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Subject: [PANORTHA] Schwenk/Swank-very long
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 19:02:58 GMT

hi richard, for your records
war of 1812
george, srv. capt brown, ohio mil

jacob, srv capt gangwere's pa. mil

john, srv capt. brier's ohio mil

martin m. wf della c. srv capt ruhe's pa. mil

philip srv capt cune or mc cune's ohio mil

mc bryant, john, or john briant, wf elisabeth (swank on schwank), married 31 march 1807 warren co., ohio, soldier died 19 july 1813 ft. meigs, ohio, srv capt. simoton, ohio. widow lived in montgomery co., ohio

swank-westmoreland co.
the first of this family of whom anything definite is known was an early settler in montgomery co., pa.. the family is of german orign, and were lutheran. mr. swank's maternal great-grandfather, john moore, was a member of the pa. constitutional convention of 1776, later th 1st judge president judge of westmoreland co.

rev. war
schwenck, jacob, pa. line, S6056, soldier was born in berks co., pa., and lived there during the war and about 1807 he moved to northumberland co., the part that became columbia co., where he applied 16 oct 1827, no family date given.

northampton co.-births
john friedrich 7 jan 1778 friederich and barbara-salem reformed. moore twp

johann 23 june 1793 john and barbara
stone ch, near kreidersville, allen twp

john philip 28 may 1771 frederick and barbara-emanuel, petersville ch-moore twp

george adam 5 april 1763 adam and mararet gertrude-dryland

john 15 feb 1800 john and hannah-dryland

maria sarah 10 march 1782 friederich and barbara-salem ref., moore twp.

bucks co.
finexed swenk, swenck,schwenk, swink

frederik swink, yeoman, dec. 14. 1767, children, conrad, fronica, elizabeth, yellian, jacob and barbara.

abraham wambold, rockhill, april 24, 1848, son enos over 14, guardian george schwenk. widow hannah and children, noah, aaron k., catharine weikel, mary swink, and edward. feb. 13, 1850. charles schwenk maried abraham's dau and she had since deceased.

jacob swink, hilltown twp. sept 8, 1851, widow fanney and children, mary ann, elvna and amanda over 14, hannah, amos, adaline, juliett, sarah and emma, under 14.

old wars
schwenk, martian alias george martin, army, IC-296923 filed in washington, d.c. no date given, by act approved 27 april, 1916. soldier rec'd the MEDAL OF HONOR, srv co e, of the 3rd us. arty and co b. 6th us. cav in 1854-56 as a sgt.

swank, isaac, filed in ohio, no date, co. c. 4th ohio regt in mexican war as a sgt

jacob, aec 1st md.

swink, henry or henry swint or swind, widow rosa swint, co. c. 4th ohio

remarried widow with pension
gerushia augusta, filed 1921 , widow of george w. curtis, 24th mi. inf

harriet e. filed 1908 and 1916, widow of james a. miles, 57th pa.

mary, filed 1901, widow of james hixson, 47th in. inf.

mary, filed 1930, widow of nathan whitebread, 97th pa. inf.

mary j., filed 1916, widow of james patton, 160th ohio

sarah e. filed 1923, widow of james swank, 9th ohio cav.

albertson, elisabeth h. filed 1901 widow of david swank, 113th il. inf

chester, mary m., filed 1908 widow of william j. swank, 45th ohio inf.

frame, celia c. filed 1906 widow of watson c. swank, 86th in. inf.

morenus, hattie, filed 1920, widow of john swank, 74th in. inf

swinehart, mollie e filed 1920, widow of john swank, 57th ohio, inf.

northampton co. pa. will abstracts indexed as schwenck, schwenk, swanck, swenck, swenk, swinck, shwenck, shwenk, swank

25 nov 1809, estate of theobald young, town of northampton, 12 man jury included mathias shwenk (swank)

deed, 21 feb 1763, sold for 350pds
grantors; martin schwenck (swenk), upper milford twp, cordwainer and wf anna maria (anna mary)
grantee, george welter, upper saucon twp. blacksmith

power of attorney, 2 may 1775, client; michael schwinck, providence of north carolina a miller, and guardian for children of adam schwinck, northampton co, deceased.
attorney, christian nauman, northampton co, yeoman (schwincks loving friend) to recover and receive all monies, debts, rents, etc. due to estate of his brother, william schwinck, deceased.

rev. war
swink, john, n.c. line wf mary, had blw. soldier married mary smith 17 dec 1795. soldier was born some 60 miles above phila., pa. he lived in rowan co. at enlistment and in 1794 he moved to burks co., n.c. where he applied in 1833 age 83

camp, casper, wf christina, cont. line and pa. line, soldier was born 20 june 1755 and his name in german was kamppin. soldier enlisted in pa. in 1792 soldier lived on sherman's creek in cumberland co., pa and in 1802 moved to crawford co. and 1810
was a resident of mead twp in the same co. soldier married christina schwenk in fall of 1783 and she was born in oct 1766. soldier died 3 oct 1836 and his widow died 4 june 1844. in 1851 children were; mary ann or anna maria lefever, born 26 dec 1790, a resident of cassauage, crawford co, elizabeth keeler born prior to 1794, catharine crawford, susan foreman, barbara rush, mercy judson and george camp who was age 53 a resident of cussawage twp., other children mentioned were; maria christina born 18 oct 1788 in windsor twp., berks co., and she married peter foreman on 6 april 1808 and she died about 1845, also son john and jacob camp both born prior to 1794

rev. war-burials
schwenk __ schwenckville, pa

schwenk, abraham schwenksville, montgomery co. pa

schwenk, abraham, sgt, kelly's ch. schwenksville, pa

schwenk, george, koons cem. montgomery co., pa

Best Wishes, Geri

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From: Richard Swank
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Subject: [PANORTHA] Schwenk/Swank

I have a Johann Philip Schwenk s/o Frederick Schwenk ( abt 1750-aft.
1793) and Anna Barbara Schwartz (abt. 1749-aft 1793). Johann Philip
Schwenk was born 28 May 1771 in Northampton Co., Pa. and Bapt. 23 June
1771 in Emanual Llulth. Church, Moore Twp., Northampton Co., Pa. He
married Elizabeth ? about 1792 in probable Northampton Co., Pa. They
had a son John Schwenk 23 June 1793 on Northampton Co., Pa. and Bapt. 21
July 1793 in Stone Church, Allen Township, Northampton Co., Pa. This is
the last that I found them in Northampton Co., Pa. I have birth records
for both Johann Philip and John Schwenk. Johann Philip Schwenk had a
brother Frederick Schwenk b. 7 June 1778 and bapt. 5 July 1778 in Salem
Luth. Church, Moore Twp., Northampton Co., Pa.
I have a Philip Swank (b. 1771 in Pa., d. 1840 in Morgan Co., Ohio)
with a wife Elizabeth ? (b. 1770-1775 in Germany and d. aft. 1860 in
Noble Co., Ohio. That had a son John Swank. b 29 June 1793 in Pa. I
have the family first in Greene Co., Pa., then in Morgan Co., Ohio.
about 1820. In the 1820 US census for Morgan Co., Ohio there was a
Frederick Swank living next door to Philip Swank.
I think that these two families are the same but have no proof. Is
there anyone who know what happened to Johann Philip Schwenk and
Elizabeth, after 1793 and what Elizabeth maiden name was?
This has been a brick wall for many years.
I thank you for any information that will help me in finding the
connection, or can prove that then are not the same family.
Richard Swank.

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