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gerry, hello,

Here is the will of Frances Parham widow of Ephraim Parham:
Will Book 2, Page 77, Brunswick Co., Va.
Will was signed 6 March 1740 and probated 5 April 1744.

"Very sick and weak in body..."
To my son Matthew Parham - 1 bed bolster and furniture, 1 cow and calf.
To my son Ephraim Parham - 1 bed bolster and furniture, 1 iron pot now in his
To my daughter's children - 20 shillings each as they arrive to age.
To son Lewis Parham - the use of Negroes, Jack, Surry, Peter and Annee during his
life time and at his death they go to his son Ephraim; all my livestock, household
goods, etc.
To my son Matthew's wife - 1 gown
To my son Ephraim's wife - 1 trunk
Exrs. My son Lewis Parham
Wits: Peter Tatum, William McKnight."
Malinda's aunt Peggy and I feel that Frances was living with her son Lewis at the
time of her death.
Son Matthew Parham is the one who married Susannah.
Son Ephraim Parham married Rebecca
Son Lewis married Sarah.
Son Lewis was a merchant and a large land holder in Brunswick, Sussex counties. He
was married to Sarah (last name unknown). Lewis died about 1761. His widow, Sarah
later married second to William Brown.
I have down that the Ephraim mentioned as grandson by Frances Parham in her will and
who was a son of her son Lewis was the Ephraim who died in 1779 and whose will was
found in Dinwiddie Co., Va. I have strong reason for believing this, however my
belief is not engraved in stone. It is negotiable. Two of the Exrs. to Ephraim's
will were a Lewis Parham and Nicholas Parham. Of course the older Lewis died before


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PARHAM- Brunswick Co. Va.

1720 Brunswick Co. Virginia was formed.

1726 Apr. 7 Ephriam died leaving son Ephriam 150 acres on SS of
Nottoway which became St. Andrews Par. Bruns. Later Greensville
Co. Lewis (not yet 20) got plantation NC of Meherrin River 180
acres. Grandson James Parham, Son-in-law Hincha Mabry, grandtr.
Elizabeth Mabry. Matthew only a calf. Already provided for.

1736 May 1 James Parham in NC sold land to Frances Exum in Isle of
Wight-this land in Brunswick Co. Va.
Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers page 430 Letter to Lucille G.
Pleaants May 3, 1939

1740 Mar. 6 Pg. 22 Will of Frances Parham-Widow Brunswick Co. Va.
Lewis Parham Ex. Matthew, Lewis..mentions dtrs. when of age, wife
of Matthew. Grandson Ephriam. (Is this Matthew of Surry and
Frances Green? If so what about Dtr. Frances married Hincha-
see will pf Ephriam above???)
Southside Va. Vol. 1 pg. 7

1740 Jul. 1 Indenture between James Parham of Bertie Prov. NC to
John Tocke (Tucker?) of Surry 440 acres Brunswick Co. Va. except
100 acres to Jeremiah Brown granted by Patent Feb. 2 1724 to
James Parham
Brunswick Co. Va. Deed Bk. 2-63

1741-BEFORE Mary Parham married Henry Jackson
Brunswick Co. Va.

1741 Ephriam and Rebecca - Frances born 31 May 1741-Godparents
William & Frances Parham
Albermarle Parrish Registery

1742 Oct. 7 Records Bk. 2 pg. 238 Lewis for love & Affection to James
his kinsman turns over grist mill and one acres which they had in-
herited jointly.

1742 Henry, son of Mary Parham and Henry Jackson was born
Brunswick Co. Va.

1741 Ephriam Parham and Rebecca Albermarle
Parish Register
Frances born 31 May 1741 Godparents William Parham, Frances Parham,
Jean Allen.
Estate of Peter Brewer ordered inventoried.. inventoried 5 Jar.
Appraisers Charles King, Lewis Parham and Isaac House
1742 Oct. 7 Records Book 2 page 238
Brunswick Co. Va.
Lewis Parham For love and affection to said James Parham his kindman,
turnes over the grist mill
and one acre of land, which they had inherited jointly.
1743 Henry Jackson son of Mary Parham Born
..Brunswick Co. Va.
He married 24 Feb. 1772 Bruns. Ann Mabry and 21 Dec 1784 Ann Broadnax
both Brunswick Co Va
1743 Jul. 7 Appraisal of estate of Matthew Parham value 178 pounds and
some shillings. Signed James Parham.

Brunswick Will Book 2-67

1743 Jul. 4 Estate of Matthew Parham
Brunswick Co. Wills Bk. 2-67

1744 Inv. Frances Parham Brunswick Co. Va.
(per Lucile Pleasants who credits Torrence book)

1744 Mar. 14 William Parham child of Ephriam Parham and Rebecca
Albermarle Parish Register. Godparents Wm. Johnson, Abraham
Brown, Phoebe

1744 Oct. 4 Page 94 Archives. Will Book 2
Brunswick Co. Va.
Lewis Parham and John duke are auditors of the estate of Wm. Whitamore
ordered 6 Jul. 1744 SOUTHSIDE VA. Vol I #1 pg. 8

1744 Oct. 6 pg. 67 Estate of Matthew Parham ordered 7 Jul. Appraisors
Turner,Francis Haris, and John Fennel Brunswick
Co. Va.
Southside Va. Vol. 1 Pg. 7

1744 Inv. John Parham (Per Lucile Pleasants who credits the Terrence
book) Sussex Co. Va.

1744 Hannah Jackson dtr. Mary Parham Born Brunswick Co. Va.
She later married William Isham Smith Sr.

1746 Jun. 5 VIRGINIA MAGAZINE 5-70 Lewis Parham, Justice of Brunswick Co.
Prince George Co. Records-Deed from Lewis Parham to couzin Lewis
son of James Parham Nov. 12 1759. Record also in Brunswick Co.

1748 Lewis and James Parham on first of Brunswick Co. Va. poll list.

1749 (about) Mark Jackson born Brunswick Co. Va.
He married bef. 1770 Brunswick Co. Va. Martha
Warren. (Children named John,Henry,Jetro, Wm., Henry,
Warren,Mark, Wilkins, Edmund, Robert Hicholas)

1778 James Parham married _____ Oct. 22 per Mar 2001
Parham List--- Brunswick Co. Va.

1794 Jul. 29 Ephraim Parham married Frances Harrison per above.
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