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Subject: Lost Mail Today ...
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 12:22:04, -0500

After spending from 6 AM to 1 PM answering notes, some of them with
long details, and one very long one and one short one to the Parham
List... I got this today.
Earlier today, I picked up my mail and Linda Bamburg said she did not
get my note to the list. I did not understand it, and told her I had
deleted it when I got my copy (and one other, as stated)

You will now note...the deleted copies were the originals, and not
one sent to the list..and all my work was down the drain.

Linda..I can not type all that in right, but will give you the Parham
names...and the other lines and dates and places later, or we will
talk about snail mail, privately.

Linda's lins is Thomas Parham and Nancy Bonner of Ga...
This is Thomas Stith Parham born1786 Va..who also married second Amey
#2 Stith Parham & Elizabeth Ingram
#3 Stith Parham & Elizabeth Parham
Benjamin Ingram & Elizabeth Nelms
#4 William Parham & Ann Stith
William Nelms
#5 William Parham Sr.
Anderson Stith & Joanna Bassett
#6 John Stith and Elizabeth Anderson
William Bassett and Joanna Dandridge...sister of Martha..Mrs.
George Washington
#7 John Stith and Mary Jane Randolph
William Bassett and Joanna Burwell
John Dandridge and Frances Jones
Yesterday I typed in about 10 more generations, plus dates, places
etc..on the above and them, but
can not today. I have bone deteriation in both hands, and arthr. So
heavy typing, like yesterday,
plus the yard work I did after, had done me in. Sorry, That's the
best I can do today.

Frances Jones is the dtr of Orlando who is the brother of mine...

I think the other note was on NC Parham's and I uploaded something I
have been working on in MS Word to that person. If you will tell me
who you were again, and the NC line, I'll send it again.


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Due to an error in how we handled the listservers, RootsWeb has
irretrievably lost 480 posts that were made between 12:37p and
01:43p this afternoon.

While RootsWeb cannot retrieve those posts, I think all of them were
bounced to the listowners with some cryptic error message saying the
post could not be sent because of a disk full situation.

*You* can retransmit those messages to your lists, and they should
go through fine now.

Sorry about that. ): -B

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