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From: "A.J" <>
Subject: [PATE] The Ancient Pate Surname of England -- 16th Century
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 07:52:45 -0500

The three centuries posted yesterday were complete listings of the Pate surname for 1200 through 1499, found primarily in official documents.

As mentioned yesterday, by the 1500s, we are able to prepare genealogies for the prominent Pate family lines, particularly in Leicestershire and Gloucestershire. Below is the list of Pate names for the 1500s, which include persons not readily identifiable to families with origins in those two locations.

This list includes Pate surnames in Wales and Scotland, the first located outside of England. It is assumed that these were migrations from England.

A. J. Pate


16th Century

1501 Richard Pate, skinner, Chester, Cheshire County
1504 Thomas Pate, landowner, Surrey County
1505 John Pate of Shillington, left will, Bedfordshire
1506 John Pate of St. Thomas of Acres, left will, London
1508 Jankyn Pate and mother Alice and Richard Pate, Holt, Denbigh County, Wales
1508 Alexander Pate, wife Janet Nicolson, Canon of St. Andrews Church, Scotland
1509 John Pate, groom of the wardrobe for Henry VIII; from 1509 to 1532, king granted him many houses and lands
c.1510 Thomas Pate, juror on numerous inquests, Wimbledon Common, Surrey County
1520 John Pate of Henley-on-Thames and Blackfriars, left will, London
1523 Thomas Pate, witness on will, Surrey County
1529 Randulus Pate, married Margareta Arrington, Elsworth, Cambridgeshire
1530 Thomas Pate, donated tenement to Exeter College of Oxford University; heir of Richard Pate, bedell (administrative assistant) of Oxford University
1537 Wodkoka Pate, landowner, Herefordshire
1547 Thomas Pate, born 1547, wife Martha, mayor of Holt in 1618, Denbigh County, Wales
1562 William Pate, Holt, Denbigh County, Wales
1566 Ricus (Richard) Pate, armiger, justice of the peace (through 1582), Montgomeryshire
1577 Thomas Pate, sherman, Chester, Cheshire County

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