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From: (Wes Patterson)
Subject: [PATTERSON] Re: Robert and Mary/Margaret Patterson family
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 15:52:35 -0400
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Yes, I have that same record from John of Great Bridge, Va. I don't have it with
me (at work) so I wasn't able to refer to that earlier when I replied to you.
There are other accounts of these same families though that do confuse the
issue, as you mentioned.


1. Do you know which 8 children grew to maturity, as stated in those notes?

2. Do you know anything about the Robert (son of Robert of Lancaster) who was
four years old in the account below? I'm trying to determine if he was four in
1730 when they reached PA or when they first started on that two year excursion
across the state. In either case, that would make him being born about 1724 or
1726. Do you know if he stayed in the PA area or if he left and went south?

I'm specifically trying to see if there is a link between him and the Robert
Patterson who died in York Co., SC in 1791. This latter Robert was born about
1727 give or take a year. It is known that owned land in Augusta Co., Va which
covered most of the western region of Va in the 1740s and 1750s (WV also). It is
believed that his family was from PA and that he was either born in PA or in N.
Ireland. His 1775 will (he died in 1791 though) states that he owned land in
both Augusta Co., Va and also in Craven/York Co., SC.

His oldest son was named Thomas (and I see where the Robert son of Robert of
Lancaster was about two years older than his brother Thomas making them close,
no doubt). Robert of Va/SC also had children named Robert, Peter, Elizabeth,
Lydia, Sarah, and William (and I see where the PA Robert also had a brother
named William, too).

The Va/SC Robert's son Thomas was born ca. 1748. This same Thomas and his
younger brothers Robert and Peter may have been born in Augusta Co., Va, but it
is believed that the four youngest siblings were all born in the old Craven Co.,
SC between 1755 and 1762. So it looks like this Va/SC Robert acquired land in
Augusta Co., Va in the 1740s perhaps, and then moved to SC in the mid 1750s,
holding onto the land in both states. According to the account on the PA
Pattersons, the Thomas Patterson there was killed in 1756 (mid 1750s) by
Indians. If he WAS the brother of the Va/SC Robert Patterson, perhaps THAT is
why Robert moved to SC, to get away from the dangerous open lands. I DO know
that is why thousands did move south during the 1750s.

I am 95% sure that my gggg-gf John Patterson (b. ca. 1766 in SC; d. 1840s in
Union Co., Ga) was the son of Thomas Patterson (ca. 1748), who was the son of
the Va/SC Robert Patterson(ca. 1727). I am extremely interested in finding out
more about this "four year old" Robert Patterson, son of Robert of Lancaster. If
these two Roberts (PA Robert and Va/SC Robert) were not the same person, I
suspect there may still be a connection somewhere.

I would greatly appreciate any insight you may have.

Thanks, Debra.

Debra Clark wrote:

