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From: "Donna Price" <>
Subject: [PARSONS-L] Richard Parsons Pittsylvania County, VA.
Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 13:23:56 -0500

Hi to all,
I received an email from another Parsons descendant who claims that Richard
Parsons of Pittsylvania County, VA was married to Elizabeth Feathers.

I have found probate records for all of the sons, except George, of Richard
of Pittsy. that are named in his will. As far as I know, his will is the
only document that proves the names of his children. No wife is mentioned.
The name Lydia was found when I was searching for Benjamin Parsons, son of
Joseph and Margaret, and his wife Sarah Burton Parsons. In a book compiled
on the Burton family a Joseph Parsons was mentioned in a deed with a Burton
in Goochland County, VA. I obtained court and land records for Goochland
and found a Richard, a Christopher and a Joseph Parsons in the index.
However, there was not any record that I found that connected any of the
three. But, after the Richard of Goochland sold all of his land in
Goochland, a Richard appeared in the same time period in Lunenburg County
tax records along with a Christopher Parsons. Many families in Pittsylvania
County resided in Goochland before settling in Pittsylvania County. There
is no document that states that the Richard of Pittsy. is the same as the
Richard of Goochland married to Lydia Briggs, that I have found, but I have
put him there based on 'circumstantial evidence'. I'm also sending the will
of Christopher Parsons of Lunenburg and as you will see the naming pattern
for children is similar to that of Richard. When I have sent the
information concerning the Richard of Goochland, I have told others that it
is 'circumstantial'.

I have also gone through tax records to help me place children in family
groups. Not all of the names of Parsons that appear in Pittsylvania County
tax records have been placed in groups. I haven't been able to determine
through records where all belong. Those that have been placed are there
with documentation. If anyone has other children to place in these
families, I would very much like to have the information.

I also have the index to all court records and deeds involving Parsons as
well as the documents. These sources document wives as well as the wills of
the fathers of wives.

I'm very willing and happy to share all the information I have with others.
Most that I have transcribed has been put on the Pittsylvania County web
page and I have hundreds of pages yet to enter.

If those who claim that Elizabeth Feather's children are the children of
Richard of Pittsylvania would take the time to trace those children, their
wives and places of residence, they will find that the years do not match as
well as the length of life and places of death.

EARLY WILLS 1746-1765 LUNENBURG COUNTY VIRGINIA, Compiled by Katherine B.
Elliott South Hill, Virginia Salt Lake City LDS Library, 975.5643P2ed

Will dated 6 March 1760 Recorded 4 November 1760
Will Book 1, Page 313


Wife - mentioned in will but not by name
Son - John Parsons - bequest
Son - William Parsons - all of my land adjoining John Weatherford
Son - Christopher Parsons - all of my land adjoining John Barksdale
Son - Major Parsons - 125 acres of land adjoinging William Price
Son - Thomas Parsons - Plantation whereon I now live to my wife as long as
she lives and then to son Thomas Parsons
Daughter - Agnes Parsons - furniture, etc.

My sons are to give to my daughter Agnes Parsons a cow and calf and 24
pounds money when she is age 16 years.

All of the remainder of my estate to be divided between my four sons. Each
son to take his part when he comes of age. Christopher (S) Parsons

