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Subject: News from Pennsburg - April 9, 1904
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 12:11:32 EDT

Ref: Town and Country Newspaper
Pennsburg, Montgomery County, PA
Saturday - April 9, 1904



Alvin Oberholtzer secured employment in the Boyertown casket factory.

Jacob KELSH, was injured instead Henry MACK while in the act of falling trees
as reported in the last week's edition.

Lloyd DELONG hostler with Dr. I.B. YEAKEL has typhoid fever.

Miss Emma daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.S. GEHMAN has diphtheria.

Rev. J.J. KLINE will conduct services at Niantic on Sunday afternoon instead
of forenoon as usual.

Oswin HUBER, of Niantic, moved his family to Allentown on Tuesday. Mr. HUBER
expects to follow painting.

Alvin GERY moved with his family in the tenant house of James MELCHER.

Rev. A.S. SHELLY pastor of the Mennonite Church will celebrate the Lord's
supper on Sunday morning April 17.

Thomas SHELL is in ill health.

Mrs. Augustus WEINTROUT who had been sick for sometime was very ill at this

The entertainment given by the pupils of the Schultzville School on Saturday
evening proved a success and was largely attended. The program was
interspersed with songs by the following Quartet: Messrs. Harvey STENGEL, Ulysses MOYER,
Eli STAUFFER and James GIEBEL teacher of the school.

Nicholas MELCHIOR is adding a second story to his summer kitchen.

Daniel KASE started work on building a back kitchen to his dwelling house,
which is tenanted by William MILLER.

D.K. YOUSE, is engaged by supervisor J.D. ROBERTS crushing stones for the
township roads.

The funeral of Abner the 14 year old son of George GARR, of Pennsburg, was
held Wednesday at 2 p.m., at the Church of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry MOLL were on a business trip to Reading.

The social gathering held under the auspices of the St. Joseph's Beneficial
Society in the Parochial School Hall on Easter Monday was a grand success.
Refreshments were served to the members of the Society and their friends the
society left nothing undone to make the event a most pleasant one for all present.
During the course of the afternoon and evening music, instrumental and vocal,
was furnished by members of the society. Among the instrumental soloists were
Messrs Fred EDDINGER, cornet solo; Harvey S. STENGEL, violin solo and Edwin
EDDINGER, violin solo; Messrs Edwin EDDINGER and Wallie S. STENGEL rendered a
violin duet. The vocal music consisted of quartettes and sextettes composed of
members of the society. Comic songs and recitations were delightfully rendered
by Messrs George M. MELCHER and Raymond K. STENGEL. Leo ECK's imitation of a
child's first public recitation was a feature. Appropriate addresses were mady
by Messrs Jas. GIEBEL and Irwin KEHS, prominent school teachers, of this
neighborhood and Leo S. STENGEL, of the University, of Pennsylvania Law Department
and George W. MELCHER, secretary of the society. The speakers were pleasing in
their remarks and well chosen. In the evening a drawing for beautiful and
useful articles was held. The St. Joseph's Beneficial Society is exeedingly
prosperous and the indications are that ere many more years have passed, its
present large membership will be doubled. The Society's President and the whole
executive staff deserve the greatest praise.


Henry STENNER who had a milk route for twelve years to Clayton creamery
abandened same on the first of this month.

Daniel ROTHENBERGER, our former mail carrier from Siesholtzville who met with
an accident some weeks ago and had his leg broken, is getting along as well
as can be expected. Being a cripple prior to this accident he will now be
unable to do any manual labor, so he sold his farm.

Rev. O.S. FRANTZ will hold spring communions in his various churches
comprising his charge as follows: St. Peter's Church, 10 inst., at 10 a.m.; at
Huber's, April 17; Zionsville, April 24; Huff's, May 1.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. William KELLER, a son.

The Easter festival held on Sunday evening was fairly well attended. John
FRANTZ made a very appropriate address.

Mrs. Milton DETWEILER and Mrs. Oswin SHUP and children spent Saturday at

Mr. and Mrs. Enos BARNDT, of Pennsburg, spent Sunday with the formers
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. BARNDT.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. BARTGES.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank HARTMAN spent Saturday and Sunday with Daniel BREY and
family at Sumneytown.

Elmer JARRETT entered Perkiomen Seminary on Monday.


Wilson YERK will place a new bar in his hotel and George GAUGLER will do the

Ammon SWARTZ and family, of Allentown and Mr. and Mrs. Owen SWARTZ, of Red
Hill were the guest of Mrs. Kate SWARTZ on Sunday.

