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Subject: Another history of the Parrish PART 2 cont..
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 05:05:46 EDT

(cont Part 2)

E. George Parrish born June 16, 1763 died: Jan 10,1823 married Susanna
Gilliam died:1837
daughter of john Gilliam; no children. As a childless widow in the time of few
propert rights for women, Susanna Parrish's interest in her husband's estate
was uncertain. After George Parrish's death in 1823 , the widow, in order to
quiet title., instituted suit against possible claimants, Susanna Parrish vs
David Parrish et al" naming as defendants George Parrish's brother and
sisters, then alive and,and then children of those dead. The decree of the
Henrico County Superior County Court of Jan, 2 1832, contain much information
on children and grandchildren of Capt Humphrey Parrish.
Susanna Parrish's will of 26 May 1832 left lands in Goochland and Louisa "to
my nephew in law" Dabney Parrish and named him sole executor, without bond.

F. Mary Parrish born: 1766 married John McKean (or McKeand)

G. Sarah ("Sally") Parrish born:1768 died:Dec 17,1822; married first Jan
19,1796 Thomas Massie
married second Oct 7, 1804 to Thomas Branch who died march 4, 1836. Her
children were:
1. Thomas Massie, named an executor in the will of his grandfather, Capt
Humphrey Parrish,1820 living in Goochland County in 1850 age:52

2. Martha Anne Morris( or Maurice) Branch, born: Sept 1, 1805 died July 13,

3. Elizabeth H.W. Branch, born Sept 8, 1807 living 1834 when named in Dabney
Parrish's Will

4. William M.P. Branch born:June 25, 1809 died: Aug 6, 1869 married Feb 19,
1835 mary Ann Seargeant born: July 20, 1817 died: May 8, 1885 daughter of
jasper and Eliza Parrish)Seargeant. their children were:
a. Ann Eliza Branch born May 2, 1837 died: June 13, 1839

b. Walter P. Branch born: Aug 22, 1839 died: Sept,25 1878 in Guthrie Ky
married March 10, 1869 Allicia may Cummins

c.Maria M. Branch- born: Mar 26,1841 died: Nov 1899, married May 9, 1859 Dr.
Charles S. Bowcock.

d. Thomas Jasper Branch born: Aug 19, 1848 died Aug 18, 1907, Richmond Va,
married Dec 23, 1880 Marietta Corrnell
who died: Feb 24, 1936.

e. William Frank Branch born Mar 10, 1850 died June 9, 1907 Richmond, Va
married Mar 9th, 1893 Catherine H. Ragland.

5. Sarah M.(SALLY) Branch born: Nov 25, 1812
married Aug 15, 1830 Goochland County Littleberry S. Palimore.In 1838 they
gave a deed of trust on the land they left by Dabney Parrish's will to "my
niece Sally M. Palimore" Sally Palimore was a widow in 1850 and living with
her brother William Branch in Goochland County. The census of 1850 and 1860 of
Goochland County are not altogether
consistent; however the children of Littleberry and Sarah Palimore apear to
a. William Palimore born:1832
b. James Palimore born:1839
c.Lucy Palimore born:1840
d.Charles W. Palimore born 1841
e.Maria Palimore born: 1846

6 Mary Ann S. Branch born: Nov 19, 1815 died: July 19, 1835

H.) Dabney Parrish(Sr) born Feb 25, 1772 died: July 20, 1834 unmarried.He
lived in Goochland County, His will dated July 12, 1834 and witnessed by
Americus V. Payne
John F. Parrish and William Miller, was proven Aug 18, 1834. The executors
were his friend Peter Guerrant and "my nephew William M. Branch". Among the
bequest were:
1.) 350 acres of land to my friend America Jones:, 2.) 500 acres and Houses to
nephew William M. Branch. 3.) To my niece Betsy Branc one feather bed and
furniture, 4.) To my
brother David Parrish during his life: half the balance of my land and at his
death I give the same to his children to be equally divided between them....
and the other half of the balnce to my niece Sally M. Palimore. 5.) after the
sale of remainder estate, a sufficiency
there of appropriated to the removal of my brother David Parrish & his family
to the Western Country of his choices to go. provided that he removes within
three years after my death. and also to the removal of such of my slaves as
may choose to leave the state.
( this was the period when some reformers were strongly advocating manumussion
of slaves and their settlement in Liberia and 6.) I do hereby emancipate and
set free all my slaves... and do hereby direct my Executors to furnish them
with such necessary clothing, blankets and working tools as they may deem
reasonable and right, but should any of the old men who have wives here choose
to remain... They may do so and choose their own masters, to whom he shall
belong forever there after. on the Master's acceptance of such slave or
I.) David Parrish born: April 25, 1775. he married Elizabeth Williams, the
bond being dated Dec. 8, 1796 in Goochland Va. with Dabney Parrish listed as
Surety. In 1808 David and his wife Betsy sold 300 acres to Humphrey Parrish
which the Latter had given David
on a marrige contract. In 1834 Dabney Parrish's will left him land and
provided for his removal to the western country, but if he moved west he did
not remain there. On Aug 9, 1841 David Parrish sold James Parrish and David
Mims the 153 acres left to him in the fourth clause of Dabney Parrish's will.
He was living in Goochland County in 1850 then described as 74 years old.