> Hello Wes,
> Thanks for the names of the boys. Some sources say that John Patterson m. to
> Phebe ___ was the brother of Col. Robert Patterson of Dayton, OH and some
> say 1st cousin. The Patterson Papers in Dayton say that Francis's brother
> John was the father of John Patterson m. Phoebe/Phebe. So we are leaning
> toward 1st cousin. Also there is a John Patterson buried in Woodland Cem.
> with all of Col. Robert and his family and that John Patterson b. 1754 d. 09
> Jun 1829 was married to Sarah __ and had two children, William and a
> daughter Sarah that married a Mr. Roads. I have his will, I thought he was
> my John Patterson but mine died 26 Dec 1821 Union Villiage, Warren Co., OH.
> No will or estate as far as I know. Here is some information I recieved from
> John Patterson from Great Bridge, VA
> Notes: Concerning the Forefathers: The first of the Pattersons who came over
> had settled in the northeast part of the state. The father (emigrant John),
> and son Robert (afterwards of Lancaster), decided to go farther south. It
> took them, according to the family records, two years to cross the state.
> They settled on the way, raised a crop of corn and then moved on farther
> west and south. The family party in wagons were as follows: the emigrant
> ancestor, John Patterson, and his middle-aged single daughter, whose name
> has not been preserved; Robert (of Lancaster), his son, Robert's wife,
> Margaret, and their children: John; aged thirteen (ancestor of the Shaker
> Pattersons); Mary, eleven, Francis (of Bedford), nine (afterwards father of
> Robert Patterson of Lexington); William, seven; Robert, four; and Thomas, a
> baby. Another daughter, whose name isnot known, was next older than William.
> Several more children were born to Robert and Margaret after they came to
> Amercia; Ann was born in NJ in 1732.
> ... After the death of John Patterson, his spinster daughter left the family
> party for a home of her own in a cabin near the Patterson farm and lived
> alone until her death, some years later. The next move of the family was
> into Pennsylvania. They spent several years in Bucks and Lancaster Counties,
> the in 1738 crossed the Susquehanna into York County and lived near Hanover;
> then, returning to Lancaster County, Robert purchased land on Sweet Arrow
> Creek; and "Sweet Arrow Farm" as the Patterson home, became widely known as
> is the "Rubicon Farm" near Dayton (Ohio), 160 years later. The names of
> John, Farncis and William, sons of Robert of Lancaster, will be found
> enrolled for military services in the fort companies of troopers of York and
> Lancaster counties. Eight of these children of Robert and Margaret Patterson
> lived to maturity, and most of them acquired homes in Pennsylvania. William
> married a Virginia girl and they joined her people south of the Potomac in
> Berkeley County; some records say Frederick County. This William, as a
> "minuteman" took part in the Battle of Cowpens, his brothers Francis and
> Robert marching in reinforcements when halted by the news of Colonel
> Morgan's glorious victory. One of Robert's daughters married and lived in
> Maryland. Mary married and moved to the Pennsylvania frontier with her
> brothers, Francis (father of Robert, of Lexington) and Thomas, leaving the
> Sweet Arrow Farm in order to make their home together in the Cove Mountain
> neighborhood.
> ...For five years, 1758 to 1763, Francis and his brother Robert (Uncle of
> Colonel Robert) of Lancaster County were in almost constant mounterd service
> of the frontier.
> I don't know if my John and Phebe were in KY for sure or if it was the other
> John Patterson m. to Sarah. I think my John and Phebe were in VA near the
> Patomac(k) River. Here is a note from "The Chronicles of the Scoth Irish in
> Virginia", by Chalkey, Vol 1, Patterson vs. Gamwell.--John Patterson, son of
> John Patterson, Middle River, 14th. June, 1770, but I have found another
> John mentioned as the son and heir of Robert Patterson around the same
> period. If my John was from Lancaster as mentioned in the above paragraph
> then he didn't stay long but lived mostly in VA then KY then Dayton, OH.
> It is going to take lots of digging to find out who is who. So for now I am
> unsure of when and where he was exactly before Dayton,OH.
> Sincerely,
> Debra Clark
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> > Debra,
> >
> > Thanks for writing. I have seen a couple of different lists and am trying
> to
> > sort through them myself. It sounds like the information you have is on
> their
> > son Francis Patterson (married Jane). I see where you have your John as
> the
> > nephew of this Francis. Do you know who your John's father was?
> >
> > According to the info I have Robert was born ca. 1675 and married
> Mary/Margaret.
> > They had 9 or 10 sons and at least a couple of daughters. I'm still trying
> to
> > piece together the dates for the children, but it seems their sons' names
> were
> > William, Hugh, James, Robert, Matthew, Thomas, John, Leonard, Francis, and
> one
> > other possibly. These are not in any kind of order here.
> >
> > I'd love to know anything more that you do on this family. Thanks.
> >
> > Wes
> >
> > Debra Clark wrote:
> >
> > > Hello Wes,
> > > I too descend from Robert b. 1700 Ireland and Margaret/Mary Patterson.
> I
> > > recieved some information from Wight State Univ. Library in Dayton, OH.
> My
> > > ancestor John Patterson m. Phebe were 1st cousins to Col. Robert
> Patterson
> > > co-founder of Lexington, KY and Dayton, OH. John and Phebe became
> Shakers.
> > > That is another story. Any way Col. Robert's family documents were
> preserved
> > > in Dayton. His son Jefferson was also a Col. and grandson John Henry
> > > Patterson was founder and CEO of National Cash Registar. So they were
> very
> > > important to Dayton. Mine were run out of town because they were
> Shakers.
> > > At any rate, one of the genealogical charts for Col. Robert Patterson
> shows
> > > Robert's parents as Francis and Jane Patterson. The children were:
> Francis
> > > Patterson, b. 1721 Ireland d. 09 Jul 1801 Lexington, KY, John Patterson
> b.
> > > 1717 d. prob. Lancaster, Lancaster Co.,PA, William Patterson ca 1730, I
> > > think he is the one m. Sarah Douglas, Robert Patterson b. 1724, Thomas
> > > Patterson b. 1726 d. Killed by Indians in 1756, Arthur Patterson b.
> 1728,
> > > Ann Patterson b. 1732, and the last one I have is Mary Patterson b.
> 1719.
> > > If you have a list of children and info on Robert and Margaret/Mary's
> > > children. I would really appreicate a list. Also, if you have any info
> or
> > > know anyone who might know more about John Patterson b. 1717 Ireland I
> would
> > > really appreciate the help.
> > > Sincerely,
> > > Debra Clark
> >

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