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Montgomery Co
Dotterer, Maria Margaretha, d/o Michael and wf, sp. Herman Fischer and
wife, March 25, 1733

Johan Michael Dodder, s/o Jacob and Anna Maria, Sp. Wendel Wiand and
Anna Margaretha, Jacob Fischer and Sophia Lizabeth

Elizabeth, d/o Bernhard and Gertraut Dotter, sp the mother Aug 30 1741

Roland Jung and Catharine, a son J. Heinrich Oct 13 1758. Sp Henirch
Jung and Margaret Fisher

Abraham Friess and Anna Margaret a son J. Leonhard Feb 9 1761

Marriages between 1747-1758
#7 John Gressman and widow Hauck

#42 Jacob Fischer and Hannah Dankler

#43 Roland Jung to Catharine Fischer

#44 Heinrch Haas to ____Jung

#69 Carl Doerr and Christine Muss

#96 Philipp Schmidt to Creth Doerr

#156 Son of Felix Lee and ______

March 28 1757 George Schill and Eva Maria Kressler

April 11 1758 Johan Peter Seib to Anna Maria Erb

May 19 1761 Johannes Wetzel to Eva Meyer

May 13 1761 Philip Hahn to Anna Margaret Hiester

Pannebecker, Anna Maria, d/o Peturs, born 4 Dec 1770

Pannebecker Anna Margaret d/o Peter, born Aug 20 1777

Jung, Ann Maria d/o Andreas Jung, May 1, 1776

Pannebecker, Maria Margareth, d/o Friederich, 9 April 1777

Panebecker, Elizabeth, d/o Friederich 11 Feb 1779

Jumg, Susan, d/o Andreas, born May 22 1778

Jung, Heinrich, s/o Andreas, born April 27 1780

Doerr, Johan and wf. a son Johannes born Sept 27 1786

Jung, Johan Daniel, and wife, a dau. Barbara born Oct 7 1786

Doerr, George, and wf. a son, Michael, born 12 Oct 1787

Doerr, Michael and wife, a son, George, born Aug 31

Erb, Jacob and Maria, a son, Jacob born Jan 5, 1787

Erb, Catharine, a dau of Jacob and Maria, Oct 25, 1787

1716 July 27 Friedrich Miller aged 75y 8m 3w 2d

Buried 1792 wife of Heinrich Miller, aged 56y 1m 1d

Buried 1795-1717, Dec Weyand Panebecker, aged 79y 2m 2d

1767 May 26, Wendel Fischer, s/o the late Herman Fischer to Julina
Schneider, d/o Adam of Douglass twp

1770 Sept 10 Johan George Hellicas, s/o Adam, New Goshenhoppen to
Elizabeth Jung of New Goshenhoppen

1778 Jan 15 Jacob Dorr, s/o Johan Dorr, of Great Swamp and Margaret
Muller, d/o Henrich Muller of New Goshenhoppen

1782 Sept David Sussholt widower to Elizabeth Muller, d/o Peter Muller,
Rockhill twp.

1788 May 18 Friederich Hering to Anna Levi both of New Goshenhoppen

1789 Dec 22 Philip Schmayer of Macungie to Catharine Miller d/o Peter of
New Goshenhoppen

1792 Dec 18 Doderer, Abraham to Elisa Reifschnider

1787 April 12 Daniel Doderer to Barbara Muthard

1787 Feb 23 Doderer Magdalena to Peter Osterlein

1789 April 28 Maria Doderer to George Freyer

1774 Nov 1 Ann Dotter to Jacob Bernhard

1779 Nov 16 Benigna Dotter to John Jost

1772 April 23 Elizabeth to __ Pomp

1781 July 3 Phillipina Dotter to Henrich Mauer

1772 Dec 22 Johannes Dotterer to Anna Maria Schmid

1766 Feb 20 Adam Miller to Elizabeth Brendel

1788 April 14 Catharine Miller to Nicolaus Niebel

1775 March Nicolaus Miller to Maria Schmid

1753 Nov 20 Catharina Muller to Henrich Happel

1792 May 12 Johan Michael Muller to Catharine Mechlein

1796 Dec 6 Catharine Mud to Henrich Lee

1791 Dec 23 Johannes Lee to Hanna Heinrich

1791 Dec 11 Maria Lee to Jacob Oberdorff

John Jacob of Felix Leh and Magdalena, born Feb 26, 1769. Sp Grandmother

Best Wishes, Geri

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