Will of Richard Parsons
Court Orders Book 5, page 139 Pittsylvania County, VA

December 22, 1783 In the Name of God Amen I Richard Parsons of the County
of Pittsylvania being old and weak in body but enjoying my usual reason and
memory and calling to mind the mortality of man do make and ordain this my
last Will and testament in manner and form following, to wit, First my
desire is that my Soul assends and rest with God that gave it and secondly
my desire is that my body be decently buried Thirdly I give and bequeath to
my well beloved daughter Hannah Madkiff and her husband Joseph Madkiff one
shilling Sterling to them my said daughter Hannah Madkiff and her husband
Joseph Madkiff and their heirs forever. Forthly I give and bequeath to my
well beloved daughter Agness Madkiff and to her Husband John Madkiff one
shilling Sterling to them my said daughter Agness Madkiff and her husband
John Madkiff and their hiers forever. Fifthly I give and bequeath to my
well beloved son George Parsons one shilling Sterling to him my said Son
George Parsons and his heirs for ever, Secondly I give and bequeath to my
well beloved son Joseph Parsons one shilling sterling to him my said son
Joseph Parsons and his heirs forever, Seventhly I give and bequeath to my
well beloved son John Parsons one shilling sterling to him my said son John
Parsons and his heirs for ever Eighthly I give and bequeath to my well
beloved son Samuel Parsons the land whereon he now lives to be divided by a
line which my said son Samuel and my son William marked themselves to him my
said son Samuel Parsons and his heirs and assignes for ever Ninethly I give
and bequeath to my well beloved son William Parsons the land whereon he now
lives to be divided as above mentioned to him my said son William Parsons
and his heirs and assignes forever Tenthly on the land above mentioned is
mortgage for which my son Samuel Parsons is liable to pay said mortgage if
he does not then my will is that his part of the land that is to say the
land whereon he now lives is to be sold by my executors to off said morgage
Eleventhly I give and bequeath to my well beloved daughter Lydia Yates and
her husband Stephen Yates all my Black Smith tools to her my said daughter
Lydia Yates and her husband Stephen Yates to them and their heirs for ever
Twevlthly and lastly as I and my wife is now living with my daughter Lydia
Yates and her husband Stephen Yates and they using us with the greatest
kindness my will and desire is that they the said Lydia and Stephen Yates to
have all the remainder of my estate that is to say my cattle and my black
mare and also all my household furniture which is now in their possession
but not til after my decease and the decease of my Wife. Furthermore I
revoke all former wills by me made and do confirm this my last will and
testament. I do appoint and constitute my loving sons Joseph and William
Parsons executors of this my last will and testament Witness my hand and

Richard (his mark) Parsons SS

John Parks, Samuel Parks, Richard Johnson

At a Court held for Pittsylvania County February the 21, 1785 This last Will
and Testament of Richard Parsons deceased was presented in Court and proved
by the Oathes of two of the witnesses Hands and by the Court ordered to be

Teste Will Turnball (?)

So far, this is the only source that I have found that gives the names of
Richard's children.

Joseph Parsons, son of Richard, married to Margaret (Peggy) Griffith (my
line through two of his sons, Samuel and David married to sisters Lucy and
Elizabeth Bailey)

FILM 0033318 VOL 31 page 233 Order to Record Will

In the Name Of God, Amen, I Joseph Parsons Senr of Pittsylvania County being
of Sound Mind though infirm of body do make and publish this,my last will
and testament in manner and form following that is to say, first, I desire
to give my soul to God who gave it to me in trust for his use...Secondly I
desire that all my just debts shall be paid out of any part of my Estate.
Thirdly, I give the use and possesion of my whole estate real and personal
to my wife Sarah Parsons for and during her natural life and no longer, and
at her death I give the whole of my real estate to my Grand Son Joseph
Parsons, Son of my son John Parsons, his heirs and assigns forever and
whatever remains of my personal estate at her death, it is my will shall be
equally divided among all my children in equal proportions. Lastly, I
appoint Thomas H. Wooding Executor of this my last will, hereby revoking all
others or former Wills by me made. In witness whereof I have hereto set my
hand and seal this 3rd day of January 1826.

Joseph (x) Parsons

Witnesses: Tho. Williamson, John Wooding, Thomas H. Wooding

At a court held for Pittsylvania County the 20th day of January 1834, this
last will and testament of Joseph Parsons, decd was proved by Thomas H.
Wooding and John Wooding and ordered to be recorded and Thomas H. Wooding
the Executor in said will named refusing to take upon himself the burden of
the execution of sd will on motion of John Parsons who made oath thereto
according to law and with Dent G. Lovell his security entered into and
acknowledged bound in the penalt of one hundred dollars conditioned as the
law driects certificate was granted him for obtaining letters of
administration on the said estate with the said will annexed in due form
Will Tunstall CC

FILM 0033290
Deed and Will Book 11, p 118
Dated: May 13, 1780
Probated: August 15, 1780

