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From: "J.B. Wilson" <>
Subject: John & Joel Parkhurst - Elkland, PA
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 20:11:21 -0800

Hello list,

I've been perusing Joyce Tice's Tri-Counties web site researching
Parkhurst names. My search was related to a Major John Parkhurst
(1760-1836) born in Weston, Mass. He married Sarah Bullard
(1762-1818)settled in Springfield, (Bradford) PA and had the following
John (1784-1840) married Laura Gleason, buried in Springfield, PA
Daniel (1787-1819) married Alma Allen, buried in Springfield, PA
Josiah (1789-) married Rachel Harkness
Curtis (1794-1872) married Jane Ann Kasson, buried in Lawrenceville, PA
Dexter (1797-1866) married Miriam Spear, buried in Mainesburg, PA
Joel (1800-1884) married Emaline Allen, buried in Elkland, Pa
Ebenezer (1807-) married Dimis Brown, last known in 1880 9n
Springfield, PA.

However, while I was doing this research, I found another John
Parkhurst and Joel Parkhurst about whom much was written about their
standing and enterprises in the town of Elkton, Tioga Co., PA. The
people that I am curious about are the following:
1. John PARKHURST (1823-1890)1860 Fed. Census, Elkland, Tioga Co, PA
lists John Parkhurst, b. abt. 1822-23 in NH, merchant; wife Rebecca;
1870 Fed. Census, Elkland Borough lists John Parkhurst 47, farmer and
banker, wife Rebecca 37, and 3 children, John and Joel are listed in
the same household; Highland Cemetery, Elkland, Tioga, PA lists: John
Parkhurst, b. 13 Feb 1823; died Jan 20, 1890; Rebecca K. Parkhurst, b.
5 Apr 1828; died 15 Dec 1893; seem to be in the same plot area of the
Highland Cemetery, Elkland, PA, John, Rebecca K, Joel C, Elizabeth,
John Edgar Parkhurst. This is a newspaper article about John Parkhurst
after his death:
old resident and one of the most prominent business men of Elkland,
died quite suddenly at his home on Main Street last week Monday
morning. He had been in poor health for the past two years, says the
Journal, and of late had been quite feeble, but had not been confined
to his bed. He arose as usual Monday morning and sat with his family
at the breakfast table. After finishing the meal he sat and conversed
with his family a short time and then retired to his room, upon
entering which he fell to the floor and expired almost immediately.
The cause of Death was heart failure, super induced by Bright’s
disease, to which he had been subject for several years. Mr. Parkhurst
married in 1852, and leaves a widow and three children to mourn his
loss. Mr. L. K. Parkhurst, Mrs. W. E. Williams, of Montrose, PA, and
Mr. J. W. Parkhurst, of Reed City, Mich." (Wellsboro Agitator, 1890)

2. Joel G. PARKHURST, b. abt 1827 NH, merchant (1860 Fed. Census,
Elkland, Tioga Co, PA); 1870 Fed. Census lists Joel G. Parkhurst 40,
retail merchant with Grace 35 and Leona 2; Joel and John are listed in
the same household; Highland Cemetery, Elkland, Tioga Co, PA has Joel
C. Parkhurst b. 13 Dec 1827; died 15 Aug 1877. The Wellsboro Gazette,
1877, writes this of Joel G. Parkhurst: "Joel G. Parkhurst died at his
residence in Elkland boro, Pa., Wednesday morning, Aug. 15th, at a
quarter past 5 o'clock, aged 48 years and 8 months. The deceased was
born at Richmond, N.H., Dec. 15th, 1828, where he spent his boyhood
days. At the age of 17 an orphan, he left home and came to
Lawrenceville, Pa., where he was employed in a store as a clerk by his
brother, John Parkhurst. In the year, 1853, he came to Elkland and
engaged in the mercantile business (until)1874. He leaves a wife and
little daughter, 9 years old."

It would seem that the above mentioned John Parkhurst and Joel G.
Parkhurst are brothers, but are not the sons Major John Parkhurst. Does
anyone have these folks in their family histories who could tell me who
are the parents of this John & Joel Parkhurst and if there is any
relationship to the Major John Parkhurst of Springfield, PA as
mentioned above.

Thanks so much for looking. Regards, JB Wilson, Beaverton, OR

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