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Subject: NC Parham's to Va
Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 10:27:39, -0500

Done by
Ms. Gerry Hill
3311 Westgate Dr.
Albany,Ga. 31707
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Northampton-History of the County
cut from Bertie, Bertie cut from Chowan, Chowan cut
from Albermarle..Albermarle an original of 3 Co. 1663,
later discontinued. (Lucile Pleasants said it was
originally part of Isle of Wight.)

Gramvo;;e-History of the County
Created 176 from Edgecombe
original Glascow

1736 May 1 Deed Bk. 1-271 From Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers pg
and letter of Lucile G. Pleasants dated May 3, 1939
James Praham of N.C. deeds to Francis Exum of Isle of Wight Co.
Va. for 5 shillings
250 acres on SS of Meherrin River, Brunswick Co.
1740--abt. John Parham was born (He was of Granville Co)
he later married Mary
1740 Jul. 1 Indenture between James Parham of Bertie
Province N.C. and John Tooke (Tucker?) of Surry Co.
for 5 shillings 440 acres (see balance in Va. notes)
Marriages of Granville Co. N.C.
compiled by Brent H. Holcomb
Santa Clara Public Lib. 929.3756 H72
Thomas Parham & Winefred Jett 1 Jun 1782,Gedion Johnson Bondsman,
Bennet Searcy wit.
Thomas Parham & Agnes Hicks 19 Apr 1785 E. Parham bondsman,B Searcy
Kennon Parham and Milley Parham 28 Jul 1787 Lewis Parham bondsman B
Searcy Witness
Richard Parham and Rhoda Thomson 26 Dec 1788 Ephriam Parham bondsman
Henderson Witness
Ephraim Parham & Nancy McGloclin 17 Jun 1791 Willie Reeves Bondsman,
Morris Witness
Rodah Parham & Stephen Morris 8 Feb 1792, Kannon Parham bondsman, W.
John Parham & Mary Smalwell 4 Sep 1792 Kachariah Shamwell bondsman,
Sneed witness
Isham Parham Jr. & Polly Harrison 1 Feb 1799 Frederick Parham
bondsman, Stephen
Sneed, witness
Charity Parham & Samuel Peace 4 Nov 1800 N. Wood bondsman, Stephen
Sneed Witness
Frederich Parham & Mary Robers 21 Aug 1801 Simeon Hayes Bondsman ,
Sneed Witness
Lidia Parham & Langford Parish 29 Dec 1802 Samuel Parham bondsman,P
Williamson Parham & Judith Amis 12 Dec 1807 Samuel Parham bondsman,
Sneed witness (Id say right off hand the Sneeds had a close
Thomas W. Parham & Patsey Bearden 24 Jul 1809 John Hawkins Bond,Wm
Samuel Parham & Eliz. Talley 18 Dec 1810 Lewis Parham bond. Wm Sneed
Willie J Parham & Eliz. Clark 13 May 1815 Samuel LeMay & Wm Gilliam
WM Sneed
Thornton Parham & Eliz. Gregory 6 Sep 1815 Th. Atkins bond, John C
George Parham & Eliz. Brinkley 15 Dec 1815 Asa Parham bond WM Sneed
Thompson Parham & Winea J T House 19 Dec 1815 Asa Parham bond WM
Lewis Parham & Rachel Amis 5 Oct 1816 John W Amis Jr bond David Laws
Rowland Parham & Maria Parrish 4 Apr 1829 Wm B Parrish bond Wm H
Warner G Parham & Mary W Higgs 10 Nov 1831 Edward Burton? Bond,David
(This was a repeat..probably name left out) Sothoron H Thormasson
Stephen K Sneed
Lewis R Parham & Mary Hicks 1 Apr 1835 Lewis W Bond no wit.
More, but I am going to leave off here, since yours were long gone.
Lewis Parham & Elizabeth Barnett 22 Jun 1859 D.A. Paschall bond,
rites 26 Jun. By
J.S. Purifoy, Minister of the Gospel. So things had changed by

1756 May 1 Deed Book 6-229
Matthew Parham late of St. Andrews Parish now
Meherrin Parish, died intestate. James Parham of the
county of Northampton NC, receipt from Wm. Parham for
land and 60 pounds.
(Lucile says this has to do with brothers James, William
and John sister Frances in Meherrin Parish..and that
records show receipt for each getting their share.
John got his Jan. 24 1758, and Frances, and Lucretia
Atkinson, wife of Abraham 28 Feb 1758, and Mary
wife of Benjamin Fernando.. withesses James Thweatt
Jr. and Absolam Atkinton. She further states that
Matthew is probably brother of Ephriam, son of Eph.
Stith Parham was given care, with others of supporting slaves, plus
money in will of Wm.
Hill Aug. 1799 (Slaves were old)
William Parham was a witness May. 1803
1758 Jan. 24 Appraisal of estate of Matthew Parham Dec.d estate sold
by James Parham
of Northampton Co. N.C. being person who obtained administration on
estate. Itens sold to
Batt Peterson, John Peterson, James Parham, Joseph Wright, thomas
Jefferson, Burwell Brown, James Luncy, Charles Hicks, William Collier,
Robert Barlow, John Swett, Wm.
Richardson, value 33 pounds. Brunswick Will Bok. 3-235
1762 Sep. 7 Cannon Parham was born Granville Co. N.C.
son of John (also called Kennon)
1763 Sussex Co. Va.
Will of George Booth.. Grandson George Parham son of John
Parham. Grandsons Thomas,Matthew,John Parham dtr Mary
1782 Jan. 1 Thomas Parham m Winifred Jett Granville Co. NC.
1782 Jul. 1787 Kennon Parham married Milley Parham

