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Subject: Re: ELIZABETH; Charles City Co., VA 1700
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 10:16:40 -0400

To Anne Booth

I come from Joseph, and have his Bible...
through him Winnifred...and John Goodwynne

I show Robert as Father, which came from David Tucker a correspondant in
Fl. but
did not know which children were Martha's and which Elizabeth's.
I show Elizabeth married bef 1698 and Martha bef 1720 Robert b a 1663
and the earliest child b a 1685...which would set Elizabeth's date at at

TUCKER TRAILS by Beale also has this line. There was some confusion at
the time, because the Bible had not surfaced.

It was found about two years ago, in a shed behind rental property that
the renters had gone off and left, by the landlord. He showed it to a
rare book dealer friend of his, who took the time to advertise it in
Family Puzzler which I got. But I did not see it. A genealogy cousin of
mine on my Kendrick line wrote and ask if I saw it. (Title was not Tucker
but another surname, and I just looked over it.

It turns out that E.V. Knight, who wrote me had an Isaac Tucker, that he
never mentioned to me, but that he knew came from more.

I contacted the rare book dealer, and made arrangements with him, while
he was to be about 100 miles away from this part of Ga. during Christmas
holidays hunting , to pay him to meet me at our public library and copy
it for probably the first and last time. I made him a copy, and me, and
a couple for Va. Archives and Ga. Archives. It was
crumbly, and I am not how it survived in such good shape at all, with the
care the last owners took of it!!!

The one in Va. Archives, I have heard is online on their web page.
Someone else has picked that up, and has a web page with it on it. I have
not seen either.

Well the bible proved my Winnifred, and E.V.'s Isaac as children, and
another correspondant of mine for many years on Owen and Roberts..who had
Joseph Jr.
and also did not know more. (I had his pedigree on file.) So it pleased
three of us no end, to find this 1700's bible!!!

I am the Parham list owner.

My records show Thomas wife was Elizabeth. This information came to me
from Rebecca Morris Jan. 13, 1998.

My Parham line is only one female... Mary Parham b a 1722 d about 1784
married Henry Jackson in Brunswick Co. Va. Their son Mark bought
property in Hancock Co. Ga. but died before he could live there. His wife
and a couple of older children, appeared there in a earlier tax list, but
his will was probated in Brunswick and Hancock. where the family was. So
I am still trying to tie in to all the Thomas, Ephriam's etc.
Ms. Gerry Hill 3311 Westgate Dr. Albany, Ga. 31707 also

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