Wilson YERK has hired his brother Alvin for the summer.

Charles H. HILLEGASS, of Norristown, and Henry HILLEGASS, of Greshville, were
both the guests of Milton HILLEGASS on Sunday.


H.D. RENNINGER, our general merchant received a large line of spring goods.
Quick sales and small profits, is his motto.

Addie HOFFMAN, teacher of Weiss school at Congo, will start a summer school
at Sassamansville as soon as the public school has closed.

John WEAVER, of this place moved to Niantic on Tuesday and John HEIMBACH
moved into the house vacated by Mr. WEAVER.

Alfred REIGNER hostler at the Congo hotel moved to this village and will
accept the hostler stand at Jefferson DREH's hotel.

Rev. J.J. KLINE, of Pottstown will have the Lord's Supper here in the
Lutheran church on Sunday forenoon at 9.30. Preparatary services on Saturday

A.K. HUBER has about finished his poultry house and moved his stock into it
this week. I.C. JONES has also started to build a poultry house.

Jacob Y. HUBER was in Norristown last week on business.

The young son of Ambrose HERB had a slight attack of pneumonia.

O.K. HUBER, of near Niantic, moved to Allentown on Tuesday.

H.H. RENNINGER, of Allentown, was in our village this week on business.


Services in the Chapel on Sunday evening by Rev. LAUDENSLAGER.

Mr. and Mrs. A.T. KULP spent Saturday and Sunday in Philadelphia.

Abraham M. BENNER hired himself to Henry LANDIS and moved there on Thursday.

Frank BERGEY hired himself to Sylvanus ZIEGLER and moved there on Monday.

Irvin KINSEY and wife spent a few days with her parents Mr. and Mrs.
Nathanial ZIEGLER.

Irwin BERGEY and Abner SLEMMER on Saturday were in Flourtown on business.

Clement ALDERFER son of Milton ALDERFER is on the sick list with pneumonia.

William OVERDORF is on the sick list with grippe.

Mrs. Benjamin K. NYCE is confined to her bed with palsy. Her condition is

Michael ZIEGLER who was married on the 26 moved on Tuesday in the tenant
house of George HARTRANFT.

Horace BERGEY hired himself to Frank TYSON and moved there on Thursday.


Eugene OBERHOLZER, who spent a few months in Florida, returned home safely
last week.

Abraham MEST who lived in the tenant house of Wm. HOFFMAN, moved on a small
farm near Huff's church on Tuesday.

Robert YOUNG, of Philadelphia, was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron CARL, over

Edwin THOMAS, hired himself to Andrew HAGENBUCH for the coming summer.

The youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel SHIERY is confined to the house
with diphtheria.

Messrs. Sylvester and Steward HAGENBUCH visited their parents on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry GAUGLER moved to the Kraussdale creamery, on Tuesday.

Stella LEESER, our public school teacher visited her parents in Allentown
over Sunday.


Miss Margaret HIBSHMAN will open a subscription school in the Barto school
house on Monday, April 11.

William CLEMMER was in Reading on business.

Charles M. ESCHBACH, of Philadelphia, visited his brother, Frank M. ESCHBACH.

Alfred HERTZOG is building an addition to his barn, and is making other
improvements to the building.

Oliver BECK shipped several carloads of telegraph poles away.

Howard HELLER, who some time ago fractured his leg, is able to use the limb

Seth BUTTERWECK moved to Schultzville into the dwelling house of Manasses

Menno CLEMMER, of near Palm, moved to Schultzville.


H.S. SHELL has taken possession of the printing office.

D.H. LATSHAW has broken ground for a double brick dwelling house.

Abram HEYDT and Jonas WELLER took posession of the Bechtelsville Roller Mills.

Allen DRY moved from Finland into the residence of H.H. STAUFFER.

George BARTHOLOMEW took possession of the Union House April 1st, which he
purchased from D.K. BORKEY.

A.B. DOTTERER moved into the residence of H.S. GEIST.

Mabel BORNEMAN, of Pottstown, visited H.F. BORNEMAN and family.

Mrs. H.R. PARKER and family visited relatives in Norristown.

Tobias MOYER lost a valuable steer by death.

Warren R. BORNEMAN will leave for Mahanoy City next week where he will resume
his study of Pharmacy.


Joseph KLETZINGER moved into Jonas WENHOLD's house near this place.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harvey S. NASE, a daughter, also to Mr. and Mrs. Harvey
H. NASE a daughter.

Jorias HENRICH lost a valuable horse by lock-jaw on Monday.

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