Names: Wife: Rachel - The plantation whereon I now live, all my stock,
except one horse colt, I deliver unto the hand of William Persize till the
year 1784 upon half stocks accowing to me to a contract made by me with him,
the said William Persize, and at the end of which time I lend my wife,
Rachel Griffeth the increase of all my stock with the plantation whereon I
live, with all my household goods and furniture during her life. Son:
Jonathan Griffeth - at wife's death 100 acres of land part of the tract I
live on with the plantation whereon he lives, being the upper part of the
land. Son: William Griffeth - the remainder of the land where on I live
with the plantation. To sons, Jonathan and William - one entry of land on
Southerton's Branch - divided between them equally or their heirs: The
increase of cattle, after my death, to be equally divided between the
following children or their heirs: Margaret Parsons, Anne Parsons, Mary
Rigny, Sussaner Adkinson, Sarah Grifeth, Johnathan Griffeth and William
Grifeth To son William Grifeth - all my stock of horses, sheep and hogs
after the death of his mother. Executor: Reubin Pain and wife, Rachel
Griffeth Witnesses: Joseph (P) Parsons, William Griffeth, Reuben Pain,
Seth (P) Colwell, Wil'm Prosise s/ William Griffeth
Will exhibited by Rachel Griffeth, Ex'trx Proved by oaths of two witnesses
and O.R. Sec: Samuel Parsons, Charles Rigney

George Parsons married to Anne Griffith ( I haven't been able to trace
George past a court record dated in the 1790's where he sells his land)
There are no probate records in Pittsylvania for George.

G929.3755661 C431haLt Denver Public Library, Denver, CO
p. 112 14 May 1764 Richard Parsons of Halifax Co. to George Parsons of
same, for L10, 100 acres, part of a greater quantity beg. at Curries's Order
line on the south side of Little Cherrystone Cr.. Sutherton's (Sutherlon's)
branch... it being the land sd George lives on... All houses, buildings,
Signed: Richard Parsons
Wit: Thomas Townsend, Shadrack Turner, Christopher Gorman
Recorded 21 June 1764

George Parsons witnessed the will of Paul Pigg along with William Griffith,
September 16, 1766, in Halifax County, Virginia. Deed Book 1
(1767-1770-page 77)

"At this second meeting of the Vestry (Feb. 1768) the points at which the
laymen were to read the prayers were named as follows: "Lewis Shelton is
ordered to Read at James Faris and at George Parsons."

List of Tithables Taken by Thomas Dillard, Jr., in June 1767
George Parsons
Joseph Parsons

John Parsons married to Sarah Atkins died testate in Pittsylvania County,
VA. I haven't transcribed his will, but have a copy of the original. The
abstract reads:

FILM 0033313 VOL 15, PAGE 226

The Last Will and Testament of John Parsons, Sr. probated June, 1808 gives
the name of his "beloved wife Sarah" sons Eli, Frederick, Gabriel, Jesse,
William, Richard, and John and daughters Leviney, Sally, and Lydia Midkiff.
William Atkinson was the executor and the will was witnessed by Martin
Wagoner, and Coonrod Train.

A list of tithes taken by Theop'l Lacy 10th of June 1767
Richard Parsons for his son John HISTORY OF PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY M.C.

FILM 0033290
Deed and Will Book 11, p 136
Dated: January 22, 1784
Probated: March 15, 1784

Names: Dau: Elizabeth Shockley
Dau: Liddy Witcher
Dau: Agness Polley
Dau: Nancy Witcher
Dau: Sarah Parsons
Son: Owen Atkins - negro girl Milley
Son: Jesse Atkins - negro wench Eady - also land on NS of
creek that my Mill is on with the plantation and buildings
Son: William Atkins - all land on SS of creek that the Mill
is on, with my Mill and all the balance not willed to son, Jesse and negro
girl Ginney and half of the stock
Witnesses: Noton Dickinson, Issac Martin, Joseph Standley
s/ William (x) Atkins
Will proved by two witnesses thereto and O.R.
Letters of administration granted to Jesse Atkins

Samuel married to Rebecca Farthing

May 20, 1816 Samuel Parsons, Sr. Administrator qualified for estate.
June 17, 1816 Samuel Parsons, Sr. Order to record Inventory & Appraisement
Volume 17, pages 135,153

FILM 0033315
VOL 20 PG 256

John Parsons is appointed guardian of Joel Parsons orphan of Samuel Parsons
,decd & with Sm Clark - his Surity ask bond in the penalty of $100 cond as
the law directs.

Dudley Nichols is appointed guardian of Dudley Parsons, orphan o f William
Parsons who was the son of Samuel Parsons, decd, and with Wm Farthing - his
surety asked bond in the penalty of $100 cond as the law directs

William Parsons married to Mary Blanks

FILM 0033270
VOL 15 PG 236
December 15, 1806 William Parsons gives to his daughter, Elizabeth Farthing,
a gift (horse).

