaver County PA 072 Brighton Township
1850 DOUT AMON Beaver County PA 047 Borough Township
1850 DOUT AMOS Beaver County PA 046 Borough Township
1860 DOUT CINDELENA Butler County PA 909 Zelienople Boro
1857 DOUT JOHN Chester County PA 000 East Vincent PA 1857 Chester Co.
1850 DOUT THEADORE Clarion County PA 113 Porter Township
1850 DOUT MARY Lancaster County PA 133 Martic Township
1850 DOUT ELI Luzerne County PA 446 Wilkes-barre
1870 DOUT ELI Luzerne County PA 661 Hazleton East Ward
1860 DOUT JOHN Mercer County PA 836 West Lackawannick Township.

1860 DOUT SUSANNAH Mercer County PA 108 East Lackawannock Township.
1850 DOUT GOERGE A. Morthampton County PA 436 Lower Mt. Bethel Township
1840 DOUT GEOREG Northampton County PA 069 Plainfield Township
1830 DOUT GEORGE Northampton County PA 086 Bushkill Township
1840 DOUT DANIEL Northumberland County PA 118 Turbot Township
1860 DOUT CONRAD Philadelphia County PA 079 20 W. 1d.Philadelphia
1850 DOUT WALTER J. Philadelphia County PA 338 Moyamensing Ward 3
1850 DOUT DENNIS Schuylkill County PA 396 Pottsville South Ward
1860 DOUT JACOB Venango County PA 125 Cornplater Township.
1860 DOUT SAMUEL Venango County PA 125 Cornplater Township.

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Subject: [PALANCAS-L] Douts surname

>I believe that someone recently posted a message about the surname
>Douts. Since I dumped my e-mail trash and Rootsweb Archives are
>unavailable I can't be sure.
>Today I was going over a couple of pages of the census that I had
>printed out at the library and found a small detail. In the 1850
>Martic Twp. census there is a George Douts (age 29) listed with his wife
>Letita(age 32), two children Michael (age 3) and Samuel (age 7/12).
>Also listed is a Beteba Laird (age 85). Four doors down is my ancestor,
>Jacob Clark and his wife Sarah and their children.
>Now here is the interesting part. On the 1860 Conestoga census I find
>the same George Douts and family plus 4 more children and two doors down
>I find my ancestor Jacob Clark and family. They both moved to a
>different area and close to each other. Now maybe they were just good
>friends, but maybe they were related. I have no idea what Sarah Clark's
>maiden name was. My question is, was there a Sarah Douts (b. 1815)?
>Debbie Hedstrom
>Orlando, FL
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