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History of Northumberland County
Oliver S. Barto, (subject) owned the Farmers Hotel, at Watsontown.

The Bartos are of French Huguenot extraction, the French form of the
name being Perdeau. Three came to America in the early days, one John
Barto locating in Berks county, in 1730. Isaac Barto mentoned was a
large taxable in Oley township, in 1759. His descendant are still living
in Washington township. Some time prior to 1735 Jean Perdeau located in
Colebrooke township, Berks Co,where he died in 1770.

Abraham Barto, great-grandfather, of Oliver S., was born in 1824, in
Colebrook, and lived there till his moved to Northumberland county, in
1857. Member of the Reformed church. He died Jan 29, 1898. He married
Anna (Deysher) d/o Jacob, of Pike township, Berks county. She died Jan.
29, 1863, age 36, she was the mother of 12 children; Abraham, of
Montgomery Co., Augustua D., father of Oliver S., Benjamin, of Erie,
Hon. James of Jetmore, Kansas, Morris, died Oct 30, 1862 aged 7, Anna
married Scott Levan, and they lived at Turbutville, Emma, marred George
Williams, of Turbutville, Amanda married William Phillip of Montgomery

Augustus D. Barto, was born Jan. 13, 1846, Oley township, Berks Co., In
1863 he joined at Reading the Army (Co. F. 2nd Bttn, 15th U.S.Inf. On
June 14, 1870, he married Caroline E. Schook, d/o Philip and Susan
(Sandy) Schook, whose family consisted of 13 children, namely; John,
Benjamin, of NY., Lewis, of NY., David of Williamsport, Rebecca married
William High, Matilda, married Sol. Stein, Sarah, Mary, Caroline married
A.D. Barto., Susan, and Catharine , who marrid Jacob Weaver.

Children of Augustus and Caroline, Susan, married Robert Merrell of
Watsontown, Sallie, marred Frank Leform, of Montgomery co., Oliver S.,
of Watsontown, Isaac of Williamport, Tillie, married Henry Henshaw, of
Newberry, Harry of S. Williamport, Rachel, married Fred Davis, of
Plymouth, PA., Edward, of Muncy, Myrtle, married George Hoff, of Milton,
PA., and Laura.

Oliver S. Barto, married April 5, 1896 to Carrie L. Evans, d/o Thomas
and Anna (Croft) Evans, late of Milton. No children.

Althous, Samuel K., of Dublin, Bucks Co., a great-grandson of Daniel
Althous, who came from Germany, and lived in Bedminster. He was
accidentally killed while coming home from Phila. His Martin,.
grandfather to Samuel, He had a farm near Keller's Church. His wife was
Catharinee "Sigafoos:. Both are buried at Tohickon church. They had a
numberous family, many of whom died young, and Martin,Levi and Tobias
after reaching maturity. Those living in 1887, Mathias,of Quakertown,
and Silas, in Bedminster. Tobias, father of Samuel K., was born in 1808,
and died Jan. 13, 1885. He was absent from the township for 38 years but
returned 4 years before his death, which place in the home of Samuel K.
He was a soldier in the Mexican war and also in the Civil war. His wife
was Elizabeth Kramer, d/o John, of Bedminster. She died in 1843.
Children; Cathaine, Reubin, of Minneapolis, and Samuel K., who was born
June 11, 1837. On Nov. 25, 1860, Samuel K., married Sarah Ann
Crouthamel, d/o Enos. She was born July 26, 1837. Children; Sarah, died
in childhood, Albert C., Mary C., Emma C., Edwin C., and Reubin.

Births recorded at Bucks Co.
Althauser, Arend (usually written as Arndt) and Anna Maria, a son, John
Jost, bp March 4, 1753

Althaus, Arend, annd wfe, a dau., Magdalena,bp May 22, 1755

Althaus, Erasmus and Catharine, a son, John David, born Jan 11, 1758

Renner, John and Maria, a dau, Maria Elizabeth,born April 3, 1758, sp
Henry Renner, and Christina Althaus, both single.

