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Subject: Pitt Co.North Carolina Paramores
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 01:42:36 -0800 (PST)

Greetings from cold Ukraine. Its about 0 F.(-15 C) here this morning, but the sun is shining. Quite a bit of snow on the ground. So those of you in warm climates, enjoy it and think of me.

The list has been very quiet for some time now. I am unable to do research on the web because of time limits (self-imposed). However, I do have a PML permanent search out for anything on the rootsweb lists concerning the PARAMORE surname. Recently there was a flurry of activity on the Pitt Co. NC list about the Paramores there. I will try to give a summary of what was posted. I am wondering if this family is part of the family of Ezekiel who went to NC and later moved to Georgia. The line of descent to that Ezekial was like this: John b. 1605> John b. abt. 1648 > Matthew b. abt 1677 (bro. to my Thomas b. 1681, father of John) > Ezekiel b. abt. 1699 > Matthew b.abt. 1742 (d. 1788 in Burke Co. Georgia.)

About a year ago Nancy Paramore found Matthews daughter, Mary, b. 1762 who married Thomas Fain. In my database I also have a John b. 21 Aug. 1775; Noah b. abt 1766; and William b. abt 1769, as children of Matthew and Elizabeth Parramore.

On the Pitt Co. mailing list one of the posts listed a James Paramoore Sr. with Matthew Paramoore and Ezekiel Paramoore in the household on the 1763 Pitt Co. tax list. The Lisa who posted the info said that Ezekiels daughter, Unicey, b. 1774, married Abel Polk, but she could not find any other info on this family. Now I would say this looks like our Matthew except for the James "Paramoore Sr." I dont know how he fits in because it seems that he was the head of the household.

Now we come to another post about a Paramore family bible that was in the possession of Eula Mae Elks Mills in 1972. These are the entries posted:

Joel Paramore s.o. James Paramore and his wife Elizabeth was born March 4, 1776.

Dolly Paramore was born September 22, 1807.

James L. Paramore was born August 8, 1811.

Piney Paramore was born December 29, 1813 (note by the poster: Pitt Chronicles #548 states Piney Paramore m. Charles Elks, s/o Samuel Elks,II)

Betsy Paramore was born July 11, 1816.

John Aldridge Paramore was born June 5, 1819.

This looks like it would be the son of the James "Paramoore Sr." listed on the 1763 Pitt Co. tax list.

Later Paramore data gives this info which I cant seem to tie into the above family but I cant help but think that is does because of the unusual name in the same county.

Joseph Green Paramore (son of Bryan Parremore) b. 1817; d. 8 Oct. 1881; m. Keziah Petit.

Children of Joseph and Keziah were:

Claude Paramore

Oscar Paramore

Susie Paramore d. 17 Jan. 1910 (died in a house fire, never married)

William Bryant Paramore b. 1845, Pitt Co.; d. 4 Aug. 1929, Pitt Co.

William Henry Paramore b. 1845 (AL M note: that is what was listed on the post dont know if they were twins.)

Sally E. Paramore b. 1846

Sarah E. Paramore b. 5 May 1847, Pitt Co.; d. 5 Jan 1924, Pitt Co. m. John Washington Hudson (ALM note: my guess would be that Sally and Sarah were the same person.)

Amos M. Paramore b. 1 Nov 1847; d. 8 Apr 1924

Ezekial Paramore b. 1849

Benjamin Britain Paramore b. 20 Jul 1850;d. 28 May 1917

Lydia Paramore b. 2 Feb 1852, Pitt Co.; d. 19 Jun 1911, Pitt Co.

Joseph Green Paramore Jr. b. 19 Jul 1858; d. 18 Jan 1910

Johnathon Green Paramore b. Mar 1860 d. 4 Nov 1929

Henry Allen Paramore b. 6 Jul 1861

Walter H. Paramore b. 1864

Descendants of three of those children were also posted:

William Bryant Paramore m. Mary Ann Edwards their children were:

Bessie (Betsy) Paramore m. George W. Haddock

Howell Paramore m. Hattie Louvenia Boyd

Mason Stanley Paramore b. 6 Dec 1873; d. 6 Jul 1930; m. Nettie P. Hodges

William Bryant Paramore Jr. b. 2 Mar 1875; d. 20 Jul 1953; m. (1) Jessie L. Hodges; (2) Mary Ann Elks 1 Jan 1896, Pitt Co.