( The children of Humphrey Parrish Sr continued)
II.) David parrish was married Jan 4, 1758 to Judith Holland born: Nov 4,
1739, daughter of John and Martha Holland. Among their children was:
A. Martha Holland Parrish: born Dec 26,1758; married Nov 23, 1774 to James
Cocke Jr.
among their children were:
1.David P. Cocke: born Apr 23, 1776 died: 1837 married Elizabeth Gilliam Apr
16th, 1800 daughter of John and Elizabeth (Parrish) Gilliam.
2. William Cocke born Aug 1, 1777 married Apr 17, 1802- Louisa County Va...
Nancy Turner daughter of Lewis Turner
3. Nancy P. Cocke married Aug2, 1809 in Goochland Va John C. Gilliam son of
John and Elizabeth (Parrish) Gilliam
4. Jack Fleming Cocke born: Jan 4, 1782
5. Mary Lewis Cocke born:Aug 11, 1783
6. Martha Tarleton Cocke born 1785 ; married John Bowles
7. Elizabeth Pleasants Cocke born 1787 married Arthur Bowles

III. Ursula Parrish married William Rutherford. their children were:
a. David Rutherford born: 1750
b. William Rutherford born 1751
c. Susanna Rutherford born: 1752 married Apr 8, 1772 Matthew Lacy
d. Elizabeth Rutherford, born: 1754 died: 1789 married jan 5, 1775 Thomas
e. Ursula Rutherford, born: 1758 married July 28, 1780 John Richards
f. Mary Rutherford. born:1760 married Jan 23,1781 James son of William
Davenport of Spotsylvania County.
g. Samuel Rutherford: born: 1762 married Aug 10, 1791 Ann Parrish daughter of
Booker Parrish.
h. Archalaus Rutherford born: Aug 14 1766, married march 1793 Jean daughter of
John Burgess. they moved back to Rockingham County.
i Archibald Rutherford born: Feb 21, 1768 married Dec 6, 1794 Margaret(peggy)
Parrish daughter of Booker Parrish. they moved to Arkansas.
j. John Rutherford born 1772 married June 30, 1797 Nancy daughter of William
and Betty (Depriest) Johnson.

IV. Joel Parrish died 1816, Louisa Va, he married Dec 26,1757 Elizabeth Hill.
"In 1760 Humphrey Parrish Senr" for love and affection conveyed 50 acres north
side of my land to son Joel. Joel Parrish was a taxpayer in Goochland County
in 1782 but lived in Louisa County afterward. His will drawn Jan 22, 1816 and
witnessed by Cliff Henson, James Dunavant, nancy Dunavant and John Kennon,
named his sons: Joel Samuel and Parkes Parrish as Executors. Benificiaries, in
the order named were his sons Joel and grandson Samuel Groom; Frances Gentry,
to whom a tract of land "was lent" his son Park Parrish
; "my son in law William Thompson and my daughter Frances his wife.... my son
in law
Terral Tisdale and my daughter Susanna his wife.... the residue of my estate
was to be equally divided between all my children except my daughter Nancy
Bates, the half of her equal part I give to to her daughter Eliza Dunavant and
her son William Groom. and the share of his deceased son Nathaniel was to be
equally divided among his children.
Joel parrish of Goochland and Louisa County had contemporaries of the same
name in Spotsylvania, Lunenburg, Fluvanna counties; their relationships are
uncertain and a source of confusion to the family historian. a partial record
of his children were:
a. Nathaniel Parrish born Oct 23, 1758 died 1810 in Kentucky
b. Nancy Parrish born: may 24, 1760 married at least twice first... groom and
July 11th, 1796 in Louisa County to Thomas Bates
c. mary Parrish born Sept 22, 1764
d. Joel Parrish born Feb 11, 1767
e. Samuel Parrish born: May 26,1769
f. Park(s) Parrish born: March 3, 1772; married Dec 28, 1792 in Loisa County
Elizabeth Tisdale.
g. Frances (Fanny) Parrish married May 26, 1794 in Louisa County William
Thompson; Joel parrish was surety on the bond.
h. Susanna Parrish married Aug, 5 1800 in Louisa County to Terrell Tisdale;
Joel Parrish was surety on bond.

