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The Parham family name is Welsh, as found first, 1273, Richard de Parham,
then John, Nicholas, Ralph, all with de, until 1594, when we find a John
Parham, married Margaret Egerton. The name Parham, in South Saxon, is
Par-rock-hams, meaning "an enclosure and sometimes a dwelling". As John
came from the "house of dwelling in or near the enclosure."; or John of
the Park House, or John Parkham, John Parham--"ham" in the old Welch
endings of words meaning "house", like "Waltham" which means the house in
or near the woods, "Parham House" was built by one Palmer, in 1560, who
was called "Parham" a hundred before this. Burke gives Sir Edward Parham
who was knighted during the reign of the Stewarts, and is believed to
have been the first to the U.S.A. being mentioned in Hepunth Dixons work
on the "Tower", or soon after that period. The first Parham in Virginia
seems to have been Matthew Parham, and his brother, William, both of whom
are mentioned in the 4th and 6th volumes of Hening's Statutes. From them
descended the Parhams of Dinwiddie, Brunswick, Greensville, and Sussex
counties, and they also extended early into North Carolina and Southern

We give the following extract from a letter of Mr. William Edmund Parham
of Knoxville, Tennessee which will prove most interesting to many
descendants throughout the country:

Mr. Martin C. Parham,
Milton, KY
Dear Sir:
I, William Edmund Parham, born 1860, in Knoxville, Tennessee, am the
eldest son and child of William Thomas Parham, born 1833, Knoxville,
Tennessee. He, the eldest and only child of Edwin Nelson Parham, born in
1814, died 1849, buried in Knoxville, Tennessee, a marker at grave. The
last one was born in North Carolina. His father, Edmund Parham, born
about 1807, near (twenty miles) Salesbury, NC, he a school teacher much
older than wife--tax list of Granville Co, NC lists him in 1811, 1812,
1813, census of 1810 says Edmund Parham. His eldest was born in
Granville County, North Carolina 1809 census of Knox County, Tennessee,
1830, says fifty to 60 years; 1840 says 60 to 70, of his wife 1830 says
30 - 40; 1840 says 40-50 years.

We understand she was not over 14 to 16 years of age when they married.
Believed to have died eight miles SW of Knoxville, Tennessee. Their
children were: Benjamin Wilson, 1809; Thomas Daniel, Martha, and
(Revis?). Cannot trace behind 1775 E.P.; nor any trace of any brothers.
His son Benjamin Wilson, married 1828, a Taylor; had two children by her,
Eliza? And John Hyden Parham; Thomas William born 1830, died 1871,
married a Geislin; this wife died. He then married her sister, Sarah
Taylor; had several children. One, Clay, lives near Bearden, Tennessee.
Isabell Allison in Portsmouth, VA; two sons in Eldorado Springs, MO. The
second of the Edmund Parham, Thomas Daniel, went to Sequatchia County,
Tennessee--died 1880; no trace of 4 or 5 heirs; third, William, is
thought to have been lost in Gulf of Mexico in war of 1846-47; fourth,
Edwin Nelson, died in Knox County, Tennessee; married in 1839(?) To Mary
Dunn; had one son and four daughters, of the son, is myself, Mrs. Charles
T. Cates, Jr. of Knoxville, Mrs.

Henry O. Kiser, of Grand Junction, CO, Robert A., Charles L., Ed F., Guy
H., all married in Knoxville, TN. Of the girls are Templetons, Rubies,
Swan, Moses, in Knoxville, TN. Of the fifth, Allen, no trace. Sixty,
John David, left a son in Indian Territory. Girls married Purkeys,
Linkenfelters, in Blount County, TN; seventh, Martha, married Tex Smith,
in 1830?, 1870?, 1880? (Can't read last number); no trace 8th, Lewis; no
heirs. I have families of name numerous; 1720,30,80(can't read last
number), Greenville County, NC; Chatham County, Wake County, Franklin
County; Granville district. Many are names. In Virginia Brunswick
County, Dinwiddie County, Sussex County. In Pennsylvania, Philadelphia,
or Waco County. No 1 family, Professor W. C. Parham, Benton, Arkansas,
now over 70, has sons in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Fort Worth, TX, Edinburg,
AR. Dr. Edward H. Parham, has an uncle in Fordyce, AR, now in 90th year,
who has a son, Robert, with a large family. Another uncle of T. C.
Parham left a large family at Cookville, TX. This stock is from one
Thomas Parham of Brunswick County, VA, he of Ephraim Parham of Dinwiddie
County, VA, he of Sir John Parham of England. (This was Austin's
grandfather, Charles Parham)

Second is Prof. Theo G. Parham, born 1835, Wichita, Kansas, has a
brother, Dr. Robert Parham, Chicago, IL, born in 1827. These have
decedents or of the same head, at Perry, Oklahoma; Quakertown, PA. Miss
L. H. Parham, Zion, IL, now MO, Washington D.C., San Jose Valley, CA.
These trace to John and Robert Parham, sons of William of Philadelphia,
other was "Wacoco, PA," he of Sir John Parham of England, about

Third, John L. Parham, Cairo, IL; formerly of Paducah, and Mayfield,
Kentucky, Will H. Parham, Kentucky; Charles H. Parham, Mayfield; and
sister in Mayfield, in Knoxville, TN, cousins, first, second and third;
in Jackson and Memphis, Tennessee--these trace to John L. Parham and Dr.
William Parham; these of Robert Parham of near Petersburg,, VA 1789.

Fourth: Dr. Frederick Parham, New Orleans, LA of John or William Parham,
he of Dr. G. Parham of Hicksford, Greensville County, VA, about 1800.

(5th with 14th)

Sixth: Louis Linden Parham, Norvolk, VA or Washington D.C. formerly of
Chattanooga; and John Hackett Parham, Chatanooga; John Blackburn Parham,
Columbia, Tennessee; Mrs. L. Lowe, Chatanooga, Crisman, Crews, of St.
Elmo, Tennessee and Atlanta, GA; Inman, Atlanta, GA; trace thru Ferdinand
and Marcellus Blount Parham, to Louis Augustus Parham of Roanoke River,
Brunswick County, VA about 1780.

Seventh: William Thomas Parham and sister, Mrs. G. M. Bozel, of
Petersburg, VA trace thru James M. Parham, to a Parham who married
Elizabeth Hardeway, of Dinwiddie County, VA about 1800.

Eighth: Ed Parham and brother in Michigan City, Mississippi; one Rhoten
Parham in New
-3-Mexico, trace to Leonidas Parham, William, John, Alpheus, to John and
brother M. S. Parham, of Lewis Parham and Mary G_______? Of Sussex
County, VA.

Ninth: my own given above.

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