Matthew David Paramore b. 22 Dec 1891; d. 23 Jan 1977, Lenoir County (ALM note: is this NC?)

Another family listed was that of Amos M. Parmore (son of Joseph Green):

Amos M. Parmore b. 1847; d. 8 Apr 1924;m. Mary Edwards (ALM note: Thats what he listed but I cant help but wonder about the last name. Another post said he married Mary J. but gave no last name.)

Children of Amos M. and Mary J. Paramore:

Permelia Elizabeth Paramore m. John J. Smith

Dicy (Vicy) Paramore m. Frank Moore

Pennie L. Paramore

John E. Paramore b. 5 Jul 1881, Pitt Co.; d. 22 Feb 1940, Pitt Co.;m. Estelle Evans Hall ? (ALM note: his ?, not mine)

Kisey Wissey Ann Paramore m. (unknown) Moore

James Frank Paramore b. 24 Jun 1887; d. 21 Feb 1931

Amos Paramore m. Pennie Brantley

Modica Paramore m. Pennie Brantley (ALM note: Thats what he had listed.)

Only a small amount of info was listed about the family of Joseph Green Paramore Jr.

Joseph Green Paramore Jr. b. 19 Feb 1858; d. 18 Jan 1910; m. Susan Magnolia "Maggie" Leggett.

Two of their sons were William Jacob Paramore and William Henry Paramore

William Jacob Paramore b. 3 Jun 1886; d. 22 Jan 1919; m. (1)Deborah Estelle Langley b. 23 Aug 1886; d. 23 Oct 1915; (2) Gertrude Gladson (She was also married to William Henry Paramore b. 2 Nov 1882; d. 25 Jan 1934, a brother to William Jacob.)

William Jacob and Deborah Estelle Paramore had three children. They were:

Fanny Magnolia Paramore b. 9 Jun 1910 d. 2 Dec 1984, Halifax Co. NC; never married.

Joseph Thomas Paramore b. 10 Oct 1912; d. 28 Aug 1980, Halifax Co. NC.; m Ethel Whitehurst

Edger Ray Paramore b. 11 Oct 1914; d. 20 May 1957, Beaufort Co. NC; buried Oakdale Cemetery, Washington, NC; m. Cynthia Procine Boyd; four children.

Just one other batch of info which was posted. Again the listers couldnt find a tie in to the Joseph Green Paramore family and I dont see one either, but I fully expect there is one because one post said they seemed to live within two miles of each other.

From the 1850 Pitt Co. NC census there is this info:

#1263 James Paramore 38 M Farmer 107

Cloe 37 F

Mary L. 14 F

John B. 11 M

Prucia A.M.J. 10 F

Luzana 9 F

Almarine P.E. 7 F

Howell C. 6 M

Martha 4 F

William B. 1 M

Rachael 74 F

A different post about this family gave this info taken from the Galloway cemetery, Pitt Co. NC:

James G. Paramore b. 8 Aug 1811; d. 6 Apr 1885

Chloe Paramore b. 6 Apr 1812; d. 13 Apr 1884 (ALM note:It was thought that her maiden name was Galloway)

Patsy A. Paramore d/o James G. and Chloe Paramore b. 25 Mar 1847; d. 29 Dec 1916

Prucia A. Paramore b. 13 Nov 1840; d. 2 Feb 1894

Emily P. Paramore , d/o C. J & C. A. Paramore b. 15 Feb 1851; d 1 Oct 1903

In the Paramore family cemetery in Pitt Co. NC, not far from the one above, in addition to Joseph Green and Keziah Paramore are buried:

H.J. Paramore b. 3 Jun 1852; d. 14 Mar 1925

A. M. Paramore b. 1 Nov 1847; d. 8 Apr 1924 (ALM note: this seems to be Amos son of Joseph and Keziah)

B.B. Paramore b. 20 Jul 1850; d. 28 Mar 1917 (ALM note: This looks like Benjamin Britain)

Well, folks, that looks like all of it. I know this is long and some may not have persevered to the end, but for those who did, I hope there was something of interest for you.

Anna L. Martin

List Administrator

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