Mull, Peter and Maria Dorothea, a dau. Maria Catharine, born ___ 18,
1772. sp. Daniel Althau, and Anna Maria Michel, both single

Althaus, Daniel and Anna Maria, a dau. Catharine Elizabeth, born April
20, 1774

Althaus, Daniel and Anna Maria, a son, Daniel, born Oct 9, 1777

Althaus, Daniel and Anna Maria, a son, John, born Oct 9, 1777

Althaus, Daniel and wfie, a dau. Anna Maria, born Dec 6, 1782

Althaus, Daniel and wife, a son, Frederick, born June 16, 1784

Althaus, Daniel and Juliana, a son, Michael, born April 19, 1791

Althaus, Daniel and Julianna, a son Jacob, born Aug 1, 1793

Althaus, Magdalena, born 11 weeks ago, d/o the late Daniel and Juliana
Althaus, bp May 1, 1796

Althaus, Martin and Catharine, a son, Jonas, born Oct 16, 1803

Althaus, Martin and Catharine, a son, Samuel, born Oct 16, 1804

Althouse, John and Catharine, a dau, Maria born June 9, 1806

Althouse, Martin and Catharine, a son, Tobias, born April 17, 1807

Althouse, Martin and Catharine,a son,Daniel, born March 5, 1809, sp.
Daniel Althouse, and Maria "Ziegfus"

Althouse,Martin and Catharine, a dau., Elizabeth, born March 7, 1811

Althouse, Frederick and Susanna, a son, Thomas, born Aug 3, 1812

Althouse, Sebastian and Maria,a dau., Maria, born Sept 18, 1813

Althouse, Martin and Catharine, a son, Elias, born April 18, 1814

Althouse, Frederick and Susanna, a son, Elias, born ___ bp Jan 29, 1815

Althouse, Michael and Barbara, a dau. Maria, born Jan 11, 1816

Althouse, Samuel, s/o Daniel and Elizabeth, born April 14, 1817

Althouse, Martin and Catharine a son, Francis, born June 21, 1818

John Althaus to Gertrude Valte, Aug 8,1756

John Renner to Elizabeth Althaus, Aug 17, 1759

Adam Greischer to Gertrude Althaus, May 5, 1761

Daniel Althaus to Maria Scheib, Sept 28, 1773

Daniel Althouse to Juliana Schwenck, June 29, 1783

Henry Althouse, to Anna Hessler, April 28, 1801

Martin Althouse to Catharine Ziegefus, Nov 31, 1802

John Althouse toCatharine Wismer, March 20, 1804

John Sylvius to Maria Althouse, June 16, 1805

Sebastin Althouse to Maria Conrad, oct 7, 1807

Frederick Althouse to Susanna Schlichter, March 11, 1810

Daniel Althouse to Elizabeth Wirt, Jan 19, 1812

Conrad Althouse to Barbara Delp, June 18, 1815

Michael Althouse to Susanna Mackel, Aug 27, 1815

Jacob Althouse to Magdalena Wenhold, Sept 26, 1816

John Blyler to Maria Althouse, June 11, 1820

Jacob Althouse to Eva Heist, Nov 21, 1824

Henry Kern toElizabeth Althouse, Sept 19, 1830

Tobias Althouse to Elizabeth Craemer, May 8, 1831

Jacob Fluck to Mary Althouse, Oct 5, 1835

Arnd Althaus died Aug 6, 1758

1783, Jan 16, was buried the wife of Mr. Althaus, aged 32y 9mos 14d

1795 Dec 16, Daniel Althaus, through an accident

1804 Aug 7, Old Mrs. Althaus

1813, Jan 2, Martin Althouse's child
1813, Jan 3, Martin Althouse's child
1814 June 6, Martin Althouse's child, 6w 6d

Oct 7, 1817 John Althouse's wife, 70y 9m 10d

Dec 20, 1823 Henry Althouse, 48y

Jan 13, 1828 John Althouse, 84y 8d

March 26, 1833 Israel Althouse, 17y

April ___ 1839 Martin Althouse 58y

Dec 11, 1841 Levi Althouse, 19y 7m 28d

March 24, 1842 John Althous's wife, 22y

Oct 7, 1842 Conrad Althouse, 58y

June 30, 1843 Elizabeth Althouse, 32y 3m 2d

April 17, 1846 John Althouse 33y less 15d

June 1, 1848 Susanna Althouse 56y

Rev. War-pensioned
Althouse, Matthew, BLW, PA Line

Althouse, Mathew, srv 4th Regt of Light Dragoons in the Cont. Troops.

War of 1812
Althouse, Zachariah, srv Vanderhoff. NY Mil, lived in Susquehanna, PA

Births recorded at Northampton Co
Jacob, 24 Feb 1783, s.o Jacob and Elizabeth (Ries)

Sara, 5 May 1790, d/o Johnan and Elizabeth

Johannes, 23 March 1793, s/o Jost and Magdalena

Maria Sara, 24 Dec 1780, d/o Jost and Magd

John Adam. 13 Oct 1778, s/o John Jost and Magd

Court 22 April 1808, Guardians for 4 minor children of Conrad Alshouse,
children; John, Maria, Elizabeth, Nancy

Best Wishes, Geri

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