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No sorry that all that I found on that family. The information I obtained
from the marriage license docket #3 record 1514 dated 20 Oct 1886. You can
find this in the Luzerne County Court House Wilkes-Barre, Pa.


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Do you have a list of children for the John Clark you have from Pittston in
1858? I am researching a member of my family's lineage and, with the
resources I have, can only get back to Daniel Clark who was born in about
1845 and married Ann ?. Daniel and his family was living in Ashley, Luzerne
County in 1880. Members of the family later lived in the Wilkes Barre area.

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I think the 2 John Clarks you are referring to are the following: John
Clark born 12 Sept 1752 In New Providence, Sussex Co NJ., He migrated to the
Luzerne area around 1786.
He had a son John Clark born 18 Feb 1791 in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
As far as I have been able to trace this side of my family . I never found
any one by the name of Moses In this family.
While doing research I came up with these John Clarks from that area

John E Clark born 1 Oct 1862 married Ellen Flynn 17 October 1806 resided in
Plains, Pa John F Clark born 27 Feb 1858 married Nancy Dietrich 29 June 1878
they resided in Pittston in 1891.

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