Granville Co. NC
Lewis Parham bondsman, B. Search Witness
(Note the marriage above his, would be a brother..same
Bondsman..and since E (Ephriam) was the Bondsman on
that one, and Lewis on the Other.. We can Assume Ephriam
is Father of Thomas and Kennon, Richard, Ephraim,
Rodah, and Lewis is Fathe rof Milley. (Note Security and

Ephraim Parham
Thomas m Agness Hicks (1783)
Kennon m Milley Parham dtr Lewis Parham (1787
Richard m Rhoda Thomson
Ephraim m Nancy McGloclin
Rodah..was she widow or dtr? Kannon bondsman
Bennett Search was witness to three of these
Here we may possibly assume that Ephraim has died
Stephen Sneed is witness to five, Ephriam is not on
Bond, but others? Or we can assume John is dead???
And Ephraim, Kannon, Isham, Frederick, took his
Lewis Appears on Samuel, Lewis R.
No John appears on any. So he either was not Kennons Father, or had
died before 1785. Not Likely with Lucy born 1791.
1783 Apr. 19 Thomas Parham m Agnes Hicks Granville Co. NC
1790 Feb. 28 Mrs. Mary Ann Parham m Th. Walker Granville Co. NC
1790 Feb 17 Thomas Parham deeded 121 acres on Otter Creek c/631 by
Reuben Searcy who m as #2 Elizabeth Jett.
Madison Co. (His #1 in Granville was Susan Henderson and son Asa
Searcy was also at the fort, later m France "Fanny Jett younger
sister of Elz. And Win.) Some of the
family of Stephen Jett was living in the fort and some out
according to prof. Gen. Wo did work befo 1994 for Lois Jett. She said
Thomas and winifred left Ky. Returned to Ga. sometime after 1800.)
1790-Stephen Jett pd. Tax in Tabbs Creek Dist. in Granville Co. NC..
next door Higs,Hopkins, Parhams..including Thomas. Thomas and Ann
were still
in Granville in 1800 Census. Stephen Jett was gone.
(He later appeared 7 Dec 1792 Madison Co. Ky tax list.)
1791 May 10 Lucy Parham was born Granville Co. N.C.
dtr of John
1791 Jun. 17 Ephram Parham m Nancy McGlocklin Granville Co. NC
1791 Dec. 28 Lucy Parham m Samuel Hayes Granville Co. NC
1792 Jul. 25 Mary Parham m Archibald Mangum Granville Co. NC
1792 Sep. 4 John Parham m Mary Shemwell Granville Co. NC
1793 Mar. 9 John Parham m Elizabeth Reavis Granville Co. NC
1794 Dec. 28 Thornton Parham m Sarah Rogers Granville Co. N.C.
1799 Feb. 1 Isham Parham Jr. m Polly Harrison Granville Co. N.C.
(Somewhere in here probably, John moved from Granville
to Pickens Co. Al. (next to Greene Co.)
1807 Mar. 3 Dixon Parham m Elizabeth Hicks Elbert Co. Ga.
1807 Dec. 27 Milly Parham married Cornelius Cranshaw
Elbert Co. Ga.
1811 Lucy Parham married Elbert Co. Ga.
she was dtr. John of Granville Co. NC.
Marriage 8 Sep. 1811 to James Morris.
(They lived Pendleton Dist, SC to Wilkes ,Franklin Co. Ga.
to Bledsoe Co. Tn.)
(Prodigy note 7-994 from Kathy Wetters FPXD49B to Bo Smith DJDF77A..
I found the name Parham in the will of George Booth died 1763
Sussex Co. Va. He
mentioned the following in his will: Grandson George Parham-son of
John Parham,
Grandsons Thomas, Matthew,John Parham and dtr Mary Parham. Also
Stith Parham
and son were ex. of estte of Green Hill 1800 same county. The name
Parham shows
up in Elbert Co. Ga. marriage of Elizabeth Parham to Victor Booth
Isham Parham to Polly Booth 1828
Jane Booth to James I Parham 1842
(Prodigy Note 7-7-94) from Bo Smith DJDF77a to Kathy Wetters FPXD49B
Marjorie Parham Haileys line of Elbert Co. It appears this John P.
is out of Littleton P. our of William P. (abt.1750) and Peggy, Wilkes
Co. NC.)
1815 Mar. 7 Robert Parham m Rebecca Mitchel Northampton Co.NC
1827 Elizabeth Parham married Voctor Booth Elbert Co. Ga.
1828 Isham Parham married Polly Booth Elbert Co. Ga.
1830 Sep. 1 Duliza Parham orphan of Thompson account
by Thomas I King?
1831-Jan. 18 George K. Parham Born (Bible Record)
1842 James I. Parham married Jane Booth Elbert Co. Ga.

