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From: "Peter Pankau, Heikendorf, Germany" <>
Subject: [PANKAU] Pankau genealogy
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 18:32:06 +0200

Hi all, my name is Peter Pankau from Germany. May be, I was in touch with some of you, may be not. I'm a member to this list for long time and I never saw a posting exept one of the postmaster.
I am working on the family tree of the Pankau. It is not one family tree, there are a lot of trees, because I didn't find the first, common Pankau until now. The first Pankau I found until today, is Augustin Pankau, who lived in the 16xx's in the village of Obkass. There he was Schulze; a Schulze was a mayor in the old German farm villages. All Pankau, I have contacted and also me, have there roots in the villages of Obkass in West Prussia and around. Obkass is now in Poland, it became Polish in 1920 after WW I. In my genealogical database I have 10000 persons, 3000 are Pankau's. There are Pankau's in Germany, Poland, USA, Great Britain, Australia, Switzerland, Austria. I have contact to a lot of American Pankau. I know the story of the six brothers, who left Gross Zirkwitz (neighbour village of Obkass) in 1854 and 1859 and emigrated to the States. Have you ever heard about the six Pankau brothers? Their names were Andreas, George, Joseph, Johann, Jacob and Casimir. I have o!
nly contact to the descendants of the Andreas, Joseph, Johann and Casimir Pankau. The parents of the six brothers were Georg Pankau and Marianna Behnke. They had four girls too, Maria, Catharina, Anna and Eva. The parents of Georg were Joseph Pankau and Marianna Wegner, all living in GroƟ-Zirkwitz. Can you tell me something about you, your parents and siblings, perhaps you are a descendant of one of the six brothers.
Something about me. I am 50 years old, married with Karin 46 years since 22 years. We have three children, Irina 21, Birte 18 and Arvid 11 years old. We live in the small town of Heikendorf near the city of Kiel at the Baltic Sea in Northern Germany.
My question to all other subscribers of this list. Who are you? Are you Pankau too? Are you a descendant of the six brothers too? Please reply to the list.
Regards from Germany -Peter

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