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Subject: Re: [PATZKOWSKI] January Roll Call
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 23:02:40 EST

to let you know I am trying to do research on the lineage of Anna Scharping
Patzkowski the wife of Michael Patzkowksi. They are our common
Great-Great-Great Grandparents.
my line from them: Michael----John (who took 'y' at end of his
name)----Sam, Sr.---Arlo---Jana D. Patzkowsky Schultz--Bruce W. Schultz

I had onetime read some information that Anna was from the Von Scharping
Family who were part of the Roman Catholic Nobility in Germany and the Holy
Roman Empire. Her father or grandfather was said to have fought alongside
Napoleon in his conquests of the late 1700's and early 1800's. I had also
read (and am attempting to find the source) that the Von Scharpings held
considerable power in the Holy Roman Empire and might have at one time held
title to one of the 7 Electors of the HRE. These were the seven princes who
elected the HR Emperor who was in turn crowned by the pope. This makes sense
as Anna was a Catholic as was Michael Sr. before their late conversion to
Lutheranism and then their later conversion to Mennonite Brethren.

I continue my search.

In passing my grandfather Arlo Patzkowsky read an article in his newspaper
about 7 mos ago (was AP article newswire) that quoted the German Defense
Minister who's name I believe was Gerhard Von Scharping.

A long lost relative?

We'll try to find out. :)

B.W. Schultz

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