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Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 14:26:39 -0500 (EST)

Gerorge Fetters Hartman, MD, of Norristown, Montgomery Co. He was the
great-grandson of Peter Hartman, was srv in the Rev. as a Capt. and
Major, grandson of Peter Hartman, War of 1812 and s/o David R. Hartman,
of Charlestown, Chester Co, David R., married Fannie Sheldrake and they
were the parents of Dr. George F. Hartman, of Norristown.

George Fetters Hartman, was born at the home farm at Pickering,
Charlestown, Chester Co. He married in Phila., Oct 20, 1887 to Ella
Stine, d/o Peter K. Stine. Children; none

Hartman-Chester Co
Hartman, George,- The founder of the family in Chester Co, was John
Hartman, native of Schwerin, Hesse-Cassel. In 1753 he, with his wife,
whose maiden name was Moses, emigrated to America with a family of 5
sons, John, Josep, George, Peter and Christoper, and several daughters.

Of these, Christoper, born May 6, 1750 married in Aug 1776 toMary
Hutchinson of Mercer Co. NJ. In 1795 they moved to Lexington, KY and in
1801 moved to Clermont Ohio, where he died March 16, 1833. One of the
daughters, Mary, married a Rice, an officer in the Rev. John, the
emigrant was twice married, and Abigail, a daughter by his second wife
married Zachariah Rice, and was the mother of 22 children, 17 of whom
walked to their mother's grave. Zachariah Rice died much work for the
goverment during the Rev. One of Mr. Rice's daughters married Daniel
Kable, of Morgantown. She was the grandmother of Mrs. Dr. Hartman of
West Chester.

John Hartman, the elder, settled west of Yellow Springs.

Peter Hartman, son of John, he was a menber and officer of the Cont.
army. Peter Hartman married a widow named Stein, by whom she had one
son, George. Mrs. Stein had been previously twice married, to a Mr.
Orner, by whom she had one son, Valentin, and afterward to Mr.Stein, by
whom she had 5 children. Her maiden name was Smith.

George Hartman, son of Peter, married Mary Elizabeth Hench, a d/o
Christian Hench. Mr. Hench had 7 sons and 2 daughter.

George Hartman was at one time the sheriff of Chester Co. Of the 3
children born to him, the 3rd and only surviving was Gen. George
Hartman, was born born in E. Pikeland, May 5, 1793. and he died Nov 5,
1878 aged 85y 4mos. His children were Dr. William D. Granville, Mary T.,
wife of Isaac Sloanaker, Joshus W., G. Washington, Elizabeth Raby and
Albert S., and 2 who died young.

Best Wishes, Geri

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