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Subject: [[PAMCKEESPORT]] Brick Alley
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 22:33:49 EDT

Brick Alley

Brick Alley was noted for it's many "Houses of Prostitution". The first house
on the left belonged to my Uncle, David C. Jenkins Jr, which was a house of
prostitution. The next house belonged to Gladys Ailstock. She ran a kinda
"speakeasy". The last house on left belonged to Bessie Moore, which was a
house of prostitution. The tunneled building was the Peter's Packing Company,
which was a meat packing plant. The city officials knew that the houses were
operating as such, but turned their heads. Every once in a while there was a
"police raid" but it was for political reasons as the whole neighborhood knew
when and what houses were going to be "raided". We would sit on our porch at
121 9th to wait for the "Paddy Wagon". Also I remember being in one of my
Uncle's house during a Christmas Holiday and seeing City Officials visiting
to receive their case of liquor.

Tom O'Neil writes "Gads. Whenever I went out of town as I got older, the
first thing people would ask you about or comment on was Brick Alley!!! "I'm
from McKeesport, PA. " "Oh, that's where Brick Alley is? "Never failed. My
brother was a police lieutenant and as you said the operators were always
told of a raid held for public relations purposes and city officials never
forgot to go there for their Xmas gifts."

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