V. Moses Parrish married first Sarah Martin and second on Jan 20, 1761 Mary
Hill. he died 1800 when an appraisal of his estate was ordered and Mary
Parrish was named administratix. His children were:
a. William (billie) Parrish born : Jan 28, 1759
b. Susan(suckie) Parrish born: Jan 22, 1764
c. Frances(frankie) Parrish born: Aug 4, 1767
d. Matthew Parrish born: Jan 16, 1769
e. Nicholas Parrish born: May 29, 1771
f. Tabath(tabatha) Parrish born: Sept 11, 1773

VI Aaron Parrish married jan 18, 1762 Sarah Barnes and lived in Goochland. In
1783 Aaron and his wife sold to William and Edward Busby 50 acres of land
adjoining Henry Wood, William Rigsby, Joel Parrish, Booker Parrish and the
said Aaron Parrish.; in December 1784 Aaron parrish made a deed of gift
naming his children as Mary, Sally, Charity, Elizabeth, Martha Carter
Barnes,Turner, Nancy, Lucy, Jacky and Bobby, the 71 acre tract being bounded
by William Busby, Joel Parrish, Booker Parrish and Rev. John Todd, and the
witnesses were: William Rutherford, Humphrey Parrish and Stephen Murrel.
his children apear to be:
a. Mary Parrish
b. Sarah(sally) Parrish born: Mar 13, 1764, married Nov 15,1783 John Kelsher.
c. Charity Parrish born: March 12, 1766, married May 2, 1787 in Goochland
County William Lawrance. They were living in Amite Co Miss, in 1809
d. Elizabeth Parrish born: Jan 26, 1768 married William Rutherford.
e. Martha Carter( alias Carter-Barnes) possibly a step daughter.
f.Carter Parrish married June 18, 1796 in goochland Parmelia(pamela) Parrish
daughter of
Jolly and Ann Powers
g. Turner Parrish married Dec 6, 1800 Sally daughter of Thomas Thomasson
h. Nancy parrish
i. Lucy Parrish married Dec 4, 1805 in Goochland John Farr
j. Jacky Parrish
h. Bobby( robert) Parrish

VII. Booker Parrish married Jan 29, 1767 Constancy C. Massie their children
a.Susanna Parrish born Nov 13, 1767 married Sept 27, 1791 Joel Thomas
b.Ann Parrish born: OCt 12, 1769 married Aug 10, 1791 Samuel Rutherford son of
William Rutherford and Ursula Parrish Rutherford.
c.David M. Parrish born Jan 12, 1772 married Oct 25, 1792 in Goochland Patsy
daughter of Thomas Thomasson. he was living in goochland 1858 age:78
d. Margaret (Peggie) Parrish born: march 18,1774 married Dec 6, 1794 Archibald
Rutherford son of William and Ursula Parrish Rutherford
e.Booker Smith Parrish married Sept 19, 1808 martha T. (patsy) Gilliam who was
then under age. daughter of John and Elizabeth Parrish Gilliam He was dead by
1818 and in 1819 the elder Booker Parrish gave 180 acrs in Goochland and
Louisa to Martha T. Parish Widow of Booker S. Parrish and the son of the said
Booker And Robert G. Parrish, Susanna G. Parrish,and George S. Parrish
children of said Booker S. Parrish deceased.
his children were:
Robert G.
Susanna G.
George S.

f. Mary M. Parrish born 1783 married Apr 29, 1805 in Goochland to Lispcomb
g. Constance Massie Parrish married Oct 4, 1808 in Goochland James Parrish.
They were living in Louisa County in 1850 and are listed in that census as 62
and 68 yrs old. respectivly among their children are:
a. George W. Parrish
b. Booker A. Parrish
c.F.M. parrish
d. A.M Parrish

H. Hulda B Parrish born 1789 married William S. bates their children were:
1. James booker bates
2.Eliza Constant Bates
3 Louisa Ann Bates
4 William Smith bates.

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