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Subject: Re: [PAULSON] Re: Paulson from Norway
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2005 23:48:23 EDT

I have Paulson and Everson family from Norway. But, they changed their last
name to Reystead when they came to America.

Elias Peter Paulson and his wife Anna Everson emigrated to America along with
their daughter Minda Evira Pauline in about 1881. They landed in Galveston
and eventually made their way to Jewell County, Kansas where they first lived
in a dugout.

Minda or Minnie as she called herself was my grandmother. There was a big
age difference between Elias and Anna. I think she was 17 and he 53 when they
married. Family history says he was her teacher. Anna had a bit of a tragic
life. Her mother died when she was born and I think she lived with various
relatives until her father remarried. That wife also died young. Think Anna was
about nine when she passed away.

I wonder if anyone has probably Paulson family with hearing loss. I have
otosclerosis and the only other family member with this was a niece of my
grandmother Minda. But, she was a double cousin as Minda and her sister married
brothers. Family history says that my great grandmother Anna had a sister in
Norway who was deaf. Just wonder if this strikes a bell with anyone.


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