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From: Nancy Parr <>
Subject: [PARR] Henry Larkin Parr; Fairfield Co., SC
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 02:19:34 -0400

Good Evening,
I am submitting the following information in the hopes it will help
someone. Please understand that these are 'notes' I made and entered into
my FTM. As you know by now, my husband's name is Ray Parr :-) Ray and I
live in Valdosta, Georgia and he is in the restaurant business. In 2000,
he was sent to Columbia, SC to help open two new restaurants. I've been
very active with my family's history for about 22 years. One of Ray's
cousins has been working on the Parr line and she's shared her findings
with me over the years. We have always been told by the 'elders' in the
family that the Parrs came to Georgia from NC.
We knew that Ray's ancestor was a John Parr who had died in NC or SC and
that his widow remarried and the families moved to Nashville, Berrien Co.,
Ga. prior to the 1860 census. In some of my research, I'd met a man who
told me that John Parr was from DC not NC but I'd never found any records
to show this.
While living in Columbia, I wanted to take advantage of the research
facilities and began working on my Kirkland lines and other lines that I
knew had been in SC. While reading census reports for the various
counties, I 'happened' across Ray's ancestor in Chesterfield
District. When he would have a day off, he'd go with me to the various
county courthouses, etc. We both were surprised at just how many Parr
lines we found in SC. We still don't know if any of them 'tie' into his
line, but I tried to document and make notes on everything I found relating
to any of these Parr families. I knew our time in Columbia was limited and
wanted to make good use of the opportunity while being there.
Hence, the information on John Parr and Mary Saylor Parr in Richland
County and the following info on Henry Larkin Parr of Fairfield
County. Please look at the information and if you can add anything to it,
please do let me know.
Nancy E Parr

Information on Henry Larkin Parr of Fairfield Co., SC:

The following information is basically just F.Y.I. because there is no way
to tell if these families tie into our Parr lines at this time.
Ray and I had driven over to Greenville, SC on one of his days off; coming
back to Columbia on one of the 'back roads' instead of the interstate. A
few miles out from Montecello, Fairfield Co., SC we saw a very large lake
on the right side of the highway and in the middle was an island and it
looked like a power plant on the island. On the map it showed this to be
the Montecello Resevoir, which is fed into by the Broad River. As we left
and drove towards Columbia, we saw a road sign that read Parr...2
miles. We made the turn and followed the sign and saw a road named 'Parr
Road' to the right so we turned on it. At the end of this road was a Power
plant and a sign that said it was under South Caroline Electric & Gas
Company.There were "No Tresspassing" signs so we didn't venture beyond the
hurricane fence but could see a tiny wooden church on a hill near the plant
so this told us that there must have been families living on this 'island'
at some time.
There had been a marker on the highway that stated "The first Nuclear
powered plant (in the southeast region) was built in 1954 at Parr Shoals on
the Broad River..." I later found someone whose son had worked at the
power plant and had a bit of history on it.
There was a Henry Larkin Parr, and associates, who organized Parr Shoals
Power Company in 1904. Born near Parr Shoals, Mr. Parr had an interest in
developing a water power site at the location of his father's grist mill on
the Broad River. Located on the Borad River at Parr, SC, about 25 miles
north of Columbia, Parr Hydro Plant was constructed 1912-1914 by J.G. White
Engeneering Corporation for Parr Shoals Power Company, a subsidiary of
Columbia Railway, Gas and Electric Company.
I have not been able to find further information on Henry Larkin Parr's
family to date.

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