1843-Cannon Parham Sr. Died Granville Co. N.C.
will was probated Nov. Court. (Doctor paid in Dec.$24.50)
(Lewis Parham paid for church Jan. 1844 $3.00)

(H.L.Spivey for funeral expenses $4.00)
(Daniel Stone for coffin $4.25)
(Lewis Parham for Midwife ((to lay him out?)) $2.00)
SO === Lewis Parham seemed to be taking care of funeral arrangements--
-and the total cost to die in that timeabout $75.00. Asa Parham
was owed $100 Jul.1844
1/7 to oldest dtr. Tabitha of all estate
1/7 Martha Barnetts two children..Willey and Th.
1/7 to children of Elvina,- Robert & Elizabeth Powell
1/7 to Thompson Parham children Lucinda,Eliz.,James
and five shillipgs to him also
1/7 to son Cannon
1/7 to Grandson Ruffin Fuller
1/7 to Elizabeth Parkinsons three children Seth,Parmela,
1843 Dec. 4th.. Kannon Parhams estate was sold..
People who bought were, in part:
Col. L. Parham, Ruffin,Bobin, Robert Fuller,
Elizabeth Parham, (Robert and Col. L. made several
purchases)(Cannon Jr. was not a buyer)
1844-Nov. Term. Suit Granville Co. N.C.
for Robert & Elizabeth Powell under 21 by father- John
for Lucinda, Elizabeth,James Parham " by Father
for Whitfield,Seth,Parmela Parhinson " by Father
Travis? Parkinson
for Ruffin Fuller " by Father
Robin Fuller (John R? later signed for share)
for Willey & Thompson Barnett " by Father
John Barnett
and Isaac Frizill? And wife Tabitha against Cannon
Parham ex. of Cannon Parham Sr. Deceased.
(it seems he had not divied up on 7 slaves) (When the slaves
were sold.Billey to Jatan? Veluke? $35, Ailsey to LEWIS
PARHAM $10.50 and Nancy and three children to John F.
Brant to lowest bidder to keep and support for one year
at $24.50..Signed Kanan Parham Jr.)(Kennan charged $24.50 Jul. 1844
for keeping Nancy and the 3 children in 1844on the estate accounting.

(Lucinda G and Elizabeth M. Parham lived in the settlement
of Raleigh, Wake, N.C. Oct. 9 1846)
1845 Nov. 2-Dennon Parham was appointed guardian of
James, son of Thompson Parham.
1846-Aug. 4Guilford Ellington & wife Parmelia knowledged
payment of $36.1o as their share of Kennon Parhams
estate- Share was 1/3 of 1/7th Permelia was a
grandaughter. Signed D.A.? Parham? Pd. To K Parham.
(probably G.K.) Granville Co. N.C.

1846-Nov. 2 Kennon Parham got $36.10 for James Parham
son of Thompson? Parham by Kennon Parham.
(And Jul. 1 1849 $110.99 for James, Jan. 1 1850 $122.21)
(And dec. 1 1846 $103.41, plus interest)
Granville Co.
1846-Dec. 18 Elizabeth & Robert Powell received $109.80
only children of John Powell..equal share of 1/7
as their part of estate of Kennon Parham,
1847-Nov. 8 Tabitha Finnigle? Received 1/7 of estate of
Kennon Parham Sr. Signed by attorney H G Hester.
1849 Nov. Term Kennon Parham was appt. admin. of
Wesley Barnett and Thomas Barnett who entered into
two separate bonds of four hundred dollars each with
Joseph H. Gooch and Daniel A. Paschall as surities of
the same. Attested to Jun. 20 1850.
1850-May 7 Kennon Parham Jr. made statement of
acknowledged debt of Kennon Pahram Sr. W/Augusta
Landis and Joseph? H. Gooch Granville Co. N.C.

1852-about, John Parham of Granville Co. NC to Pickens Co. Al.
died at age 82. He could not have been Father of Keenon,
as he would have been much, much older..with Keenon b 1760s.
1857-Apr. 23 Mareillus M. Pleasants died (Bible Record)
1863-Dec. 10 George K. Parham died (Bible Record)

Dan Hoyle
Old Hickory, Tn.

John had Amy Brunswick
Kennon Sr.

Surry-Sussex,Prince George, Brunswick

Done by:
Ms. Gerry Hill
Professional Genealogist
3311 Westgate Dr.
Albany, Ga. 31707

Ms. Gerry Hill 3311 Westgate Dr. Albany, Ga. 31707 -also

Professional Genealogist.
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