I William Parsons of Pittsylvania County State of Virginia being advanced in
life and calling to mind the mortality of the body though at the time of
sound and disposing memory do make this my Last Will and Testament as
follows viz First I desire that all my just debts shall be speedly and
promptly paid Secondly After my debts & funeral expenses are paid Igive
to my beloved wife Mary Parsons the whole of my Estate both real & PErsonal
or perishable of every kind during her natural life. Thirdly after the
decease of my wife I give the whole of my land Viz fifty acres more or less
to my Son Richard Parsons and that my unfortunate son Henry shall be
supported out of my perishable Estate Agreeable to the will I wish of my
wife to each of my other chidlren or their heirs of their body I give One
dollar in additiion to what I have already given them.

I do hereby constitute & ratify this my last will and testament all
_________all others. In Testimony Whereof Ihave hereunto set my hand & seal
this 22nd day of February One-Thousand eight hundrede & eighteen. Also I
desire that Richard Jones shall be the whole & Sole Executor of the my Last
Signed in the presence of
Will _______
Richard (x)Parsons
Molley (x) Farthing William (x)

At a Court held for Pittsylvania County the 16 Day of March 1818 The ____
Last will & Testament of William Parsons Decd was presented in Court and
proved the Oaths of the three Witnesses thereunto subscribed and ordered to
be recorded and Richard Jones the Executor named in Said will refusing to
take upon himself the burden of the excution thereof on the motion of Mary
Parsons widow of said William who made oath according to sa____ _____ James
Barnett, Abner Farthing and Richard Parsons her securities entered into and
acknowledged there bond in the Penalty of $500. Conditioned as the Law
directs certificate is granted her for obtaining Letter of Administration
in due form

Teste Will Tunstall ___

FILM 0033267
Pittsylvania County Virginia Deed and Will Book 10, p 73
Will Dated: September 15, 1794
Probated: October 20, 1794

Names: Sons: John and Joseph Blanks - 210 acres of land I now live on
adjoining Banister River, to be equally divided between them
Wife: Naomi Blanks - all household furniture, stock, tools, plantation
utensils lent to her. After her death to be equally divided between my two
sons, my sons-in-law, William Parsons and his wife Polly; William Farthing
and his wife, Tabitha
Son: James of Georgia - a horse now in his possession
Son: William of Georgia - a mare now in his possession
Son-in-law: Benjamin Watkins and his wife, Sarah - 5 sh. of my movable
property after wife's widowhood
Son: Daniel Bayts (sp) and his wife, Elizabeth a cow and calf
Executor: not named
Witnesses: Thomas Anderson, Francis Anderson, Elkanah Echols, Richard
s/ Henry Blanks
On motion of Naomi Blanks, widow and relict of Henry Blanks, certificate was
granted for letters of administration.
Sec: John Blanks, Joseph Blanks, John Owen

Hannah married to Joseph Midkiff

In Plea Book 1, Halifax County Virginia, 1752-1755: "Alice Allen and Hannah
Parsons, spinsters, each acknowledged themselves quilty of having a bastard
child, to pay fines of 50s or 500 pounds tobacco at laying the next levy for
the Parish of Antrim. Nathaniel Terry became their Surety."

Agnes married to John Midkiff.

Agnes and John had a son John who married his cousin Mary Parsons, daughter
of Joseph and Margaret Griffith Parsons.

Illustrated by Karen Clifford, A.G., Published by Historical Publications,
Inc., Austin, TX.

NANCE. FOR THE RECORD. The History of County Line Baptist Church, Sandy
Creek Church of Halifax Co VA by Dr. Aubrey M. Keesee 1930, contains the
following lists of names: Membership as of Apr 1781: Obadiah Echols,
Thomas Lovelace, Joseph Morrison, Charles Womack, Lewis Haley, Shadrack
Young, Ambrose Haley, Isham Farmer, Travis Tune, John Midkiff, John
Freeman, Samuel Tindle, Caty Echols, Agnes Womack, Tabitha Lovelace,
Margaret Morrison, Elizabeth Tindle, Mary Powell, Eleanor Adams, (deceased)
Leana Haley, Elizabeth Haley, Temperance Haley, Judith Krulock Rebecca
Derguson, Rhoda Rieves, Hannah Young, Mary Wilson, Ann Freeman, Catherine
Williams, Winnfret Sullins, Mary Carter, Agnes Midkiff, Elizabeth Jennings,
and Frances Fears.

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